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Check out this bad boy !!!!!


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It obviously does stuff that Helix can't do, but I did stumble on a patch on which I can get most notes to feed back without the gain getting overly muddy. It involves the Achron lead and a Minotaur. Of course this only works live with an amp or powered speaker. Cool that this thing can do that without any amplification! 

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About all you can really do, or at least all I've been able to do, is use a pitch wham in combination with a phaser and/or flanger (harmonic is a good one), and tie one or more parameters from each block to the same expression controller. Also, you could use snapshots to get different varieties of feedback. It gives some interesting effects that can be reminiscent of actual feedback, but it's far enough away from the real thing that it's obviously mimicry. On the other hand, the effect can be unique enough to stand on it's own, depending on how it's used.


A block in Helix with the capabilities of what's demoed in the video above (1st post) would be absolutely wonderful. Did someone already make an ideascale for this, or something similar?



In the beginning of the video, Scott says the feedback is actual.

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assuming we are playing at gig volume, if your gate is set correctly it's threshold will be set above the level of feedback but below the level of a picked note therefore your sustained note will drop below the threshold of your gate before you achieve useful feedback unless you move closer to your speaker system.
to change this interaction i have different gate thresholds set for each of my snapshots depending on how i intend to use that snapshot and then i also have a bypass for the gate programmed for whenever i might want to override it's interference.

for example;
i play fairly high gain guitar sounds for rhythm parts in a metal band. during the songs i want the tight snappy stops that a gate provides so my snapshot for rhythm parts has a gate with a fairly high threshold on it above the level at which feedback occurs.
now say i'm playing rhythm on this snapshot and we get to the end of a song... i want to hit that big chord or last note at the end and have it ring out into feedback while the singer talks some lollipop and introduces the next song. the gate will step in at some point and have that lovely nice musical feedback of that held chord or note will be choked out quite quickly by the gate leaving an embarassing silence.
so i just turn the gate off when i want feedback. :)

it's worth noting i pretty much exclusively play at gig volume though and this is obviously aimed at those who do not.

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Check out the Fernandes Sustainer pickup, it is basically an ebow on steroids and has a mode that changes what ever note or chords you are playing to a harmonic....



This kid on YouTube made something that feeds back though the guitar to create a similar effect


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