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  1. I bought mine from Eurotubes. Here's what I purchased: Item Description Qty. Price ECC83S-B ECC83S Balanced 1 $14.00 EL84-2 EL84 Matched Pair 1 $24.00
  2. Nice, I believe I updated my 69 through the HD500X as well.
  3. That does help. Looks like the HD500X was the right choice for me but I could see ending up with both.
  4. Congrats! It's neat that you had a chance to compare the different models prior to making the purchase. I ordered my 69 online and, although I'm really happy with it, have often wondered how the other models feel.
  5. Yep, that's them. Bussmann MDL 3/8. Those are the same as in the link I posted above.
  6. I just ordered these off of ebay. Looks like the shipping would run you $6.55.
  7. There are 2 fuses that you should check first. One is the tube protection fuse located right above where the ac power plugs in to it. This is the most likely culprit. The other is actually a part of the power plug assembly, but it's probably not the problem because the amp turns on.
  8. Yeah, I guess so. Luckily this HD500X sounds awesome into the effects return of my Vetta II. That will hold me over. Thanks for your opinion. Update: Ok, I opened a ticket and I'll post any updates.
  9. Looks like it's my turn to play this game. I bought my DT25 head & 112 cab last July. The original tubes didn't make it 90 days. I replaced them with some JJ's, biased them, and everything was great until last week. After letting the amp warm up, I flipped the standby switch up and there was a Phhhhht sound and the lights went out. I checked the fuses and the line fuse was blown. I picked up some replacements from Radio Shack and put one in tonight. The amp fired up normally but there was a really soft low hum. Then I started to get that fried electronics smell and the tube protection fuse blew. This time the light stayed on and I could see the tubes glowing until I shut it off. All 3 tubes were glowing although the ECC83S (12AX7) wasn't glowing as brightly as the other two (not sure if it's supposed to or not). So I'm not sure what to do. Obviously I have to replace the blown fuse. I'm not sure how to test the tubes to see if they're okay and their appearance is normal. I guess there are 4 options: Replace the fuse and try again (probably not the best idea) Open a support ticket and send it in since it's under warranty Try to figure out how to test the tubes and see if one of them is the culprit Replace the fuse and the tubes (there goes another $50) Any advice?
  10. I'm going to wait until I get a chance to play one to make up my mind. It might end up having a nice neck and stay in tune really well. If that's the case, and since the electronics are the same, there would be no real advantage, other than personal preference, to buy one of the more expensive models. I've never played a Pacifica but I have played a few really nice Yamaha guitars.
  11. I'm curious about the neck as well. The neck on my JTV 69 is fairly thick and my Variax 500 neck is even thicker. I'd love to see a profile similar to the PRS SE Custom 24. That is, by far, the most comfortable neck of my 12 guitars.
  12. Beats the heck out of me. I didn't notice it until you pointed it out. I'm interested as well.
  13. If I were totally disgusted with Line 6, I don't think it would drive me to selling all of my guitar equipment. But to each his own. Hopefully, you never get a lemon for a car or you'll probably end up riding the bus for the rest of your life. I'm interested in the prices though so I'll PM you.
  14. Nice. Thanks for sharing. These are on my wishlist.
  15. Big Bottom is awesome in my Vetta II. I'd love to have it in the HD500X. I'll be purchasing all 3 packs. I can't wait to try the 5150, JC-120, OR-80 and all of the bass models. I, for one, think Line 6 knocked it out of the park with this news release. Even if they announce a successor to the HD500X at the next trade show, I'll get my $100 worth of enjoyment well before it's available in the market. Also, thanks for the global EQ.
  16. Argh!!! Did anyone save the .pdf before it got yanked?
  17. I have a Vetta II and a DT25 w/112 Cab. I love them both. I purchased my Vetta II in 2004 and I've never had an issue with it. The greatest thing about the Vetta II is that the tones that came with it are great and it's much easier to get the sound you're looking for without needing an audio engineering degree.
  18. I'll help feed the rumor mill. I predict it will be a Yamaha 7 String Variax with piezzo, magnetic and midi pickups along with integrated bluetooth (allowing you to run Workbench from your mobile phone).
  19. ColonelForbin: This is from their website. Basically it's a 12AX7. samsjs: You never know and it's not very expensive to do. I have a 1991 Peavey Bravo 112 that's still running the original tubes and my DT25 tubes didn't last 90 days.
  20. I'm not sure what an amp repair shop would charge. I just watched a few Youtube videos and did it myself once I was sure I could safely perform the task. It was very simple to do with an inexpensive voltmeter and a small screwdriver. I have the DT25 Head, the combo might be a little more difficult.
  21. I bought mine from Eurotubes. Here's what I purchased: Item Description Qty. Price ECC83S-B ECC83S Balanced 1 $14.00 EL84-2 EL84 Matched Pair 1 $24.00
  22. DarrellM5

    pickup booster

    If you're unhappy after trying the above suggestions, you could check out a TC Electronic Spark Mini 20dB Boost Pedal. They run about $80 and there's a good demo video on Sweetwater. The solution I chose for my Fender Strat was to replace the bridge pickup with a DiMarzio HS3 for about $70. Awesome results!
  23. Glad that worked out so well for you. I love my DT25. The original tubes didn't' last 90 days and I replaced them with JJ's. I didn't really notice much of a sound difference so I would assume that the fried tube just made it sound terrible.
  24. Thanks for this post. I couldn't, and still can't, find any reference to putting the alt tuning know to Model to get it to work in the Pilot's Guide. But it sure fixed my problem.
  25. Don't know about soft, medium and hard. I ordered the tubes for my DT25 from Eurotubes: Item Description Qty ECC83S-B ECC83S Balanced 1 EL84-2 EL84 Matched Pair #27 1 They sound great. Good luck.
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