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  1. Thanks a bunch! If you think that's tricky, listen to our cover of Journey From Mariabronn from the same youtube channel. Also, we do Paradox which is transcribing nightmare and Song For America but those vids aren't complete yet.
  2. Thanks. The silly thing is how quickly I got those tones. It's mostly the Plexi brt. The leads are either Plexi brt with the Minotaur or valve distortion and some phase shifter or the 2204 with a phase shifter. There's a tiny bit of compression added in Logic on the guitars. Also used the dual harmony for the end and just before the first verse. I use the ping pong delay trails on, on a momentary foot switch for some of the accent fills towards the end. I used to use the HD500 and had some great tones but it took much longer to get a less awesome result.
  3. Welcome to the 90's Archie Bunker...Paper is "legacy media". Also doesn't support hyperlinks or searches. Also kills trees. If pdf is too technical for ya, not sure why you want a touchscreen mixer.
  4. All guitars Helix. I'd only had it for a couple of days when this was filmed. Took the audio home and re-tracked most of the guitars USB direct into Logic. We have other vids on our channel that I'd encourage you to watch and/or like as appropriate. The most recent batch is all Helix, and everything prior to that is HD500. In this band I've always gone direct to the board. You might see some DT50's on stage in the most recent video but they're window dressing.
  5. Back when I had a Vetta I think the Fletcher Munson curve killed a lot of my patches. Vetta was tough to tweak in a low volume, no band situation. Can't say how many times my patches sounded crappy once turned up and in a band setting. Been years since I sold my Vetta but I almost want to get a used one just to have fun with.
  6. Idea: Connect the acoustic directly to the speaker. Then make a POD patch that turns off the guitar input and switches the L2 to acoustic mode. Select patch and play acoustic. Again though: I don't believe that the L2's processing is being passed on to the board. I could be wrong about this, it might depend on which inputs you're using on the L2. But I always thought that as long as I was running direct to the board, I was fooling myself by using any of the L2's internal processing as the board was basically getting a PA/Reference signal regardless of what I had set on the L2. I was never totally in love with the POD HD through the L2's but it's a completely different story with Helix.
  7. I'm going to say basically the same thing. 1. Just use reference PA for everything and tweak A/R in the POD. First of all, I think what's being passed through the speaker to the PA is what you think it is! I'm pretty sure the signal going to the board is a reference PA signal regardless of what you have as speaker mode. My opinion is that the L2 speaker modes are only useful if you're using it as your FOH speaker or if using it as a floor wedge. 2. Run your acoustic through the POD's Aux input. keep the Aux turned off for patches that you don't need the acoustic and the main guitar input off for patches you don't need the electric on. 3. Just be certain that when you hit save, you know what the speaker mode on the L2 is.
  8. If you have a JTV69, I've found the mags are preferable to the models for everything except maybe pos 1 (bridge) and 2 (bridge&middle). The magnetics are way more dynamic and real for positions 3-5.
  9. I'm currently using Helix primarily through L2's and it's great. Typically as a stereo pair. 2 of them can get stupidly loud. One might do the trick, I don't know as I've never actually had to get one that loud. Also own L3's and K12's. Depending on your playing and the tone you want, the K12's may be better. Much louder and much better on the low end. L3's are also better on the low end than the L2's and way louder than you would ever ever need. For most vintage or classic rock stuff, L2's are great. If you really really need that chunk, you might want something else.
  10. 6 weeks, 3 gigs and and many hours in the studio and I haven't had a single freeze up.
  11. Lollipop? Now that's a pretty funny correction the software put on me. The original word was a 3 letter word for a small donkey. Vari-Donkey was what I meant to say.
  12. The only thing that's really killing me right now is a lack of phase shifters. You guys will laugh but I really was bonding with my HD's old Black Panel Pete and VariAC Plexi until the Helix came out. I realize that there's absolutely zero way that they will put old POD 2.0 models into their $1500 flagship but I wish there was a way to go get some of the legacy models for use in newer platforms. Still pining for Chemical X!
  13. BucF16

    Helix and Logic

    Still on Yosemite. Recorded via USB for a couple hours today. None of the issues you described. She worked flawlessly.
  14. I've been using an L2 and it sounds great. I really didn't like it with the POD but with Helix it suddenly is back in the mix.
  15. Longtime Vetta user here. I really don't think Vetta qualifies for your FRFR and Vetta could be picky about what pedals sounded good in front of the amp. My gut feel is there's better ways to make your POD sound good. However, if you can get a Vetta for cheap, wail away! it's a fun amp. 70 amp models! Plus the best edit software Line6 ever made. But you might quickly find that modelling has come a long way since the 90's.
  16. Any knob you move is WYSIWYG. I've never had this problem with my DT amps but the old Vetta's used to have an issue where the knobs would get just a little loose and then jiggle under loud volume or bumping the amp and you would get a sudden tone or volume change. Don't know if this could be it but maybe check if your knob is turning too easy or loose?
  17. I play in a band with 2 electric guitar players and in a different band where I'm the only guitar player. What works for one, does not work for the other! So really it depends on what you're competing against. If you need to solo over another rock guitar, you need way more help from volume and eq that if you're soloing over a piano or organ.
  18. Jeez fella's. I have a 700 and a JTV. It's no comparison, as a functioning instrument, the JTV crushed it in almost every category. The 700 was a nice instrument and I gigged with it for years. Loved the butterscotch color and the sleek no pickup look. Always got a lot of questions about it. BUT, it didn't sound as good. No alt tuning knob. The piezo's cut out on any kind of serious trem use, no idea why they even made this with a trem. And it had intonation issues, and until I got them finally fixed, my band called it the Vari-lollipop JTV is DEAD stable in tuning even after a pretty good dive bomb. Really not even close on tone. Plus the JTV's mag pickups sound great. JTV is a more pro and usable instrument. AND it cost much less than the 700 did new. Next subject!
  19. The DT Amp models are FULL models, not PRE models. Use Full models on your POD if you want to get the same tone that your DT amp generates without the POD. Search back a couple of pages, this subject has been covered numerous times in depth.
  20. Especially since all the guitars are going direct, you won't catch a lot of drums in your guitar channels. 4 vocal mics will sure pick up some drums though! The more I learn about recording drums, the more I think that less is more. Real drummers don't need to be mixed at the board, they mix on the kit!
  21. FWIW, line 6 has been building tube power amps for a LONG time before the DT series came along.
  22. For the L3m's: Speaker height relative to ear/head level of your listening audience is surprisingly important. I wouldn't want to use them horizontally unless you had a very good reason. Also, the speakers will reset to floor monitor mode at every power cycle or every cycle of your L6 link and you'll have to manually reset them. Are you planning on flying them from the ceiling? That might make some sense but again, I don't know how or if you could disable the auto-floor monitor function. For the L3s: They will work fine on their sides. For some rooms (especially with low ceilings) this can increase the amount of bass you're getting from them. A LOT of sound comes off the sides, and when placed sideways, you're bouncing a lot of sound off the ceiling. Generally for outdoor or very hi ceiling rooms I'll try them vertically first. Can't say how they'll do under your stage though. My gut feel is that the stage would have to be pretty high and the speaker right up front. I'd certainly consider putting it on it's side, dead center, but out in front of the stage. Sadly, this is frequently a very dangerous place to have your expensive speaker! Good luck!
  23. If you love it, don't ask too many questions.
  24. They aren't locked any more than you just need firmware 2.0, a midi I/O device and one of the free midi amp editors to actually edit them. It's actually pretty easy.
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