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  1. I created this just fooling around the other day with HD500, it's called "Digital Dookey". Trying to mix the noise (we don't hear) that floats around us all the time with guitar and this kinda formed. Try listening with earphones.
  2. I have an X3Pro I bought when they came out so when I got the DT50 I went right into the front of it with the Stack Front output setting and liked the results after a bit of tweaking. I'm still playing around with it in addition to the HD500. Lately I've been running into the mic input of the HD500 set at mic input 2 and the HD500 L6 link into the DT50 Head.
  3. That's using the Ol' Noodle. Very good thinking and thanks for sharing.
  4. and so the gasoline engine runs it's best just before it goes KABOOM!!!!
  5. Yes those options are available in the "Front Combo" and "Stack Combo" and they work pretty good, try it sometime. Focus is for the mids. Lows and Highs are self explanatory. I have good results running the highs and lows flat going into the front of my spider jam for bedroom levels. For the HD500
  6. You Ain't Kidd'in !!! This is a very important peice of information, Hahahaaa.
  7. My DT50 Likes Pedals. Distortions into the front no problem. Here's a couple of DIY Tube Stomps I've been using lately.
  8. Shouldn't I be able to access the tones properties this way? This happening to anyone else? For me it happens in Mozilla and Explorer.
  9. I've been using "Guitar & Same" alot lately after using "Guitar & Variax" for a while I'm finding I like "Guitar & Same" better especially when using Dual Amps Or making use of effects in both of the Paths.
  10. Oh cool, Thanks for the tip. Thumbs Up to Ya :)
  11. Ya got a good point there. When I made my first post here I didn't even know what it was the OP was buying, but now I see. That's one cheap JTV. Dang !!! How did The Real Zap find out? Don't answer that , lol.
  12. Yeah, I just experienced this the other day.
  13. You might want to go back to the website and submit a compaint. I just came back from looking at their webpage. Also If you purchased the amp maybe they are no longer going to sell that product and the one your getting is the last one they had. Silverhead has a very good link there.
  14. So after I read this post I thought I might try that Low Volume Mode these amps have 'cause I haven't really used it much. I put on LVM wide open then started trying all the different topologies while changing the other option such as the Class A/B & Class A, Pentode/Triode. I didn't go full volume but I turned the volume up appropriately and wow even that mode kicks. Being that I'm using the DT50 LVM is probably less than 25 watts so I suppose it would somewhat the similar to the DT25 at full master volume. I forgot which channels but at least one of them on my amp is noisy at idle if the volume is cranked way up (which is actually too loud for my environment anyway) so I adjust the volume accordingly. Also I'm still using the original Tubes and I'm starting to accumilate running hours so maybe when I burn these tubes out, lol and replace them it'll be even quieter. This idle noise I'm talking about doesn't have me thinking twice about buying this amp though 'cause I really do like the it. So right boyce !!
  15. I don't roll back I just move forward, Would only roll back if I had to get back to where I was.
  16. Amps are great!! I really like the DT50 Head with the DT25 Cab (without the HD500) and have been playing it mostly with the Master knob at around 12 O'clock at moderate volume levels and it does sound really good there. Then just recently I've been playing with the Master wide open and man it really has alot of potential. It sounds so great either way I play it but your right in that it sounds very full and loud when cranked up. Then when I do the same thing with the HD500 connected it just adds to the variations of sound. It's just amazing how far the amps have come in the past years. It took me a while to get to know how to deal with the computer side of things but, I'm glad to be around to be able to experience and play with this stuff. Thanks Line 6!!
  17. Thanks for the tip DeanDinosaur. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Usually by the time I've found some qwerk with it someone already has, lol. I'm bit slow.
  18. When I load a dual tone patch the volume is lower than I set it until I touch the Patch A Level button in the mixer in HD500 edit. Anyone experience this? Am I doing something wrong? Conclusion: Some Patches are buggy. Delete them and start over in some cases delete the whole setlist.
  19. You "Spit out the Binky" hahaah. Sometimes you just have to step back for a bit and then try again, patience and a cool head will always pay off. I had similar problems as you have when I first begun the digital effects territory of life and on top of that I never really had a good analog background or guitar or music background either, lol. Acually it might be better that I don't have experience with analog pedals because you end up learning different habits and may have a harder time learning new things, it's all in the timing I guess. I have the same UX2 you have and like it alot, likley will never sell it.
  20. I think you'll need to just turn all your settings back (undo them) is all or do what I do open the appropriate editor and drag a saved "New Tone" in the spots you want. Updated: Sorry I misunderstood. Must have read your question too fast. :wacko: You want to restore "factory presets". NucleusX's answer is correct.
  21. Nice post, It's nice to have the oppertunity to try differenent headphones to actually hear the difference between them. I just went though a long process of trying to figure out which headphones would be good for me and it wasn't easy, lol. After some discussion "hear" about the subject and much searching online and in stores I chose the Beyerdynamic DT990 600 Ohm Open Backed. Think I made a good diecision here. When I develop a patch for dgital recording it's so close to the recording, they feel great on my head and the sound doesn't hurt my ears or head so I can play around for quite a while. I think manufacturer is right about it's range in that it reads the lows and highs and cuts some of the mids, but in a good way IMO. Oh when I get that nasty digital clipping when building a patch, 'cause you know it's gonna happen, it doesn't hurt my ears like the lower impedance headphones.
  22. Good post talwalkins, I have already a spare set of original replacement tubes for my DT50 and am going to use them when the time is right for me, after that I'm going to use a different maker. I don't use my amp as hard as you do at the moment.
  23. That's alot of hours of playing. Think you got your monies worth outta those tubes. Thumbs Up To YA. I'm going to buy matched Quad set like Stumblinman suggests when I finally service my DT50 Head.
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