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  1. There, I helped bring your rating back up. Anyone should be able to state their opinion.
  2. Mine does the volume thing just sitting there. I'll be playing and then roll off the volume and put it on a stand. Then without touching anything it comes back to life. Not a major problem since I haven't had it do anything while playing with the volume rolled off a little.
  3. Unless it's my JTV 69. Whenever I roll the volume all the way down and put the guitar on a stand, the volume decides to turn itself up to max. Then I have to roll it all the way up and all the way back down. But then it does it again. I think it has a mind of it's own. However; rolling off the volume on the JTV should do the trick.
  4. I also have a Variax 500 and a Korean made JTV69. I love my 500 but the JTV blows it away in every category. Better modeling , alternate tuning knob, mag pickups that sound really good, thinner neck, rechargeable battery, virtual capo, better software and the list keeps on going. I also would never pay the extra for the US version; well maybe if the Korean version wasn't so nice.
  5. Wow! Sweetwater notified me that I won a Neumann TLM 49 Microphone. It's on the way to me now. I've never won anything of value before but this thing sells for $1700. I'm totally excited but I'll probably end up selling or trading it because I'm just a home guitarist/bassist and no microphone in the world could make my voice sound even half way decent. Plus, I don't record anything for other people to hear.
  6. The HD500X has 2 bass amps; the Flip Top (based on an Ampeg B-15NF Portaflex bass amp) and the Tweed B-man (based on a '59 Fender Tweed Bassman). Check out this thread for more info:
  7. I use it with Windows 7 & Gearbox. It doesn't teach you songs anymore but still works great for jamming. It's also a great interface for using your guitar with other amp sims like Amplitube or Guitar Rig.
  8. I did re-bias when I put the new tubes in. Piece of cake after watching a few youtube videos. So far they've lasted 5 months and still going.
  9. That's what I switched to after the original tubes went out in less than 90 days. I'm totally happy with the results.
  10. Looks nice. Good job. I also have a Variax 500 but I kind of like it when it freaks people out by not having any pickups.
  11. The first thing I would check is if the guitar signal is making it all the way into the amp? Check and see if the tuner works. If that checks out, try some headphones to see if the amp is doing anything at all.
  12. I have a Variax 500 and didn't experience any issues installing Line6 Monkey or Workbench. Just go to the support area of the Line 6 website and select downloads. There are drop down menus to select the appropriate download for your operating system.
  13. If you really want one of these units, a used ipad or iphone would be the way to go.
  14. Even though I'm not an Apple person, if I really wanted an Amplifi I would buy a used or refurbished iPad like ice9mike recommended above. Also, I think when it comes to Android devices, there's an issue with audio-in latency to deal with. There's a fix for it but it's a hardware solution (software can't fix it). Here's an article about it:
  15. Glad to hear it went well. I use a sound meter app on my phone to normalize the volume levels between my patches just so I don't blow my ears out.
  16. My JTV69 came arrived from Sweetwater with an almost perfect setup. I was amazed seeing as they're about 800' above sea level and I'm at 6,000'. A couple little tweaks to individual string saddle height and it was spot on. There was no buzzing whatsoever right out of the box and the guitar was almost in tune.
  17. If you choose the non-pre version of the JCM800, you get the preamp and the poweramp. If you choose the pre version, you just get the preamp. The pre version works very well when you're going into the effects return of your amplifier. That way the POD models the pre-amp but you use the power amp of your actual amplifier. The pre version also works awesome when using a Line 6 DT series amp.
  18. You also might want to check out some of Paul Glover's videos on Youtube. He runs a HD500X into a Laney.
  19. I really need to order an automatic voltage regulator. I'm worried about something like this happening and I can't justify just buying another HD500X.
  20. I have mine set for Input 1 Variax and Input 2 Aux. Then I just push in on the model knob to switch back and forth between the two. Yours should work this way as well or something is definitely wrong.
  21. I read something in another post about a setting to blend the 2 sources in Workbench. Might fix your problem.
  22. To me the Amplifi is kind of like beginner gear compared to the Dream Rig stuff. I'm not knocking it but it really doesn't interest me. The fact that it doesn't support Android would rule it out even if it was more advanced. Since iOS stuff is proprietary and all the phones are identical, the programmers know that if it works on one, it will work on them all. Since there are a bazillion Android phones out there, they will have to deal with a bunch of compatibility issues with some models. I don't own any Apple stuff. I do use an iPhone 4s for work but I prefer my Samsung Galaxy by a long shot. (Although, If Microsoft doesn't come out with something way better than Windows 8 by the time I need my next computer I'll probably end up with my first Mac).
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