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  1. The magnetic pickups on my JTV-69 sound incredible, through the 1/4" and the VDI outputs. Are you running it into a HD500X? What are your input settings? This sounds like a problem with the guitar so far.
  2. I had to replace the tubes in my DT25 within 60 days of purchase but I have a 1991 Peavey Bravo 112 that still has the originals. Some tubes last forever, some don't. It usually isn't the amps fault.
  3. Yeah, I have the Variax 500 and a JTV-69. I love both of them.
  4. I've had a 500 for 10 years and I've never experienced this. Are you making all of these changes directly on the Variax or via a patch? If you're using a patch to switch the guitar it might have just been a communication glitch.
  5. I've tried the 2 button stereo footswitch that came with my Peavey Bravo 112 and it works fine. The only minor issue is that the buttons are reversed (channel/reverb). I still use it with the Peavey so I don't want to modify the switch but it would be easy to do. Here's one on ebay:
  6. That's how I do it. 1/4" outs to FX return, clean patch and a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter plugged into the Vetta II guitar input (just one end of a guitar cable would work as well). Sounds great.
  7. Hopefully, if the new Variax is in a Yamaha body, they will put it in a more 'high end' guitar. Something like their old studio series or another solid model. I recently bought a Yamaha TRBX305 bass and I'm very happy with the quality and setup. They can make it as nice as they want to.
  8. Sounds pretty good. I have a DT25 but I still love my Vetta II. It's a much more user friendly out of the box experience. Is there a footboard included in that deal?
  9. I've used 2 different methods. Originally I was adjusting the volume using the sliders on the Mixer screen in the HD Edit software. Lately I've just been using the volume knob on the HD500X to adjust the amp volume within the patch. All of my patches are very similar in volume now.
  10. I play for fun as well and one of the first things I did when I got my HD500X was to go through all the presets, using a decibel app on my phone, and level out the volumes. Then I started tweaking the patches from there as well as downloading additional ones. The factory patches for the Vetta II were pretty good whereas the original patches for the HD500X pretty much suck. Some of the patches I've found on Custom Tone are awesome though.
  11. Sometimes I run my HD500X into the FX return on my Vetta II and it sounds great. I use the following method, which I found on the archived Line 6 forums:
  12. I'm assuming that you meant you are running your HD500X into the KRK with the 1/4" out?
  13. It should a long as the channel is really clean.
  14. That should work fine. I would just make sure the patch didn't model an amp or cabinet.
  15. If I understand correctly, you would have to use the HD500X for effects only. It doesn't look like that Vox amp has an effects loop so there wouldn't be anyway to bypass the preamp and only use the power amp.
  16. I wonder if it's some sort of heat issue. You might try running it for awhile with a fan blowing into the back of it.
  17. I can definitely relate to your situation. I've been playing guitar for 29 years and just bought my first bass, which is also a 5 string. Although I did buy a bass amp with it, I got a chance to try it out through the HD500X yesterday. It sounded great through the PA system I was using. There are a couple of bass amps included with the HD500x, the Flip Top (based on an Ampeg B-15NF Portaflex bass amp) and the Tweed B-man (based on a '59 Fender Tweed Bassman). Both of these sounded really good by just putting them in an empty patch and playing. I didn't try tweaking it yet and I'm not sure which effects would work with it. I'll be watching this thread to see what others have to say as well as doing some more experimenting today. I'd like to see how the distortions, octave pedals and wahs work with a bass. To answer your other question, I didn't have to change any settings on the HD500X to switch from guitar to bass.
  18. Awesome, glad to hear your back in business!!!!
  19. Sure, here you go. Try here:
  20. Thanks Gary, please let me know if it fits. I need to replace the jack in my 500 as well. The connections has gotten loose for the VDI cable over time. I was leary to order that part as it doesn't specifically say that it fits the 500.
  21. The Midisport Uno works fine with my Vetta II and Windows 7. Should work with your Vetta.
  22. The only reference I was able to find states that V4 is the phase inverter.
  23. I use the pre models when running to the DT25 with the Line6 link. Otherwise It would be modeling an amp and then sending it to my amp, which would also be trying to model an amp. I use the full amp models when going into the effects return of my Vetta II and I would also use them if I were going out to a Stagesource speaker or PA.
  24. Following the procedure to the letter, it still took me multiple tries to get the firmware to take in my DT25. It's some sort of issue with the amps as performing the same procedure over and over eventually worked for me.
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