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  1. A quick glance at Sweetwater, Musician's Friend, and Guitar Center shows they're all unavailable and on back order right now. I think it's been this way for over a month. If the supply of new JTV-59s is currently limited it will drive up the price of used ones. You see that kind of thing from time to time.
  2. It's too bad this list is bunk, but we can't call it the gospel according to Digital Igloo, because he just said that 2.8 is nothing to be excited about. I need a second hobby. Like, power toothbrushes or something. They never get updates though . . . hmmm.
  3. To me just the ability to buy Native at $99 would be worth a ton . . .
  4. IF this is accurate, I have to say, I'm glad I got myself hyped for 2.8. To each their own.
  5. Are you opening HX Edit? I did this with the Stomp and it worked fine - except my computer would bork sometimes and completely kill the audio. So I abandoned the USB for audio approach. Instead, I ran a 3.55 mm TRS to TS Y cable ( from my PC into the Stomp's effects returns (and set them to auxiliary input instead of instrument) to preserve the stereo sound of Rocksmith. Then I went into the mixer on Rocksmith and turned the guitar down to zero. In the HX Stomp I created a dual path from the guitar. One path was completely clean except a deactivated EQ and it went out into Rocksmith. The other had effects and amps of my choosing and went out into my FRFR speaker (or if I wasn't using an amp, I listened through the headphones). It works exceptionally well and the connections for everything are stupidly easy. I just have a preset saved on the Stomp called "Rocksmith" that I switch to whenever I am connecting in this way. I just have to remember to change the global conditions on my effects returns.
  6. I don't understand. I owned a Pod HD500X. What does it have that the Helix doesn't?
  7. *Cracking Knuckles* Wait . . . what the what?! What did I get myself into. What does the above refer to? All I know is in terms of sound quality and comparables it is 1 to 1 identical. So if the above is about sound . . . yes . . . if it's about how well each makes a pizza, sorry man. Can't help you there. You're more advanced than me. Virtual light bulb . . . did I buy the wrong Stomp? Can this thing sufficiently light my basement? Are you talking about the blinking dudads on the foot switch thingies? Damn it to hell I'm useless on this one too. I think I can do better here. They apply to everything BUT you really don't want to use them on traditional amps, so the very thing you're curious about is usually a no go. Based on your much more complex questions above I worry you already know this and I'm just wasting your time, but for the same reason you usually don't want to send an amp signal through another amp, you don't want to layer a virtual amp over a real one.
  8. Interesting conversation. I've always been first a listener of music rather than a performer of it, no matter how many hours I spend whittling away on the guitar the time I spend listening to music far eclipses it. As a hobbyist player, it's important to feel the power in what you do. If it doesn't feel alive to you, regardless of how it sounds to even God himself, then you'll lose interest. If that comes from a tube amp - more power to you. The Pod HD500X with the DT-50 is a solid rig. One I almost bought once upon a time. However, as a listener I just don't believe the whole tube amp thing matters one iota anymore. I rarely say that in the guitar playing public because most of them will stone you, but I've yet to meet the shill who can correctly guess listening to an album or attending a rock performance which ones are tube amps (and by the way, as far as I can tell - if it's a solid touring act with a huge following these days - the answer is very few are tube amps - and a similar trend appears to be happening in recorded music too) and which ones are done by modelers. For those rare few who are brave enough to try, they've never been accurate. Most just snort and walk away. Whether that's cowardice or impeccable confidence I've never been sure. I am glad people adore tube amps and I hope that love continues, but so many tube amp users that I talk to assume that I'm kind of sad and wish I could follow in their footsteps. Truth is I'm not. If someone gave me the most expensive tube amp on the market I'd turn around and sell it to a tube amp fanatic, and then buy a L6 Powercab, and keep the other chunk of change to attend my favorite band's performances for the next few years. I also ENJOY playing that way. The music doesn't feel dead to me at all. Truthfully, it reminds me of the world that caused me to want to play music in the first place.
  9. I am away from my Stomp right now so my memory is a bit foggy, but I think it had something to do with the way you call the tuner, and the way the additional switches aren't as complex as the Stomp's inbuilt three. To call the tuner by default, you have to hold down the FS3, and so part of my memory is I had to set in the Stomp's global settings that FS4 was a latch instead of a momentary one. Then again, if you held the switch down it ought to work so I may be completely off here. However, BEFORE you try messing with that, ensure the following is true in the global settings because there are two areas that have to be changed: Preferences: Make sure that Exp/FS Tip is set to footswitch 4 input jack. Footswitches Set the FS4 global setting to Tap/Tuner.
  10. It can. I mean, you just did it. Did it not work when you tried?
  11. The thing that always works for me is logging out of the app, closing it, restarting the app, and then logging back in.
  12. No, the device only has the android or apple app. Also, to answer your earlier question from August, the Firehawk has both updated and legacy Line 6 effects within it. The HD effects represent the redone effects and the thinking is that they are closer to the original effects they are trying to imitate than the non HD versions. However, the non HD versions are still done well and may be worth taking a look, especially in areas where no HD version exists.
  13. Pretty cool setup. Do you like the Morningstar? It's the next thing on my shopping list, but I keep stopping myself because, as you kind of pointed out, then the price is getting dangerously close to a Helix LT and you can't help but ask . . . ummm . . . Still, to me a lot of my love for the Stomp is the versatility. I sometimes attach dual switches, sometimes an expression pedal, and sometimes I place it on my existing pedal board (I never use the pedal board without it - so it's clear what piece of gear is deemed most essential to me). Sometimes, and by sometimes I mean most times, ALL I use is the Stomp jamming quietly away into the wee hours of the night. Other times I'm grabbing it and only it and rushing to my bro's place to jam. So I wouldn't say that it's necessarily a bad sign that you buy all the Stomp accessories. It simply depends on if it's meeting your needs or not. It's like saying it was a mistake to buy a laptop over a desktop because you bought an external blu ray reader for it. That's not necessarily true.
  14. I laugh but in all seriousness that would be the coolest damn thing ever. I bet it happens someday too. Maybe 2050.
  15. Somehow I missed the whole debacle about Mooer though since last night I've been looking it up. Thanks for bringing it to my attention because for me this kind of thing does impact who I support.
  16. Nice setup. Also, great reminder to me that at least for what I do, I don't really need a full Helix, and the Stomp makes my interest in obscure pedals something that makes a bit more sense to pursue. The six block limit still feels stupid though. Say what you will about the Stomp, the goal of designing something that pedal board users would clamor for seems to be paying off for Line 6. I see tons of people integrating it into their board.
  17. For some reason . . . and I agree this is nuckin' futs and makes me wonder if it's an oversight or just something about the unit that it couldn't handle it (which seems . . . hard to believe) Line 6 gave the Firehawk the ability to assign parameters on the FX blocks (stomp, modulation, delay, reverb) the ability to assign things like "drive" and "gain" to the expression pedal BUT NOT the amps themselves. It's one of the letdowns for me with the Firehawk. You can do that with the Helix products and it's awesome - I don't know why it wasn't done with the Firehawk. So if you use high gain on the amps you're stuck there unless you leave the app open and get really adept at playing swipey with your finger, or you figure out how to switch presets without it looking obvious. If this was something addressable in an update they should have done it.
  18. I've never owned a Pod HD 300. I did own a Pod HD 500, but I don't recall channels only presets - unless channels was the name for signal paths. The Firehawk FX only has one signal path, so you can't have one path that is for dirt, and another for clean. You can still have clean or dirt sounds, but it has to be done differently. The easiest and most obvious way is to utilize a clean amp, and then have a distortion in front of it. Stomp on the distortion for dirt, stomp again for clean. Add a volume pedal for lead tones . . . stuff like that. Basically do it the old fashioned way, but with a processor.
  19. Yeah, I'm the shmuck one who laughed in this case, and to me the original poster's plight was NOT funny, but the Superman riff was funny. I don't know . . . I tend to enjoy life and laugh a lot though (I rarely get invited to funerals. :-( ), and the whole Zack Snyder version of Superman that basically leveled all of Metropolis to try and save it is still, to me, such a painfully funny bad moment in cinematic history that psarkissian's comment reminded me of it and made me laugh. I really feel for jefflisboa and hope he can find a workable solution. That's my honest to God opinion there. I'll admit, that when you compare the old school way of doing guitar (tube amps, Stratocasters, analog pedals) a nine year old device just doesn't seem that ancient, and for a guitar world used to tinkering and keeping guitars and amps around for decades a device that dies before it hits ten years old is jarring. So there is merit in that perspective. However, multi effects boards share A LOT more in common with their tech cousins than they do the simplistic circuits and tube amps of yesteryear. Asking for Line 6 to service a discontinued almost ten years old tech product is a lot like if I asked Sony to service a PlayStation portable, or HTC to service my HTC Dream. You MIGHT be able to get Apple to do a few things with the debut Iphone or Ipad . . . but certainly not much beyond a battery replacement. Asking Samsung to service an old plasma TV is going to be a straight up no. I'm not even saying that in a fair world it should be this way. I'm only saying as a consumer I recognize that there are a lot of reasons why it is that way and I have to navigate that reality in the best way possible. The best I can always hope to do is to support the companies that create the most reliable long lasting products and that give me the best consumer support when compared to their peers during any time period of that product. All of you have to decide which company that is. Personally, I've been happy with my Line 6 experience. Now, If my HX Stomp broke today and I was up a creek I'd be pissed. FURIOUS even. Will I see it the same way if it breaks eight years from now? Personally, I don't think I will. Each of you has to make that call though. Good luck again jefflisboa. It looks like they go for about $180 to $250 used on eBay, and you can nab used HD500x's at that price, or new for maybe as low as $350, so I'd kind of recommend that route if money is the primary concern. Not that those costs aren't painful because, at least if you're comparable to me, that's a painful amount to particularly for something you already had.
  20. Hold on. Let me ask my good friends at Line 6. lollipop. I forgot I don't have any.
  21. Looks impressive. It would take me a lot to be pulled out of the Line 6 ecosystem, but not impossible. Especially where I'm a smaller Stomp user always wondering about a full Helix. Part of the brilliance of the Helix is it's sound quality, but I think that despite the endless tone snobbery in this area we're reaching a point of parity here with diminishing returns in the future. The true secret sauce of the Helix in my opinion is the control and creativity that is capable from it. You can stick in a 16 core DSP chip with 4,000 gigs of ram, and if it doesn't meet or exceed the endless creativity that is easily possible with just a little bit of time with the Helix and you won't pull me away from the HX stuff.
  22. You're not dumb, but I'm kind of confused by what you are asking. There are TONS of ways to have both clean and dirty guitar sounds on the Firehawk FX. I'm worried I don't understand the question. What do you mean by channels? Do you mean presets? Is your first experience with an electric guitar the Firehawk, or did you ever made dirty and clean sounds the traditional old school way with an amp and pedals prior to your Firehawk?
  23. I did a big long post with a whole lot of alternate suggestions for signal paths, but in the end I nuked it because I just have found over the years people's signal chains are kind of a sacred thing. My main point was just that the Stomp is so powerful as an IO device that I'd make sure you're taking full advantage of that since the more simplicity you can add while doing the same thing, the less likely there is for mistakes. For example, there is no reason why your Stomp couldn't take the place of your dummy load using dual signal paths. Make sure the line level vs. instrument level stuff is setup correct and see how you like it. You could also do this instead, and I think it would preserve exactly what you're trying to do, but simpler (again, skipping the dummy load): 1. Guitar in to pedalboard >>>> Pedalboard into Stomp >>>> Split Paths A/B (Because for some frustrating reason Line 6 won't let you create a blank path - which they should - you HAVE to put something there to have a split path so just put a low DSP EQ and just leave it off if you want for path A - path B has the delays that you are trying to use for the Stomp) 2. Path A exits out main left into Bray 4550 Amp which then goes straight into dry cabinet. 3. Path B exits out TRS Y cable into Matrix 800 FX.
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