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  1. Okay, so let me get this straight . . . because maybe it will one day make me want to buy a Helix. So in additional to just changing the tunings quickly in Helix, or by preset by preset (which the Firehawk can also do) you can ALSO assign thinks like a footswitch or the expression pedal to a specific Variax string and change that with a click of a button or push of a pedal while still in the SAME preset?
  2. Huh. Interesting question. My assumption would be that this is EXACTLY what it should do. Especially since whenever a mono block is added to the Stomp's signal, the signal sent out of that mono block is mono, so if you're final block is mono - so should the output. I double checked what I could find and it left me . . . not as confidant as I'd like to be. I'd assume if you could do this it would have suggested it as the more obvious option in the HX Stomp's manual when it talks about a hybrid amp/direct setup. Instead it very clearly mentions using an FX block (Honestly, I wish the Stomp would at least let us use more blocks IF they're going to be FX blocks since I believe they use very little DSP). Then again, MAYBE they didn't there because the assumption was it was a traditional amp, and you wouldn't want things like delays, amp modeling, and other effects being applied prior to going through a traditional amp. My advice would be to test it. If I get a chance I might look into it myself and let you know, but it sounds like you have easier access to the type of setup you use. Let us know what it does!
  3. I'd hope that was meant. I bought a few IRs the other day and tried them out. I liked them. I usually use stock cabs though, and for the life of me I can't fathom all of the seeming hate, or at least "meh" feeling people seem to have for them. I seem to be able to dial in a bunch of sounds I like. I like Hawaiian pizza too though. Maybe my ears are one of God's mistakes.
  4. You're gonna hate this answer, but it's the truth. The answer is . . . it depends. Same with the 4 cable method. I personally think that whenever you can, you should use the HX Stomp as a DSP EXPANDER rather than the sole DSP unit. This helps reduce the impact of having only 6 blocks and three buttons. Now, I like Line 6 effects across the board, so if I were to do it, I'd do as the above suggests. I would set my amp to model the distortion, amp, AND cab and then stick my HX Stomp in the effects loop for post amp effects. I'd try that first and see if you like it. If you don't, I'd move on to the other options. Below are the four options I see: 1. Use your spider for pre amp distortion, amp, and cabinet effects. Hook the HX Stomp into the Effects loop and use it for post effects. This is simply the easiest way to do it. It's the way I use my Line 6 Firehawk 1500 with the HX Stomp. 2. Set your amp to neutral flat response and do ALL of it with the HX Stomp (no amp, no effects, no cab - just nothing). This method is also simple. You set the amp up as described, plug your guitar into the Stomp, plug your Stomp into the amp, and see what you think of it. OR plug your guitar into the amp, and the HX Stomp into the effects loop, but again the Stomp handles it all. The two approaches usually sound slightly different. See which you prefer. 3. The reversal of option 1 above. Use your HX stomp to be the pre amp distortion, amp, and cab. Use your amp for the post amp effects (delay, chorus, reverb). I don't recommend this at all because the HX Stomp has a far superior post effect selection, but hey, different strokes. 4. Four cable method - Mix and match with the amp. You can use your HX Stomp to do pre distortion, and post effects while your amp does the amp and cab effects. Or have the HX Stomp do pre distortion, amp, but no cab while your amp does the cab, and the HX Stomp does post effects. This method works and some people REALLY swear by it - but I gotta be honest, at least with modeling, I think it's way overrated. You're the ultimate authority on your ear though, so try them out and see what you prefer.
  5. The Variax guitar does a pretty believable banjo. Not that this guy can go buy one for one gig, but still, just saying.
  6. Perhaps it has some deeper function I'm not aware of. If you just mean switching to an alternate guitar tuning on the fly within seconds, the Firehawk does that quite well. Probably easier than the Helix because of the phone app. You choose the string, slide your finger to the tuning, and go.
  7. Seriously? That's the ONLY use you can find for it?! Still, if that's it, there's sadly no Variax only device. Cheapest way is probably the Firehawk FX. On a deal you can grab for under $400. Still has effects though because that's its primary purpose. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/line-6-firehawk-fx-guitar-multi-effects
  8. Kilrahi

    Black friday?

    I didn't see a huge deal. They sent me an e-mail pointing out their G10 relay and a few other items (like Spider amps) have an instant rebate right now. I'm considering the G10 . . .
  9. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Yes it is. I do this rather frequently. If your device has a USB out instead of a headphone jack then you'd use the Stomp's USB in. You'd probably have to buy the right cord connections for it, but it's doable. If it has a headphone jack then you'd probably need an adapter so that the cord will fit into a standard guitar input, but those are pretty cheap ($6 for 4 on Amazon when I bought them).
  10. Yeah. They do. I can't speak to the rest of your question, but Line 6 has always described it as an in house process. I mean, if it wasn't WHATEVER, but they describe it that way.
  11. First off, bravo. That's some seriously creative flexibility with DSP limitations there. I wish I was half as creative. Those are some ideas I'll have to look into. I also wanted to weight in to the original poster's question, in my opinion the HX Stomp is a perfect or NEAR perfect standalone device. It's an expensive, but not TOO expensive piece of kit that can easily become the centerpiece for most rigs. As you progress there might come times where you come up a bit short or want to add something, but part of the genius of the Stomp is it's pretty easy to do so (for example I want to throw in a Freeze Pedal - easy peasy - in one setup I run into a DSP shortage because of some crazy modulations going on, so I turn on the attached Boss Distortion pedal so that the HX Stomp doesn't have to run that end). Additionally, snapshots and expression pedals allow for some serious tricks to solve problems in ways you couldn't before (ample, bail on the distortion pedal period and just use an expression pedal or snapshot to up the gain on your amp of choice). So in my opinion it's a great stand alone or 75% standalone rig for MOST players, BUT there are caveats. There are some players who want mountains of effects and chains, and no, the Stomp would at best be a flavor there. If they don't have one already, the Full Helix or LT is designed for those types of people.
  12. That's an analogy which ignores a lot of the differences between sound and photos. Particularly in this case, both groups were TRYING to make the most accurate version of the same thing. In some respects it's like saying your Aunt's version of your grandma's apple pie tastes the same as your mom's version of your grandma's apple pie. Of course they do. That was the whole point. Line 6 has indicated in every single situation that they create all of their own versions of amps, cabs, effects, etc. By the way, I happen to be one of the ones who likes them . . .
  13. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Honestly, I think until they actually fix the bug in question it's going to be hard to trouble shoot anything. In all likelihood problems are the bug, but in rare occurrences it might be the pedal. I'd bank on the bug right now. I know it's frustrating but we're kind of stuck sitting on our hands for now.
  14. Could you be a little more clear here? Are you saying that using FS4 and FS5 won't work for your option? Because you can setup FS4 or FS5 to be the tap tuner, but I wasn't sure if you were saying you knew that but it wouldn't work for you.
  15. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    There was a bug introduced with the latest firmware. It's made it difficult to have expression pedals or switches function properly. It's possible your issues are related to that. I know I struggled getting two additional switches to work last night. Supposedly a patch is on the way soon.
  16. Just to weigh in, I'm a user who prefers the VDI cable and thinks it's 100% worth it. It powers the Variax, and it allows you to change to extremely unusual tunings much faster (I like playing a lot of bizarre tunings). It's also faster changing between guitar choices (though not considerably so). Just not having to care about the battery is a big plus to me. I've heard people say it's brighter than the regular cable. I'm not arguing that it's not, but to me tonal differences are rarely anything to get worked up about since we have so many ways to impact that anyway, ESPECIALLY with a Variax and a Helix.
  17. I realize you're probably not really looking for an answer, but I'll bite and get all business speak with you for a moment. Line 6 IS the dominant modeler. They pretty much started the biz, and they have been "winning" for quite a while now. It's clearly part of why Yamaha wanted to buy them. For other companies who want to compete with Line 6, they only have a few directions they can try to win that fight. They can try to be cheaper, argue that they have "better" sound (which as time goes on will become increasingly hard to win on that front as all systems start to reach a parity of diminishing returns), compete as being easier to use than the Helix, or compete as being premium (selling fewer units but commanding a higher price). Clearly groups like Headrush are trying to compete at the same price level and be easier, with their advantage focus being UI. Boss with the GT-1000 is also trying to compete on Line 6's level (and in my opinion presenting a VERY mixed message about how they're different which probably impacts sales). Fractal and Kemper are clearly trying to compete on the premium "professional" grade level (more, more, more but you're going to PAY for it). The fact that these different groups exist is not a sign that Line 6 is losing. In fact, you can clearly see Line 6's dominance by how ALL of these companies set up their business practices around Line 6, as well as by the varied and immense product line that Line 6 offers. Simply put, Line 6 already has the power to compete in every single market. For the low budget musician, they have Pods, Firehawks, and now even the Stomp which is kind of a bridge between the Helix and older gear, and for the professional they have the more affordable LT and the premium Helix floor. Where is the affordable Kemper? Kemper can't even focus on that market right now, and Fractal can only kind of reach it by selling its older gear. Line 6 even competes in the professional premium overkill market with Kemper and Fractal by being the more affordable of the big three as the full Helix is still considered a valid choice between it, Kemper, and Fractal. Especially with IRs, to be frank the NEED to go completely bonkers with a Fractal is a head scratcher to me, but I guess if your the Edge from U2 you probably have more money than you legitimately know what to do with. For any musician out there Helix is probably even overkill for what they REALLY need. It's awesome to live in a time where you can turn all your guitar gear knobs up to 11 and go completely overkill bonkers on choices (Kemper/Fractal, and arguably even Helix) and it's great that there are companies out there who meet those needs, but it really can distract you from the reason we all got into it anyway, which was to enjoy playing awesome music for ourselves and others. I can hook up the ancient Pod kidney bean and plug it into a cheap 90's amp and have my family and friends singing along in seconds. They don't seem to give a damn about any of this. The take away for you though, is you should NOT own a Helix. It was the wrong product for you. I don't know how you got off the beaten path, but you clearly NEED to be drowning in choices, and that clearly puts you in the "premium" overkill market. I have no idea what your income level is, but be prepared to pay for it to be happy. I hear kidneys go for good prices these days in most major city back alleys. Since it's near Christmas perhaps all you'll need to do is pawn off half your liver.
  18. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Well, "Play View" has four modes, and since 3 of the 4 modes have this ability (simply pressing FS1 + FS2 or FS2 + FS3) I assume you mean in the stomp mode of play view. As far as I know, no, if you can't or don't want to hook up an additional switch you have to bend over OR, I think, you can set FS3 to cycle somewhat but then you loose the tempo/tuner ability (I think on that last part - I have only kind of fiddled there). If you want a midi controller that can do it, my research indicates this is the best one and that it can do it: https://www.morningstarfx.com/mc6-mkii It's a pricey little beast but it sure seems like it can do a lot. I've been tempted to put it on a Christmas wish list, but then I have to ask myself why if I need that to enjoy my Stomp I didn't just buy an LT. Hindsight, 20/20, and all that.
  19. *Sigh* I'm genuinely baffled at times that it's been 73 years and we still haven't nuked ourselves.
  20. In the interests of full disclosure, I did once go on the Charmin TP forum and tell them that if they didn't soften up their 2 ply I was switching over to Angel Soft. I kind of feel like my actions were justified in that case though because it was my @SS was on the line.
  21. I'd been waiting for my Boss dual footswitch to arrive (https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/boss-fs-6-footswitch?rNtt=boss) and it finally did yesterday. However, I assume that the bug mentioned above largely renders it an inoperable mess. I'm hoping that's what it is because while I could get it to read ONE footswitch, it would never do two. It'll be cool when the update lands . . .
  22. I loved my HD500x. It's totally respectable, and you can get it on deals for less than $550. However, it's also five year old tech. Since that time, even in UI I feel like they've grown in leaps and bounds. All budgets and scenarios are different, but if the Stomp really is affordable, AND if you can see yourself being satisfied with fewer switches, then I'd go Stomp for many reasons including a longer shelf life and better UI. If it really is affordable, an LT is awesome, obviously. That's a bit spendy for me though.
  23. Obviously I'm always up for new amp models. I'm up for new ANYTHING because it's fun. I wouldn't describe myself as in danger of jumping ship though. Honestly, there's more amps, cabs, and effects than I know what to do with. Some nights I just sit down and pick a random one to figure out what the freak it does.
  24. Well, lots of good ideas in this old thread. For me the stuff I most hope for, in order of importance, are: 1. A polyphonic pitch shifter (basically a model of Digitech's most recent polyphonic whammy drop tune pedal). The HX currently mimics the really old one, but this one is far more valuable and impressive. If it doesn't happen at some point I won't be able to hold off any longer and I'll just up and buy one. Not the worst thing possible, I'll grant you. 2. Freeze pedal (akin to either the Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal or the superior Plus Pedal by Gamechanger Audio). I own the Freeze pedal. I really like it. Thinking of getting the Plus Pedal ('SPENSIVE!). It seems like the HX could more than handle this, but only Line 6 knows for sure. 3. Original Effects - I really think the next step for modelers is to move BEYOND modeling - quit trying to be something of the past and be something new that can only be found in the digital realm. Line 6 has done this a few times and it's pretty cool when they do. 4. Copy some of the Electro Harmonix Mel9 effects. It has some small amount of this type of stuff, it would be cool (though not essential) to have more. 5. Drum machine practice pedals like the Digitech Trio. My guess is this is beyond the ability of the HX family, but hey, would still be cool. I'm sure all of this as been submitted to ideascale at some point so I hunt through it sometimes and try to vote.
  25. Well, I think I've kind of blabbed my head off about this one, but after testing all sorts of stuff my final conclusion is that connecting the HX Stomp, or the Helix, to the Firehawk 1500 is a piece of cake. The key is don't use the monitor ins - use the effects loop. That may be why so long ago so many seemed to struggle with it. What's my favorite method? Honestly it's using the Stomp as a DSP expander. Especially if you have a Variax, I think the far superior method is to just stick the Stomp in the effects loop. I noticed that where you position the FX loop in the Firehawk seems to have a slight sound impact (pre amp or post amp) even with the Firehawk's amp disengaged. I can't be sure why because I don't really know the routing of the device. However, either method was a plausible way to do it if you wanted the Stomp to do EVERYTHING (amp, effects, etc.) with the Firehawk effects as a backup. With the Stomp doing the heavy lifting for everything (distortions, compressors, amp, cab, delays, etc.) I preferred the FX loop in the Firehawk placed after the disengaged amp block. You can even set the wet/dry pass through on the Firehawk's effects loop to further tweak it. I didn't personally notice a huge superiority in the 4 cable method for the Firehawk. I tried comparing back and forth as best I could. Without knowing more about how the Firehawk routes signals, it's impossible for me to tell how much the signal gets changed. My favorite of the four cable approaches was to have the Stomp emulate the pre amp effects, the amp itself, and the post amp effects, and have the Firehawk amp disengaged but with the cab of choice active. I'd then use it for any extra effects I needed post amp. It sounded pretty cool to me, saved DSP in the Stomp, but it's a lot more work to set up and the payoff wasn't huge. Either way though, if you have a regular guitar, my recommendation would be to just plug it in to the Firehawk's guitar in, put the Stomp in the effects loop, choose what models you like either on the Firehawk, Stomp, or both, and call it a day. If you want to do the 4 cable method for the allegedly superior connection method, have at it. The difference is minimal in my opinion, but it still works extremely well. You might also consider saving on DSP in the Stomp by having the Firehawk emulate the cab, but not the amp. If you have a Variax, just ignore the four cable method. What you gain by going four cable isn't worth what you give up going directly by VDI into the Firehawk. Especially if you own the FBV3, the Firehawk + Variax + FBV3 was already pretty close to a dream rig for most guitar players. I'm sure the HX sounds are somehow more accurate to the originals, but they aren't actually more amazing sounds IMHO, and so if really all you're after is neat tones there's no reason to ditch the power of this setup. I think you'll have the best results if you let the Firehawk be your distortion and amp with the Stomp as your post amp effects, but you can reverse that order if you'd like, OR you can have the Stomp do all of the heavy lifting and let the Firehawk's extra effects kick in where needed. Either way, they're a wonderful combination.
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