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  1. Good point, no tweaking parameters do not make any difference.
  2. Is this a bug? On HX Edit block is shows as a mixer but none of the parameters are editable, on the hardware you can tweak them and it is reflected corretly on HX edit..
  3. Yep, it will probably miss amp parameters like Bias, Sag etc..
  4. BTW Line 6 Updater 1.17 is out now so....
  5. Mesa Mark V amp pack is out now!! https://ml-sound-lab.com/collections/amp-packs/products/boogey-v-helix
  6. Wow dude, preset is amazing! Love it, thank you so much. Finger crossed for a ML Helix Cab Pack.
  7. i own a passive guitar but reading about the Relay i think it shouldn't matter.
  8. Hello, first, please excuse me if this had been discussed alreday, tried some search but haven't find anything, second excuse my english (i'll do m best) :P So, in Helix, the guitar input has impedence, Z and so on but is this working as designed when there's no "direct" connection between Helix and the guitar ? For example when you're using a Relay wireless system? How could Helix "sense" the pickup load in this situation? I'm wondering if going into the mic in or aux in is the better when using a wireless system. Cheers! m.
  9. Giving the fact that Line 6 didn't disclosure anything about the new firmware/hardware, they had to copy something else from someone else.
  10. Fingers crossed even for Helix control support!
  11. Not working completely for me, my "Volume Knob Controls" setting was incorrectly set to "Multi" while my setting before the backup was "Digital"
  12. Hi, so.... 1. No, not even the Helix Rack Floor Control. Support may come in a future release but i don't think it will be for FBV Expess MKII. 2. Probably, but a dedicated audio interface may do a better work. 3. Not at the moment, but they're coming in a future update. 4. Absolutely! Cheers ;)
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