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  1. You can use your Bass with it. The Flip Top in the HD Pro is designed for the low frequency. Try it sometime. Just a heads up, if you use your guitar speaker be careful and start with volume at low level and work up so you don't tear up your speaker and scare yourself.
  2. Reset, as TheRealZap stated above, does not restore firmware to V1. It only resets to the factory presets. I do resets regularly, lol.
  3. Doing this reset process only resets the presets to factory as I have done this several times after a successful install of v2.0 on a DT50 Head. Also I've been using DT Edit software to access the new options with no real problems on a 5 year old Vaio Laptop with Win 7. Also I agree that if you're having these issues it's dissappointing and I would feel the same way as Joakey and anyone else.
  4. Do you have your output settings set to Combo Front since your going into the front?, and the "Line Out" Line/Amp Switch set to Amp? If you go into the effects return of your amp set the output to Combo Power Amp. If your guitar is clipping the input set the PAD switch to on. If your going into the front of your amp make sure you get a nice clean channel. You might want to use "No Cab" in the amp settings. If your using Combo Front you can adjust your output levels for the Lows, Mid Focus, and Highs. These are some of the things I can think of off hand and may or may not help you.
  5. That was a very good explanation radatats, Thanks.
  6. I found this >>>
  7. Check out the FX Chapter of the manual.
  8. Brazzy

    Sd Card

    I think you should format the card with the Spider Jam. Anyway that's how I did it and no problems since the last update was released.
  9. Thanks for your input on this Martin Phil. I'm still looking at options on this stuff. I frequently get power outages where I'm at, the current will power down and power up sometimes a few times before staying down or staying up. Crazy power fluctuations.
  10. Great, Thanks for the feedback. Maybe you had a blip in the power and it messed with the programming. Whatever happened move on and chalk off as another learning experience.
  11. Oh wait, I have the HD 500 too. I like the best of both worlds.
  12. That's a really good comment Silverhead. Thanks I still like my X3Pro though.
  13. I just checked and I'm not having any problems so far. Good you had another computer. I think anyone who likes to play with this kind of equipment should have more than 1 computer.
  14. Hey thanks for sharing what you have so far. Are you looking into dealing with the power tubes yourself?
  15. I don't want spend this much either, lol. I have to start somewhere. Once I get the information I need I can make a better decision before I buy. I do want a battery backup though, so it when the current totally shutsdown my amp won't just shutdown and mess with the tubes. I would like to have the option of going into standy before powering down. Aslo when the power source shuts down it usally comes back on a few seconds later sending the DT into frenzy. LOL I don't want to get something thats going to inject noise into my rig if I can help it.
  16. When I first fired my DT50 Head (in Standby) it was quiet for a few seconds then it made a sizzle/fizzle sounds that lasted about 2 seconds after that It's been quiet ever since. I have about 10 hours on it now.
  17. That is an interesting read, thanks ext1jdh. I really haven't needed to use EQ's much for shaping tone. I seem to get pretty good tones without them. I usually try to keep my tones fairly simple so I can recreate them on a moments notice. So I generally use the tone stack in the model and on the amp to shape. I always use Pre's with No Cab when running Stack Front and Full models when running Studio Direct into PA, and I don't use the latter that often. Radatats, has good info there as the Cabs have an EQ type of effect on things. The way I look at this device is that all the controls are engineered to be like you would be building an actual pedal board except it's in the virtual sense, so when I make changes I look at it as it's a real pedal board (like back in the day, lol) but it's just condensed.
  18. I remember there was some talk amongst guitarists about Furman products. I'm doing some research to see what I can come up with, 'cause new things pop up everyday. I think I'm going to need 2 pieces (battery backup into conditioner sort of thing) of equipment to do this right. I found this, anyone have any thoughts? Furman F-1000 UPS 1000VA Simulated Sine Wave Battery Backup Supply with Advanced Level Power Conditioning Found this thread. Pomor, talks about Looking for "sinusoidal output waveform and low output harmonics level" in these conditioners. I guess it's important for clean sound.
  19. What is the best way to protect these amps from power loss, surely this can't be good for it. Does anyone know which is the better products (Power conditioners, battery backups and the like) is best suited to the DT50 & DT25?
  20. The point I'm trying to make is that by better understanding what other people have already dealt with it makes easier for me/us to work on my own equipment when it malfunctions, which it (devices) will eventually. This idea has saved me $1000's over a period of time (my life). I was taught when I was very young that by learning from other peoples mistakes I would make fewer mistakes. This does indeed work as by making fewer mistakes advances are made quicker. The forum here and the archives are for that very purpose, take advantage of them. We all know you can't believe everything you read on the internet, but when smart people talk they make sense. The point of my previous post's is to help get the thought processes going, which raises questions which leads to better understanding and eventually an answer. Sorry for the confusion, I probably should have added part of this thread to the previous threads or maybe I'll add part of it to my signature.
  21. It's nice when it works for you isn't it? Keep trying things out even it doesn't work, then you'll get to know how things work together. I'm to the point that I don't need to save patches anymore 'cause I know what works and what doesn't, which is what my goal was. I don't like to rely on saved patches 'cause then I have to worry about losing them somehow. So now I just make fresh patches depending on how I hook the HD500 up.
  22. Glad it did the trick sonicwave. Took me a good amount of time to figure that out when I first started. Now have fun!!!!
  23. Have you tried studio direct with the 4CM? Have you tried just going into the front of that using the Stack Front Setting? I haven't run the 4 cable method yet. I'm happy with the tone I get running HD500 into the fron the my DT50 Head using the Stack Front setting. I was looking over the 4CM, Have you tried to adjust the FX Send and Return levels to achieve "Unity Gain"? This may be what you really need to work on.
  24. Try dragging the X3 tones into HD Edit. The Real Zap is right, it won't work. I should've tried it first. You could open your tones in Gearbox and then get a look at what your settings were and then try recreate them. Added: Darn I should have tried that first too, LOL. Sorry. I just checked they are all right, it can't be done, I just tried it. I guess that's another reason for me to keep my X3 Pro and UX2.
  25. Here's an example of what I was reading: Check out the rest of the thread if ya have time. Please don't misunderstand me I really like the DT50 & DT25, It really has great tones. At least I'm having liking it. I also know eventually I will have to work on it to keep it sounding good.
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