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  1. Yeah, big differences. I definitely like the Les Paul bridge better. I'd probably take the 89 with Les Paul bridge over the others.
  2. Thanks. I appreciate your hard work. The first time I powered up my Dream Rig I couldn't believe the huge differences in channel volumes. My Vetta II levels were a lot more even out of the box. Not perfect, but you didn't have to worry about blowing your eardrums. I've gotten to the point with the Dream Rig that I roll the volume off on the guitar, switch patches and roll it back in. I'm going to use your spreadsheet as a starting point for the amps on the patches I create.
  3. I'd just put them inline between the guitar and the HD500X. Distortion pedals do pretty well early in the effects chain.
  4. Oh, sorry. I didn't even know they had ever made a 300 nylon acoustic.
  5. Here you go. Fits your model and the Variax bass.
  6. Install went through the first try with no issues whatsoever. Installed via USB through the HD500X. No popping when changing patches and my string volumes seem well balanced. I'd call it a win so far.
  7. More is always better but I think he's saying that if there were a way to use his 500 IR's, he would have a huge selection of cabinets available.
  8. Yeah, I've been fortunate to have zero problems in 10 years, but if it does ever die there's probably little chance that I can get it fixed.
  9. In regards to the impedance thing; I haven't found anything concrete but I was able to find references in the Line 6 support archives and on some other forums. The support archives have multiple posts that refer to an answer, by a Line 6 tech support person, to a question about headphone impedance. I can't find the original post but the answer seems to have been 150-600 ohms.
  10. I'm sure the speaker experts will chime in shortly but your Shure SE215's are only 20 ohms, which is fine for phones and mp3 players, and the HD500X is designed to run higher impedance headphones like the Beyerdynamic DT880's, which are 250 ohms.
  11. I really enjoyed it. I can definitely pick up a heavy Steve Vai influence and it's way beyond my skill level. You did a great job programming the drum track but I'll bet you could take it to a whole new level if you could collaborate with an actual drummer. Keep up the good work. I hope to see some more of your stuff on here soon.
  12. 3 right, 3 wrong for me as well. Too close for me to definitively tell and no way I'd be able to figure it out if it were accompanied by a band or backing track.
  13. Your experience was obviously different but my Vetta II and Variax 500 have been completely reliable for 10 years.
  14. I still have a Variax 500 with the Vetta II and the FBV board. I love it and play it a lot. I also recently bought the Dream Rig (JTV69 Guitar, Pod HD500X and DT25 amp and 1x12 cab). It's awesome!!! Line 6 has taken modeling to a new level. I highly recommend checking out the new stuff, although finding a good deal on a used Vetta II wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.
  15. I always wait for huge improvements before upgrading. If I had owned the HD500, I wouldn't have even considered the HD500X. Even though I love my Dream Rig, I still jam with my Variax 500 and Vetta II a lot. It's only truly obsolete when I'm done using it.
  16. I finally got the update to take. I didn't change anything; I just kept at it. This was with my M-Audio Uno. I gave up for a few days and then tried again. Come to think of it, there was one difference; this time I was not signed in to Line 6 Monkey. Don't know if that mattered.
  17. I'm having the same difficulty with my DT25 and the M-Audio Uno. Line 6 definitely has some issues to resolve when it comes to communicating with these amps. The Uno connects to my Vetta II every time on the first try. I have the latest drivers for it as well. I've also tried booting the amp in safe mode. I'll post back if I figure something out.
  18. I'm on Windows 7. I've had my Line 6 Gear for a couple of weeks now and have not experienced any crashing or lost connections.
  19. I bought the Variax 500 sight unseen in 2004 and the JTV69 the same way recently. I've been very pleased with both purchases. If you're not completely happy, return it to Sweetwater. They should send you photos of the actual guitar prior to shipping, so I wouldn't worry too much about the 'scratch and dent'. It should be a smoking good deal though because I bought mine brand new for $900 from them. Not sure about the manufacture dates and their affect on quality.
  20. For the type of music that you mentioned,the DT25 will blow you away without any effects. It sounds incredible. I bought the Dream Rig, and I've had it for less than a week, but last night I tried just plugging a guitar straight into the DT25 and it sounded amazing. As for the switch, just about any 2 channel footswitch should do. They're all over ebay for about $30. I'm using the one that came with my '91 Peavey Bravo 112. It works great except that it's backwards. The channel switch handles the reverb and vice versa. No big deal and, if it starts to annoy me, I can always put a couple of pieces of tape on it as new labels. I love the HD500X but the DT25 doesn't need it to sound incredible.
  21. The iLoud looks great for a highly portable option but the Amplifi would be better for home use. However, they both lost my interest as soon as I saw that an iOS device was needed.
  22. I'll be making my own comparison as my JTV 69 is supposed to arrive today and I own a very sweet Variax 500. I bought my 500 new in 2004 and it has been flawless for me. It has a nice neck, beautiful finish and has never had an issue. I play it more than all of my other guitars combined. I'll be doing some extensive comparisons between the 2 for the next few weeks and I'll be sure to come back and post my findings. I'm no expert but hopefully my opinion will help future readers of this thread. Also, I've owned the 500 for 10 years and didn't know I could overwrite all of the models until reading this thread.
  23. I wouldn't mind having another to compliment my 69 and my Variax 500. I don't see it happening unless I find an incredible sale though.
  24. From what I've read, the 3 position switch does not limit the 59 at all. You can access all 5 positions through the 3 way switch and one of the knobs. My 69 should be arriving tomorrow and I'm stoked.
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