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  1. I have both. It's kind of an apples to pineapples comparison IMO. VG99 does guitar modeling. HX does not. VG99 does polyphonic synth sounds. HX does not. If you're looking at amp/cab/FX modeling, I'd say that HX wins across the board. For my purposes, HX is the bomb. I don't do much with the VG99, particularly since my GP10 does the bulk of what I want out of the VG.
  2. Have you tried V-Guitar Forum? Lots of FC-300 expertise there and a fair number of Helix owners as well.
  3. i think the difference is that his suggestion involves substituting blocks, it just turning them on and off. It's not so much snapshots as gapless preset switching with spillover. Unfortunately, those were the issues that snapshots were created to address.
  4. aleclee

    Tube amps Gone?

    Stopped using tube amps when I turned to the digital side back in 2009. Sold off my last tube amp well before acquiring my Helix.
  5. Depends on the details of the situation. The bass player is a knucklehead and a lousy communicator. If the band is a major source of my livelihood, I'd suck it up and try to make lemons into lemonade. If I'm a weekend warrior who's mainly interested in blowing off steam, there's no way I'd deal with that bassist any longer than I had to. Life's too short.
  6. It would be full range but likely nowhere near flat response
  7. You might try this. I think the bar sockets are pretty standard.
  8. How about implementing that hack in firmware? It might make it more accessible and less error prone.
  9. MIDI "loopback" for those applications that currently call for hooking a MIDI cable between Helix' MIDI out and in.
  10. I'm continually surprised at people joining a forum who start spouting without getting a read on the vibe of the joint. When I join a new online community, I'll read a buttload of threads before making my first post. Keeps me from asking stupid questions or pissing in anyone's Cheerios.
  11. Yup. And you're definitely part of "everyone".
  12. Or threaten to hold your breath until you get your way.
  13. For practice and recording, I use the Equator Q8's in my recording setup (see below). For jamming, I'll run direct if the PA is up to it. If I'm bringing my backline, my Atomic CLR is my first choice. If I want to run stereo or smaller mono, I have a couple of QSC K8's.
  14. You lost me at "neuter". If you'd rather have those buttons for IAs & presets, that's fine but "neuter" and starting a "can't purchase" thread is a bit over the top IMO.
  15. I don't think they can. Once it's in Beta, you work off bugs until the known showstopper bugs are all fixed. While there are some statistical models to help estimate how long it'll take to identify & remediate those showstoppers, it's still a matter of actually finding and fixing them and it takes as long as it takes. The only alternative is lowering the quality benchmark to hit a date and that can't happen with a new product like Native where you need to make a great first impression. There's a maxim in the tech industry: customers will remember a release sucks a lot longer than they will remember it's late. Kemper was late by nearly a year but they got it right. That touchscreen modeling doodad from InMusic wasn't ready for prime time and it seems to be struggling. I don't expect Native to be nearly as tardy as KPA but I do expect it to be very good.
  16. Funny. I had the exact opposite experience going from AxeFx to HX. AxeFx levels were weak with HX levels right where I want them. I suspect it all boils down to the levels in the presets.
  17. What MIDI channels are the HX & GR using?
  18. Crackling is often a buffer overflow issue. What are your system specs and input buffer settings?
  19. I thought there was a split that acted as a crossover Edit: Just confirmed on page 31 of the HX manual.
  20. Isn't there a crossover block for splitting signal between paths? That's what I assumed he was talking about.
  21. Back in my AxeFx days, I used a tone match block to get a single coil sound from a humbucker. For those not familiar, it uses match eq to create an appropriate IR. While the tone was in the ballpark, it wasn't as convincing to me as an acoustic IR but where I really found it lacking was in feel. YMMV, of course.
  22. This is a phenomenon that's often cited in latency discussions but some details are missing. While it's absolutely true that audio time of flight can cause delays greater than the 7-10ms that can cause perceivable latency, there's a reason why one is not irritating while the other one is. In the case of audio time of flight through the air, your brain gets cues (e,g, reflections) that help it place the source and compensate for the delay. With "wire latency" there are no such cues. That's why you can use a wireless pack and roam far from your amp 30-50ft and have time of flight far beyond what would be tolerable latency in a recording environment.
  23. I don't use the expression pedal much with my HX Floor but hope that DAW automation might be an effective substitute
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