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  1. You can post that video on every helix thread in every helix forum 100000000 times people will never agree that the tuner works fine and yet still you use the Peterson Strobostomp Even if you had used a Boss TU which less accurate they wouldnt agree. And yet i see posts that say it isnt accurate LOL
  2. Read this on the big Helix thread on TGP For the Cali Texas Ch2 is based on the classic model set at 50w with 6L6 tubes. You'll be able to choose the tone stack voicing within the model just like on the amp. We modeled the amp with the reverb bypassed as we usually do with amps with built in reverb. The amp was set to tube rectification as you can get the SS behavior with the sag param turned down. The bias param can also be used to get the feel of the tweed power mode. I'll get to some more details of the new reverbs in a later post, and Ben should be able to answer the questions on the BE, but iirc the model is one of the newer ones with some revisions on the feedback circuitry and many or all the switches are also built into the model.
  3. Have you really heard the EVH tone from that period isolated? Not much gain on the tones from the first 3 albums It wasnt until he started to use the 5150 head he started to sound more "gainy" In that dropbox clip you posted you used waaay to much gain or distortion to sound like EVH The key to get his sound is to PLAY like EVH that means very aggressive he really attack the strings hard. I bet EVH would sound fantastic on Helix thats for sure. Here is a dude that can get good metaltone from Helix but he uses some slate plugins to finetune the sound so it isnt really a "pure" Helix sound you hear. But close enough to know it can sound very good. He have many videos with helix he also make videos with other modelers like Kemper Axe FX and many plugins, In the video where the EVH preset is he uses an EVH guitar loaded with Paf style pickups and more importantly played like EVH he really seems to have study him alot. BUT this is important just beacuse he uploaded a preset to custom tone doesnt mean it gonna sound like it does on the video on YOUR system. I tried it and switch to an IR a.s.a.p and it sounded way better but i still had to tweak it so it sounded good on my system (I still havent finish it i have trouble to get the reverb to sound "right") As always with presets someone else make you have to alter them a bit I had a Boss GT100 before i bought Helix and the presets i dl from internet didnt sound as good on MY GT as it did when i saw the video of those presets. Here is a few tips i ALWAYS use a HP/LP block after the cab and set it to atleast 80hz/8khz and then slowly turn the slider to get it where i want soundwise. And as always use the input gate on every preset. Another tip is to have the BIG volym at say 1 o clock i sometimes even have it on 11 o clock but you are using headphones so start at zero and slowly raise it until you are satisfied. The Chad Boston setting on the globals is another tips Guitar In Pad is set top ON All outputs is set to instrument (Important when you use 4CM) some users like me have to have the XLR out set to mic instead of line otherwise the sound is very harsh.. Also experiment with the input impedance i tend to use 22k ohm often and sometimes i try other if 22 is to muddy it depends on which guitar i use. I have owned Helix for a long time and you are NOT the first one to mention it sucks I had the exatct same experience i was about to return Helix after 2-3 days but i saw some videos on youtube where other people could sound good so i gave it some more time and 1 1/2 year later i say i am glad i didn't return it My best tone is 4CM but i found the Amp block sounded better than the Preamp block i still have hopes that they will refine all high gain amps in future updates so far they have only added more amps which b.t.w sounds better than the ones they had there from start. But i still think getting a good high gain sound on Helix is very hard you have to tweak alot with EQ and sometimes the multiband compressor I tend to use the PRS model which is awesome and so is Badonk,Fatality,Epic and JCM Modded and even the Soldano with a dist pedal that boost it. And i really like the new Trainwreck and Cartographer you can get some awesome high gain tone out of those amps oh and of course the MKIV which i use for all my Petrucci presets.. I never use the 5150 or the Engl or Bogner I also always use IR when i use high gain sounds with ownhammer you need the EQ settings which is mention in the manual after the IR block
  4. It sounds good (not as good as when i use it 4CM or as when i use it thrue my studio monitors) on my headphones an old pair of AKG 271 MK I i have a really old AKG K340 laying and collecting dust and a cheap Beyer Dynamics DT 231 "Pro" as always with ghear that say Pro it is actually NOT Pro gear Gonna test those headphones some day
  5. "An impulse response is just an audio file, measuring a very specific type of audio, so you can apply all your usual audio treatments to it." Hmm not really plz redo your homework about what an IR is OTB cant be reproduce an IR of a miced up Cab with off axis micing and a miced up cab that has the mic on the back of the cab or multiple mics for that mather Two Notes offer those some of those options on the Wall Of Sounds plugins but to me they dont sound identical to what it sounds in real life at all. But hey they are close but even there an IR that capture those micing techniques beats W.O.S by far..
  6. Is this a bug? As i dont remember if was present before 2,30. If i have a preset with some snapshots enabled and then in HX editor copy a couple of blocks on the upper path and i have the path 2A selected already in the preset. And then paste those effects on path 2A and change a snapshot all effects on path 2A is engaded but the original stay like it was before (say i have two delay block and it engage one on the upper path both is engaged on the lower path) And not only that if i have some parameters in the effects on the upper path it doesnt follow the changes on the same effects paremeters on the lower path when i change snapshot but they are white colored and it change value but not to the same as the effect on the upper path.
  7. Thanks for thatThe best post ever about this subject. If we take some ampsim makers in this guessing like Guitar Rig/Amplitube/Softube i have used those since they started some 15 years ago and they are known to have "stock cabs" instead of IR's like Revalver,S-Gear.TH3. The more they added function to their cabs like how you move the mic add two mics blended and even use of off axis etc, the bigger the size of plugin would be now that have also alot to do with the GUI files but i am sure there is alot of space require for the cabs aswell as it is of course with added effects and amps and other features. My guess is that Line6 used method 4.. The most stupid thing i've read was when someone said they had many many IR's inbedded in the stock cabs to choose from when we move parameters in the stock cabs? But hey why didn't they include off axis and dual mics then and moving sideways towards the edge of the cap? If you look at the size of the whole Helix FW its about 3.7 mb today it was about 3.5 for FW 2.2.1 i know that is not the same coding as on the computer but anyway it has everything in those 3.7 mb including stock cabs amps effects etc. One folder of miced up IR's on my Ownhammer DLX Reverb V30 1x12 ported for Helix 16 bit 48 khz is 2.7 mb and has 187 IR in it.That is all mics end every move including the edge of the cap and fredman micing technique and room.
  8. No they what Line 6 call ARE HYBRID IR That doesnt mean it is real IR,s A real iR cant be messed with unless your IR loader will have some effects or EQ or whatever but there is NO IR loader that have the option to change Mic,Distance,Early reflection on a static IR.. That is beacuse an IR is a snapshot of a miced up cab where the mic is set to one position.. You can do IR of rooms but as soon as you move the mic you have to shoot another IR as the sound will not be the same.
  9. Agree the stock cab lovers seems to be a group of fanboys that never understood how to use IR and they usually rely on 1-2 of the stock cabs with the same mic the royer and tons of EQ,s and filtering and that is very limited for people that need many different sounds Also some people might use stock cabs only beacuse they dont even know what IR is and mostly of those also complain of the fizziness digital sound that Helix have or i should say had especially on high gain and the squirrells on edge of breakup tones Those are user that never have done some computer home recording and never heard of IR,s almost always when they switch to a good IR you can read comments like i tried IR bla bla and now i finally like my Helix etc etc.. As for myself i heard those digital blanket fizziness nd squirrells sounds even when using IR as i only use IR with my Helix But i must say they seems to be gone now also the overall sound of Helix seems better and more pleasent than before..
  10. Well i think it is the same IR's as they sell on the website but renamed I could be wrong but i highly doubt that they would captured some new cabs just for this packs. They just use Helix and their own existing IR and dial in some preset that sounds good and sell it and say you also get some "special" IR So if you have lots of their IR's it is a good change you buy them again :) but hey you get the presets for 1 $ 20 IR per pack that means in 3Sigma world 2 cabs.
  11. Clapton bought over 10 Strats in a shop in America then use different parts from them to crate the famouse Blackie Strat. I dont remember but i read that some famouse guitarist used a cheap japanese copy instead of a Usa fender just because he like it more for the sound (and maybe also for build quality?) Prince used a japanese Tele copy So try as many as you can and don't expect that it will sound like some video or record as it isn't YOU who is playing. Its all in the hands But then again there is a few guitarist that actually can mimic another guitarist so well that you have trouble to know which is which if you listen to them blindfolded. Guthrie Govan is one David Kilminster another.
  12. It was done in the mixing process all instrument and the vocals went thrue the same reverb busHere is how it sounds And the non bus guitar As you can hear the volym on the reverb bus is way lower than the non bus guitar so getting that reverb to sound like the record you have to find the right volym on the reverb side so it blends nicely with the dry signal.
  13. Yes i was wrong sorry about that i am an old fart with no brain and bad eyesight :) But who would found that little piece of box anyway? And why not just pin a post on the forum about all changes that happens so everyone knows about it as not everyone who is visiting a webpage is a computer web internet nerd. I like to write and communicate on forums not LOOK at webpages.. In my "humble defens" i must say i have been kicked out of a couple of forums and also have account freezed or banned over the years. Because some mod/admin had trouble with my posts (well i might have not follow the rules also so in those cases it was the right decision) so you must understand that i am suspicious every time something odd happens that is not normal :)
  14. I think i found out what the problem was And as i expected before this is totally related to someone? or maybe even all? of those who run/admin this forum. As i created a new account and it looked exactly like nr 2 when i am not logined in but this time i was loged in but i couldn't post anything???I I tried to answer this post it didnt show up a MOD needed to check my post. Very very strange indeed. And for what i found out before and have suspected there is someone or maybe even all of those moderators/admins that dont like me.Or i should say dont like many of my posts here so it's time to leave this group I can update my Helix anyway no need to be controled by some people who is spying on me.
  15. Yup i wonder if it is something to do with old Win/Mac or if it Google Chrome? gonna dl Firefox or Opera and see if it does the same.
  16. Where is that challang now? Ii got 4-5 right first time i listen
  17. Hi since some months the forum is looking like this when i am loged in And when i am not loged in it looks like this So has everyone this problem? Or is it just me?
  18. Guitarmaniac64


    Funny i got the same readout all the time and i can even have it spot oin on Helix tuner for a short while like on a Strobe but then it flips one spot left or right very rare more than one spot. But then again i am in the same place all the time (my studio) so my guitars dont get exposed to warm or cold wheater or change in humidity.
  19. Yes that works But its way better to use an IR loader like MixIR or the free NadIR or Sir whatever to hear the blend and then export it to a new file and then use Voxengo deconvolver to make an IR And with MixIR you can also export it to a new IR further more you have 30 slots in MixIR where you can load IR,s and mix them togheter
  20. Guitarmaniac64


    try to tune quickly with a strobe tuner
  21. Hmm some of the IR,s i purchased has ended up in a bundle like the Mesa Boogie 4x12 ST and if i remeber correctly some Marshall cab aswell However i can't find the 1012 Gibson anymore only bought it as we have i Gibson amp in Helix Maybe we should make a list of "missing" OH IR's? I have some very old Ownhammers Nebula version they are also discontinued Now that Nebula can be runned more "smoothly" than before i really which OH would port new librarys to the Nebula 4 standard.
  22. I started with stock cabs only and was about to return my Helix i was so dissapointed at first as i play mostly high gain amps and it sounded awful i didn't believe i payed so much more then i payed for Pod HD to get a little better feeling and more realistic feel when i lowered the volym knob on my guitar. The core SOUND however was still digital and not much better then the Pod HD i.m.o After some conversation with some members at Line6 Helix FB group i got some info on some nessecary tweaks i needed to do in globals, input pad, hp/lp filter in cabs, to get a better tone it helped alot compare to what it sounded withoiut those tweaks. I then added some EQ blocks and it got even better than before But still it sounded very digital so i was about to give up After about one week of tweaking i loaded in some of my Redwirez and Ownhammers IR's and replaced the stock cab and it made a dramtic difference in the sound So much i decided to keep my Helix and hope for improving in the amp modeling in future updates to catch up with Fractal/kemper in the high gain sounds area. And maybe even get more IR slots and even the possability to load higher resolution IR,s than is possible today. I found stock cabs to sound digital compared to IR i havent played with the new cabs in the lates update yet but they are not really suited for high gain sound anyway. I found IR's sounds more organic or "real" atleast for my go to sounds On a clean sound and maybe even semidistorted the difference isn't so big but still i prefer a well captured IR over the stock cab any day.
  23. Agree but since he is using Helix In some of his videos he go thrue how he created the presets in Helix AQnd that is always good in this video he put a delay FIRST in the signal chain in one preset? Even before the overdrive? That was new to me havent tested that before and it did sounds cool. So the golden rule in where in the signal chain you should to put the effects IS? There is no rule. Try everything move the blocks around before you put it where it "suppose" to belong in the signal chain it might sound awesome :)
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