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  1. Start off with Line 6 Monkey and that will show you all the software available for the XT and whether you have the latest versions or not. You can just click within the Monkey software to download the various bits of software you may need. Ignore Line 6 Edit though and use GearBox instead. Be aware that if you flash the firmware of the XT then you may lose any optional model packs in there (e.g. Metal Shop), if your friend bought any, unless they are 'gifted' to you from his account to your account.
  2. No, it's the other way round. You need the free firmware update to be able to buy the optional model packs. Although Line 6's marketing have been a bit off with some announcements I think it's been fairly clear from the outset that global EQ was part of the free update. Firmware updates are always free, it's only add-ons that get charged. Line 6 have never charged for firmware updates and I doubt they ever will. If you want your money back you have a 30-day return window in which to get it. Return the model packs if you don't want them, you'll still have the new firmware.
  3. No it does not work with Line 6 Link. I'm not sure how you've managed to use your 'hard earned' on a free update.
  4. I think the OP and some others are confused. I was referring to the user (ernz, no post since joining in 2007) who up-voted the OP (ahrens). I was not referring to the OP (ahrens) at all. My post refers to "Who up-voted the OP?" which I quoted in my post for clarity. Obviously didn't work. :unsure: Anyway, if the OP finds this place hostile I dread to think what he'd think of other forums I hang out on like Gearslutz. :D
  5. Kinda weird. Someone who joined 2007 and has never made a post. Obviously we needed just the right topic to rattle his cage. ;)
  6. To be honest there's not much to gain from registering such an old unit. All available software is provided without registeration and there's no way to further update it.
  7. You're mixing up higher sampling rates with higher bit rates. Higher bit rates like 24-bit will increase dynamic range. Higher sample rates do not increase headroom. Dithering is applied to make 24-bit recordings into 16-bit recordings. Changing 96kHz to say 44.1kHz is called sample-rate conversion, not dithering.
  8. Yeah, loopers need RAM, not DSP (although there'll be a tiny amount used to use it within the device of course).
  9. Good for you! Keep up the fight! You do realise you'd have to pay for the packs even if you bought your HD500x next year? It's not going to be availalble free on the next batch out of the factory or something, it's an optional extra.
  10. It's been stated by Line 6 that the code has been optimised to a point where you are not losing DSP (and may, I repeat MAY) gain a tiny percentage more.
  11. Not possible, they're not the same packs. You can demo the HD pack and if you don't like it get your money back within 30 days.
  12. Mr_Arkadin

    Piano effect

    As Triryche says, that's a MIDI thing, not an effect appliable to audio. In the MIDI instance you're triggering a sample of a real piano from a sound module, not modifying the original guitar sound.
  13. Mr_Arkadin

    Piano effect

    Get a piano? Not sure what you're asking to be honest. Do you want to make your guitar sound like a piano?
  14. It has always been stated that the 'X'-series will get the update first, the oriiginal HD-series will get the update in a few weeks.
  15. What device are you using?
  16. I don't know what your issues are, but those amps are in the standard HD set.
  17. When they come out for regular HD models you can try them yourself with 30 day money back trial.
  18. I certainly think it should be fixed, but worse things happen at sea! I just find language like 'should be shot' (I know, not literally) and 'belittling' a little over the top. Yes it's worth mentioning. Yes it should be fixed. No, no-one should lose their job over it.
  19. Fair enough. All we're saying is you don't need the link and if you use the software as directed then it's very easy to do, not really sure why you would choose to make it difficult for yourself. I never even look at the front page of the site to be honest. Never need to.
  20. I don't have the 500x so maybe the procedure is different, but usually for firmware updates you just run the Monkey and it will do the rest.
  21. It was always Monday in the UK, which in my mind made me think they must have had the stock on Friday (as Saturday deliveries are usually more expensive) so that meant shops must have been sitting on the stock all weekend.
  22. Technically the format that S/PDIF and AES use the same, there's a data byte that tells the device of the different formats. The main thing is that being XLR, AES uses a balanced line, which is good for long cable runs, but not really necessary in a small studio. It's a good idea to use a 75 Ohm cable rather than some cheap one though.
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