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  1. Digital Igloo is trying to gauge interest in Wireless VDI - respond on this thread:
  2. Digital Igloo is asking for feedback about this concept:
  3. This may be an obvious suggestion, but with my HD500 if I need to press two buttons at the same time to achieve a sound change... I put them next to each other and rotate my foot slightly so that I can press both buttons at the same time.
  4. Yes the fan comes on when there is a reasonable load (sound volume) and will wind down when there is low or no signal. It isn't the quietest fan in the world because the ventilation ports are small so the fan has to work hard to shift any air - I am guessing that this is to avoid compromising the sound with badly placed ports. In practice with both of my L2t the volume from the fan is well below the hum and buzz levels of most guitar amps and is really only noticeable in quiet environments where there is a surface to reflect the sound. So on stage or in rehearsal it just isn't an issue, but if I am using them as studio/hifi speakers in a quiet level then it is very noticeable and I often switch to open-back headphones.
  5. Rewolf48

    Path B GONE!

    See this thread about the routing... The important part is that Input 1 takes the top path only (A) and Input 2 takes the bottom path only (B ) unless something else gets in the way to change it. That something can be a mono effect but not stereo if you want the Input 1 to reach path B (Pan is Stereo). To get sound out of both sides either: Change Input 2 to be Guitar or Same or add a Mono Effect such as a noise gate. List of Effects Mono/Stereo properties:
  6. A lot of the sound is in the Amp and Effects. Does this video help?
  7. That is Workbench for the original Variax, you should be using "Workbench HD" with a JTV: As for the Chime - it depends on what you are looking for... much of Roger McGuinn's sound came from a lot of compression
  8. Good news - for me at least. I have had time this morning to test every physical input (XLR + 1/4 into every Combination and 1/4 into the Lines + Aux), logical input (SD Card + USB) and physical output (4 monitors + mains + headphones) on the M20d and everything is working as I would expect with identical gain levels across all the inputs and across all outputs. [yes including the monitor send for the bass player - maybe his cable was dodgy] So it looks as if a little contact cleaner and resetting the connections between the circuit boards has a good chance of curing these intermittent faults. :) I will obviously keep an eye on everything but at the moment I am somewhat happier than I was a few weeks ago when I thought I had a £1000 door stop.
  9. It the HD signal is going anywhere else - PA or to be recorded then you should use PA Mode. Electric Guitar (or any of the other modes) make changes to the sound that is not accessible from any electrical out (not on Mix Out), so the only way to record or reinforce what you are hearing is to mike up the L2t which is not easy because of the two speakers
  10. I have exactly the same problems especially with 1/4 Jack sockets going dead/noisy, and was driven by the headphones cutting out to doing something about it, so having had a bit of practice repairing my Korg N364 with dead backlight and keys and having had a less than satisfactory response from Line 6 Support I dared to open up the M20d.... It is quite tight in there and even getting the top off requires gently disconnecting multiple cables between the screen/buttons + sockets on the lid and the main processor on the base. To get access to the circuit board to do the grounding fix requires disconnecting every socket from the top and I decided that I would only try that if desperate, but I did notice that one of the cables that I had to remove to get in was not properly pushed into place, so I settled for squirting a little contact cleaner onto the connectors as I pushed them back in while closing up the unit again. When I switched it on the problem with the headphones had been resolved, but I haven't fully tested all of the inputs for level and the Bass player is still complaining that his Monitor cuts out. So you might try cleaning the connectors between the boards - I am going to have to spend time doing a proper test of mine if I can find the hours to do it.
  11. Never had any interference problems or noise while using Models and VDI. You might get some noise (typically hum) when using the magnetic pick-ups simply because they pick up electromagnetic noise, but the digital only route is silent except perhaps for a little hiss if you have a lot of gain in the simulated amp.
  12. Here are the links - personally I think the option to blend the model and piezo is the best as it gives you a range of options:
  13. A manual printed when shipped to retailer would be out of date to the current firmware before you even opened the box
  14. The HD500x Factory Setlist 6 found on firmware 2.6 is called "Variax" and contains patches that include Variax model and tuning changes - it is worth playing through a few
  15. What mode are you using the L2t in? If Electric Guitar mode then the L2t is simulating a 2 x 12 Open Back Guitar Cabinet and that processing is not available on any output so you have no choice but to mic up the L2t. This mode is intended to be used when the Cab is not being simulated by the modeller. If PA Reference Mode then the exact output can be taken from the Mix Out (All Inputs) socket on the L2t, but this should match what you have from the Firehawk already. Most people using modellers will use PA Reference Mode all the time and carefully program their patches so that they sound good at Gig Volume in the context of the Full Band when playing through the speaker. This will eliminate the Fletcher Munchen effect and problems of the Patch disappearing in the Band Mix. If you are using Electric Guitar Mode and Cabs on the Firehawk then the PA is not getting the second cab simulation - if you cannot get the sound you want by tweaking the patches in PA mode and have to use electric guitar mode you can try using EQ to simulate a guitar cab by cutting High frequencies down to between 8K and 5K and the low end up to 100Hz but it will not sound the same.
  16. I don't have a Helix yet, but I think I remember from a discussion somewhere that as with the HD500 you can tempo sync the delays and modulation to the internal Tap Tempo and that you can send in MIDI CC that logically press the Tap Tempo footswitch - sending this MIDI CC every 1/4 Note will keep the Helix/HD500 completely in sync with an external MIDI Sequencer.
  17. I guess that Royal Power Duo is something that the duo Royal Blood might use - they are only Bass and Drums with effects on the Bass making it sound like a guitar
  18. The problem was too expensive for customers that needed a simple interface and for many the number of inputs and monitor sends too low. That and the radical User Experience for those who do know what they are doing. There is a lot of competition these days such as the Behringer X18, X32 or QSC Touchmix 8 Line 6 don't often join in any conversations on this forum either Some advice from somebody who also bought a bargain used M20d and that is it is a gamble, so test it very thoroughly before accepting it, get the Original Receipt (Line 6 will not accept any claim for warranty or goodwill without this) and if you do go ahead make sure you have access to somebody that is competent with electronics should it not quite work as expected. The M20d can have intermittent faults with the sockets and I/O and they can appear to work perfectly and then might cut out and come back at random intervals. This is difficult to test for - a input or output that doesn't work at all is easy to spot, but one that works most of the time and then doesn't is not so easy to spot especially if you only give it a few seconds test. On a single input or monitor send it is a pain, on one of the Mains Outputs at a paid event it can cause significant damage to reputation for the performer/PA provider. When I got mine it all appeared to work fine, but over the last few weeks I have had problems with one side of the headphone socket, Monitor D and some of the Jack inputs all intermittently dropping out. This is a problem that has been seen by several users of older machines (search on this Forum for several threads about exactly this problem including user fixes), it is a design/manufacturing root cause (not user fault or wear and tear) and the support ticket response from Line 6 is that I should send it away for diagnosis and repair with their service centre for an unknown period at my cost. I am wary of the official Line 6 service centre in the UK after I bought an official B Stock Repaired L2t from a dealer: the speaker cut power the moment the Fan tried to start - something that even the most basic of tests should have spotted as it took me only 30 seconds from opening the box. The dealer resolution for that was to suggest that I would have to send it off to be repaired even though they had sold it to me that day as fully working - fortunately as a distance sale I was able to reject it. I decided in this case that with no warranty on the M20d to open it up myself and discovered 1) it had been opened before even though it was supposed to have been a "new replacement" for the former owner under warranty (perhaps already repaired by their Service Centre?) 2) it is really quite tight inside and getting to the IO boards is quite involved and 3) a loose connection (not pressed fully down) that when reset appears to perhaps have fixed the problem with the headphone socket. Monitor outputs and Jack inputs are still suspect after more extended testing at last nights rehearsal so it might need the full Ground Fault fix to be applied which is going to be interesting even for someone who knows which end of a soldering iron to hold. Good Luck
  19. Sounds like a telephone ringing to me - not directly obviously, but rather the interference from a telephone ringing.
  20. It can't be a JTV-69s from 2010... the S variant with 3 single coils wasn't introduced until late 2012 It would have to be a JTV-69 with the humbucker to be that age
  21. You can combine any types of pick-ups, and pot and cap variations to give all sorts of possibilities as well as simple volume increases. Have you tried stacking pick-ups? For example place a 89 Bridge in middle location directly on top of another 89 Bridge in the bridge location with a neutral body? Of course if the limitation is the maximum volume of the amplifier to the 1/4 jack or the way that it reacts with your amplifier then this won't help.
  22. Those that know can't say - employees can't discuss future plans before they are officially announced and beta testers have a non disclosure agreement to sign. I too would like some additional options to play with, but there hasn't been anything new software wise for years.
  23. Not hopefully ... definitely, absolutely, compulsory. The cable provided with the guitar is ok for workbench use as long as you are sitting down and being carefull but you really must be using an Ethercon cable (Ethernet with the XLR style protection on the jacks) for any live use even if you are not jumping around like Nils Lofgren. The RJ sockets are not strong enough and you will damage either the Guitar or the HD sockets if you pull the cable tight. It doesn't have to be Line 6 Branded VDI cable, anything that is Ethercon will do.
  24. ... especially when you have models of amps and guitars that you have never used in real life - there are tricks to making them work that you may not know. For example "an AC30 is a really clean amp" err no it isn't, but it can be set to be, in the same way that most of the metal amps can become quite good clean amps if you back the gain right off. And really don't be afraid to try amp and cab combinations that make no sense in the real world either. For Acoustic just use an EQ or two to tame the overpowing frequencies, Tube Comp/Studio Pre and a bit of verb. You can also use the Acoustic Amp if you have the Model Pack.
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