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  1. Also- Don't use the midi connection to switch the PC+ speaker simulations (if that's what you are doing). Use the L-6 Link cable from Helix to the PC+. Then use the editor's "Output" area to pick the speaker u want for the patch. U will see a choice there for the PC+ speaker and Mic choices.
  2. Without looking all this up, It "might" work with the right gender plugs, I would use ojai for what it was intended, Strymon pedals.
  3. I own and use a Helix, HX Effects (this one is FX only- no Amp Models), and a Kemper. Luv um all. Ok - 1st off you are right, you could always use a pedal board into a nice amp as this works well for millions of players. Here is the real thing about Helix, a Kemper, an Axe FX or any of these boxes. You have to put some time in to get results. Once thats done, they pay off in musical spades for ya. This 1st route (a pedal board into an amp) is easier, but it's more of a one trick pony compared to Helix. So, if you are ready for a learning curve (its not that bad or we all wouldnt be here) Id say get a Helix, Kemper or Axe FX. Which one is the best (Im clairvoyant btw ; ) ) is really up to you. So start reading. And GL!
  4. spikey

    New FRFR day...

    Glad you found something that u like!
  5. What would be better would be for Kemper to "send" Midi CC messages, which it does not do. Only Program Change. That way the Kemper could use the HX Effects as it was intended to be used, as an "Effects box" where via Midi you could change the HX-Effects per "Snap-shot" from the Kemper Remote. So the only work-around we have currently is to have a Helix (or HX Effects) control the Kemper. BTW- Thanks for the Midi info above erabjohns!
  6. I run into that with Studio One 4x using an UA Apollo interface. What I did was just mute the audio in "Console" software, on that input channel (when input monitoring was on in the DAW software), so I could hear Helix and not hear Helix twice set 5 miliseconds or so apart! So look at Cubase Elements 9 again, read and search in google about how to turn off input monitoring in this and still record audio on that track/input. Hope this helps a little.
  7. Ahh thanks for the clarification. Yea 3db is not "twice as loud" or "twice as soft", its twice as much power if its + 3db, and half as much if its down or -3db from what it was. Whatever LOL! But 3 db is noticeable.
  8. 4 to 6 db is a LOT of change! Lineout levels are not the same as output (wattage), but there every 3 DB down it halfs the power, so thats noticable. I didn't notice the change on this end but may have just turned it up and saved without thinking too. No biggy but still, I wonder what got changed?
  9. Volume issues should be pretty easy to spot right off. Johnnycortese, was this volume issue broken before, or after it was sent in for repair? Why does that matter? It matters because "IF" this issue sprang up after "hardware" was changed out/replaced in your Helix, then QA didn't do their job in checking out "everything" out before shipping it back to your doorstep. Granted we all make mistakes occasionally, but either way it should have been spotted, and you are right in that you should not have all these issues after getting it repaired by an authorized Line-6 repair shop. Best of luck in getting it back all ok next time!
  10. Engaged yes it does. Yea I was assuming that the TS had 1 meg ohm input impedance "while engaged", which I was wrong on when engaged- (a TS-9 engaged its "according to the net"- a is around 500K)... Now, I dont know "when off" if its in "true bypass" or not. And I "assume" true bypass of the pedal (real or virtual) means it tonewise is invisible to the rest of the chain. I assume that the amp's input see's only the guitar pickups for a load at this point. Lots of assumptions here I know. ; ) Well it's not confusing to me any more than flying the space shuttle would be but as always YMMV and thats ok. ; ) I'm just saying that whether or not the pedal is in the chain and "true-bypassed", or not there at all, it should NOT affect the tone of the amp given that all Impedances are set to say..., "1 meg ohm". I.E., the amp see's a 1 meg ohm impedance on the input no matter what is connected. He is saying if I read this right, it is. Could be that the pedal that was modeled "has" a buffered circuit inside it and while "off" versus when removed from the chain, this is why the tone is changing? Here is an article I found about "buffered vs true bypass"...
  11. Normally (for us old schoolers) If I have a Tube screamer in front of a 1 meg Impedance Fender Twin input and its in true bypass, the tone of that Fender amp should sound the same as if its not there. Thats how I understand it. And, if that Tube Screamer is set tone wise not to add any treble or bass (via your own ear's) and just to add gain to the front end of the twin , when I remove that pedal and plug straight into the Twin again, my tone and Impedance (not the gain), should not change, but just be cleaner sounding. That is what he is saying, I think, that his IS changing. It should sound just as it did with the pedal bypassed (if it's true bypass). If his setup is changing under those rules I just laid out, then impedance "should not" be causing his issue. And Yes, I can see with all the different impedance's used in pedals these days this norm is "not" a "norm" any longer and all this go's out the window. ; )
  12. Oop's... Yea that's a good source alrighty...
  13. OTOH, being new doesnt always mean its better. I have a 22 year old Les Paul standard Id put up tonewise with any of the new ones today. ; )
  14. Dont ever feel like the"Lone Ranger" on that one brutha! ; )
  15. Just saw we had an update- FAST this time around! Smooth as butter installing too! Thanks!
  16. For Home: Pawn shop- look for a pair of some old FRFR speakers like "Event Project Studio 6" speakers. For playing out in small places/venues, you can't beat the Power Cab + series.
  17. I would say simple, don't take your Helix floor to a bar. But, since you mash it all over with your feet anyway what's a little liquid gonna hurt? ; )
  18. Why have you not tried the update? If it's software (doubtful to me it is at this point) then an update may fix it. Just an FYI and I am not accusing you of anything so dont take this the wrong way. This joystick is NOT like the lug-nuts on your car wheels, as in you can not be forceful with this item or you will break it. Very light touch is all this needs to function correctly, so put away that "3-pound hammer" technic when adjusting. ; ) If that does not work, You may need that piece of hardware (the joy stick) replaced. Discuss this issue about sending it in with Line-6, via another ticket and look for a backup for your live stuff in the mean time.
  19. As long as those seeds are paid for with our own money for our own pleasures, I say water them babes... ; )
  20. FWIW I just checked the knob of my 2017-ish Helix (rack version) knob and it was not hard to turn at all. All it says in the discription: "Dual 10ka 15mm potentiometer for the Line 6 Helix multi-effects guitar pedal." It would be nice if they has said where this part actually goes on their website huh...
  21. Yet millions of folks can't hear the differences between a modeler's sound and the real thing these days. ; ) They've come a long way since the bean. And there are many other video's out there where people made a sound guess and "got it wrong". Moral of the story "for me" is, if it sounds good (no matter which Modeler your in love with) then that's good enough. Spank the plank!
  22. I would get both. Why? Well money issues aside for a moment, It takes time to learn both and use both with proficiency. You can not compare the two units unless they are side by side, and then one will most likely be better at some things and vice-versa. I have a Kemper and a Helix and the same is true for them. But both sound good, with one sounding better at some sounds and again, vice versa. The Helix for example has more options for being the "center" of your guitar driven studio. The Kemper by now has profiled nearly every amp out there. Not all the profiles are good, but many are and they out-number what Helix has available. So you see, there are pros and cons ( depending on how you look at it) of both boxes. But again, no one box will work well for you unless you spend time learning how to use it, from information available here and elsewhere like YouTube for example. Hope this helps a bit. ; )
  23. Glad they found the issue for ya. Yes, If you are running Mojave and or Catalina once installed you have too go into security prefs and "allow" it to operate. Dunno if High Sierra does this too. Sorry I didnt remember this atm but glad it's fixed now. ; )
  24. And I thought choices mattered to you? Well here's an idea. You go out and buy a nice iMac, load Ableton on it and then let us know how it all works for ya. As long as you have been around, Im sure you are familiar with "returns"? ;-)
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