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  1. It's 1 mega ohm (check the pod go faq thread for complete I/O impedences). Also check out this video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFRUgAJVPX4, it's pretty interesting about input impedence.
  2. cristt

    Customtone IR's

    I don't think pod go edit gets an automatic fallback IR. I guess you need to save into your IR library another compatible IR (or use a standard pod go amp sim) then link it to that preset.
  3. I would first check the amp sim volume(s). Then check the output volume of the cab sim. Then check the preset global output on the output block.
  4. I quote voxman55. Hangin' on this forum there are some issues indeed for the guitar input of the pod go, like when you use out of "standard" output instruments like piezo microphones or acoustics in general. Your issue might fall into that category.
  5. I don't think that would be very feasible, I mean you can't be that much "dynamic" to have some kind of chance to have one more block, but maybe not, for each preset, depending on what you have used in terms of dsp. You also want to be conservative to avoid to reach 100% or to hang the machine, like in the middle of a gig. And I guess is not only a "dsp thing" but it's also an engineer decision to keep the price low, and a marketing decision. Probably with 6 spare blocks the pod go would be too much near other line 6 products that cost more.
  6. Well the pod go is relatively new to the market, so you just can't expect to have a lot of custom presets already available. however, "famous artist's" presets really rely on commercial deals, so it totally depends on line 6 marketing. But I'd say that we won't see them much for the pod go because it's not their top level machine (is not an helix) and it's more intended to the gigging/practicing amateur musician. Anyway you already can find lots of videos from people that get famous tones out of the pod go (like John Mayer, Van Halen, Gilmour, and lots more). So just check them out. Above all, my first advice would be to learn to use the machine, learn the sounds, understand how you favourite artist got their tone (in terms of guitar, amps, pedals...) then you could easily build your own artist style preset. That also would be much more fun and rewarding...
  7. cristt

    Pod Go and reaper

    Well the thing is that Reaper (and in general any daw) doesn't do "sounds", and is not more or less compliant to whatever device. A daw is just a platform, doesn't sound good or bad. The only thing you need is to install ine 6 drivers onto your pc, and in Reaper preferences (audio devices) select the line 6 pod go audio interface. Then, I would suggest to carefully read the pod go manual section where it tells you about daw and computer recording. Then, if you need a Reaper basic start tutorial, check out some youtube videos, like this one:https://youtu.be/JwDcTPn2dvc
  8. I would completely unistall all the software from line 6 and install again. Just install the latest pod go edit, that will take care also of the firmware upgrade. however I would quote what Jason Cohen wrote on his pod go support page on facebook, regarding pod go, factory reset, and update issues: #1 DO NOT HOOK UP YOUR POD GO TO YOUR PC TILL YOU GET THE SOFTWARE INSTALLED!! The software prompts you when to hook it up. If you were hooked up before installing the update you got lollipoped cause windows lollipops up the drivers. #2 pod go can not be hooked up to a USB hub! 99.99999999% of USB ports on the front of your PC are a HUB and not directly connected to the motherboard. So on to how to fix if your pod go doesn't start (or if you want to deep reset) 1. Power Off your PodGo for 30 seconds and turn it back on. If this does not fix the issue move to Step 2. 2. If a restart does to fix your PodGo follow these instructions. Turn the power off, and hold buttons C and D then power your PodGo back on. On your screen you will get a prompt that it is doing the factory reset. DO NOT POWER DOWN YOUR PODGO AT ANY POINT DURING THIS PROCESS!!. When it is complete the screen will go to the normal pod go preset screen. At this point it is safe to power down your PodGo. If this doesn't work move to step 3. 3. If your PodGo does not fix itself after the above 2 attempts. Do the following. Power off your PodGo, press and hold A&B, turn the power on. On your screen you will get a prompt that it is doing the factory reset. DO NOT POWER DOWN YOUR PODGO AT ANY POINT DURING THIS PROCESS!!. When it is complete the screen will go to the normal pod go preset screen. At this point it is safe to power down your PodGo. If this doesn't work move to step 4. 4. Email Line 6 support, they will walk you through a re-install of the firmware / software on the PodGo. Have patience it will take them a few days to get back to you.
  9. I'm gonna be carful with this one but I really bet that you do can control more than one parameter at a time, just as you can do that with every switch. Just select the effect and in bypass/control page select the parameter and assign to the exp pedal (with min and max values). check out this video:
  10. My opinion is that is better via an interface. So you don't have to rely to asio pod go drivers (not very stable) and you get all the capabilities of a full fledge audio interface (well it depends on the quality but generally it would be better). The only drawback I can think of is that you can't record your dry signal at the same time, usefull for reamping or other post processing.
  11. sorry for the misleading info but for me it was pretty straight forward that the wah would act like that, if it's not it's better for the pod go operativity but I'm sorry for boynigel.
  12. The pod go is limited to 4 free fx blocks. That is the only thing you have to keep it mind, if that would block your needs. If it's the case the hx fx or also the M series would be a better choice if you only need fx.
  13. oh well I didn't get that part! it's pretty obvious that if the wah is on and you change wah model, you can't expect it to work until you turn it off and back on! it's normal behavior.
  14. Do you activate first the wah by hitting toe down (doesn't matter if you see the wah parameter change)? The default behaviour of the exp pedal is volume.
  15. What do you mean by only a single track? I agree that Reaper is much more a proper software to do digital recordings.
  16. Hi Rudi! We already "met" on the pod go uncensored group on Facebook, so my answer would be the same :-)) But maybe others could add something useful here, so it's alright ;-)
  17. you can manage to get a good acoustic tone from electric by using an acoustic IR. see this video: https://youtu.be/FoA6ploU3XY
  18. yes, you need only one usb cable, that carries simultaneously channels usb1/2 (processed pod go signal) and usb3/4(dry signal) that you can select as input into your daw of choice. it's a little confusing because each of them act both as input and output.
  19. cristt

    Oil Can Delay

    well I think you can replicate that sound with whatever mod delay with a strong low pass cut.
  20. well the leds are two, for exp1 and exp2 so they lit up when are engaged respectively, and that will be the case because you are using both volume and wah. I think the only way to have only the wah light lit up when it's on is to disable the vol for exp2. if I understood your question.
  21. yes have a look at this: https://youtu.be/FoA6ploU3XY
  22. There's an exact same problem on another recent post in this forum, have a look at that thread. I guess there's no ready solution yet.
  23. ain't that also a usb1/2 trim on the Global preferences?
  24. Usually that noise happens when your machine can't hold up to the audio signal. Normally modifying the buffer size solves the issue as you correctly did. Did you try also to lower the bit depth? What latency are you getting in reaper (if I remember well you see the value at the top right corner)? Or, might also be that you are clipping the signal, maybe your pod volume is too high? There's a global preference on the pod go to trim the usb signal. Give it a go.
  25. yeah most probably you have one or both pick ups too high (that's why you get that noise from the higher frets and up, where the strings get lower). just lower them.
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