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  1. How is the power provided to the widi jack (or widi master) at the Variax? Do you need a power bank. Also, you keep saying PM me, but this forum does not allow PM's :)
  2. The opening harmony riff is over an F chord.... the song is actually in Am IIRC. Set the scale to C major Set the harmony to be a third below (eg: -3) Play the riff starting on the E note.... The starting E note is the 5th fret on the B string. E... d/e/d C G... E... d/e/d C... That will toss this underneath ... C... b/c/b A E... C... b/c/b A.... (HINT: If you set the harmony as a third up instead, play the lower riff starting on the C note and it puts the higher part on top) Here are the settings I used... there may be a better harmony block to use, I was just sketching it out to make sure it worked. You will see that voice 2 is turned right down, so it is not used.
  3. Brand new should = warranty. I wouldn't try anything beyond a factory reset.
  4. That's standard behavior as far as I know... If you really want to know, open a support ticket and ask the good people at Line 6 what their intent is/was.
  5. To each his own I guess... my experience was the complete opposite of the OP. Maybe it's I/O settings, maybe it's the method of monitoring, maybe it's just preference. Dynamic range was never an issue with each modeler, and they both have "hit & misses" in terms of amp models. I just know I get way better tones from my Helix than I ever did from my HD500.
  6. TS cable (standard guitar cable, not TRS) connected to the OUTPUT of that EXP is your best bet. If the sweep works but is in reverse, simply swap the polarity in the global settings. Keep in mind, not all EXP pedals work with Line 6. There are no shortages of threads about this topic.
  7. 10K Linear pots are fairly easy to come by. I believe larger values also works with Helix, but not the older Line 6 units. I think with the Helix the most important thing is the wiring, not so much the pot value. TS, wired to the specs. I have a Line 6 Exp pedal... and a Roland EP-5 that I modded to line 6 specs. I kept a 2nd EP 5 stock for most other devices I might use it with.
  8. TRS male on the HX Stomp side, 2 x TS Females on the EXP sides... ... unless the Expression pedals have inputs, then it would be TRS Male to 2 x TS Males I suspect this is the bigger problem. Not all expression pedals are wired the same, and even though it works on a Fractal, that doesn't mean it will work on a line 6. EG: Mission makes a LINE 6 specific expression pedal, it's the EP-1-L6H, not the EP-1-KP. Here is the wiring for a Line 6 expression pedal.... you can rewire yours to work (it's often quite easy) or you can buy compatible EXP pedals.
  9. Your image holds the answer.... the ability is there (Pan) but you overlooked it. Remove the Send Block, then in the mixer/merge... A Pan Hard Left B Pan Hard Right Place B volume back to normal Voila! Left out to the Amp.... Right out to the PA. NOTE: I don't have my Stomp with me at the moment, but I think you could also delete the mixer/merge block... the B line will go straight to an output, then you can choose each output individually.
  10. You will not be able to balance them individually... I'd suggest using the channel volume or output block volume to balance presets. Do not change the drive, as that will change your tone. Do not adjust the "master" (within the amp), that too will change your tone. Find a decent backing track.... when you create your tones, play along with the backing track and get them to sit in with the part. Repeat that for each tone you have. In the end you will get your sound sitting in a mix the way YOU want it to and it they will be more consistent. NOTE: This process works best when you can do this close to a practice/gig volume.
  11. Although I normally use full modeling and direct to FOH/Monitors, I have copies of my presets that do not include any amp or cab modeling... for those times I do need to plug into an amp. It works great! Just because the Helix has amp models, you are not forced to use them - and it's still a bargain for everything else it includes.
  12. In reading that blog post, the blogger gave up on that RMC part and just ended up fitting a variation of a GK3 on the guitar. The blogger said the RMC degraded the model tone of the JTV too much to continue. That jives with @psarkissiancomment above about the versions.
  13. Many players use the BOSE l1 systems... I can't see the JBL PRX being that much different when compared to similar level/quality Bose system. I've played through a Bose in some small gigs.... the Helix has always sounded fine through those - but I have never used one as my personal monitor.
  14. Cory Churko is Shania's musical director / Lead guitar player.... he's also a Line 6 Helix user. He is very approachable if you reach out via facebook messenger with a question. He does use a Kemper for his amp profiles, the Helix is his effects and controller - however I'm 99.9% certain he knows how to dial it in solely on a Helix as well. Cory wasn't the player on that album... that would have been a combo of a dozen session men, and Mutt Lang himself - but Cory is meticulous at matching tones. He's also toured with Shania since her initial tours in the 90's... he knows those sounds inside out. Edit to add: Check out You Tube for his live cam footage of that song from Vegas and his incredible mind spinning solo that starts around 5:20...
  15. An important update for some MAC users to fix the problem of HX Edit not recognizing new updates... but there are also a handful of bug fixes for both MAC and Windows users. Bug Fixes in 3.61 EXP Bypass Toe Down Behavior parameter was reset to Heel Down when copy/pasting a preset, exporting/importing a preset, or restoring from a backup. Bass cabinets incorrectly displayed guitar microphone graphics. Other minor fixes and improvements.
  16. I was weened on Hiwatts & Marshalls in the late 70's & early 80's... I know what the feel of "amp in the room" is. I don't see anyone calling "amp in the room" nonsense. I don't dis anyone that likes that feel/sound on a stage, I just "prefer" to hear my guitar as the audience hears it. I like that final, polished tone. Some of us made that transition at some points in our career, but that doesn't mean we don't have any experience as you are suggesting. It was just a choice we made.
  17. That is my guitar playing life in a nutshell and as a "part time" sound tech/engineer I can easily relate to what you are saying. I learned from some masters back in the early 80's how to "turn down my amp" and start listening to my guitar how the audience hears it. Before the days of modeling I've always kept my amp quiet and monitored through my monitor wedge and side fills. I began dabbling with amp sims and modeling since the original sans amp in the 90's then the 100% move came with the Helix, and I've never skipped a beat in the transition. I find it interesting... The modelling forms are often full of users searching for the "amp in the room". Solution: Dumb down the modeler and play through a speaker of choice in a pine box. Or buy an amp! The tube amp forms are often full of users searching for their "favorite recorded tones". Solution: Add Mic(s), Position(s), pre-amps, compression, and varying degrees of post effects! Or buy a modeler!
  18. If you have the ability to uncover the nuance of tones with Hendrix and Satch, why ask us? I'm aware of his credentials, and I know I've heard him far more than I realize.... but a quick listen to some samples doesn't sound like anything overly unique to me. Just like Satch... there is no "single tone" to decipher... but also just like Satch... the magic is in the playing, not the gear! Players like that create something unique out of a bag of potatoes.
  19. I suspect you are looking at HX Edit saying .... "hey look, my Helix has the Grammatiko". Close HX Edit and go look at your Helix screen.... that's what your Helix has. HX Edit and your Helix are not equal until both are on the same version.
  20. Assuming you are loading the same preset into each machine... here are some culprits to check that could differ from machine to machine. Make sure your interface is set to a MINIMUM of 16bit /44.1K. Make sure the DAW/Host is not manipulating the track in any way. For a proper comparison there shouldn't be any added sends or insert effects on either DAW - including bus or master effects. Double/Triple check the input level at Helix Native. Don't just rely on a hard number (eg: -18) as a value... check those meters in case the DAW is manipulating gain differently. Make sure there isn't a different IR loaded in the IR slot being used. (providing you are using an IR) Are you using the same version of Native?
  21. yeah, sorry I misread your initial post. Guitar > Traditional Guitar Effects > Amp Input > Amp FX Send > Stomp Input > Stomp Output > Amp FX Return
  22. 4CM is the only way.... Place a LOOP block between the drives and modulations on the Stomp and make sure you engage it. Guitar > Stomp input > Stomp Loop Send > Amp Input > Amp Loop Send > Stomp Loop Return (read "complicated" note below) > Stomp Output > Amp Loop Return Global Settings on Stomp The Stomp Loop should be set to "Instrument Level" because that is what the amp input is. Find out if your amp loop is Line or Instrument level, and set the output of the stomp to that. (often it's line level, but you need to confirm that yourself) COMPLICATED: The return of your Stomp Loop Return needs to be volume matched to your Amps Loop type. If it's instrument level you are already set, if it's line level, you need to lower the volume return by 8 - 12db to accommodate. This is all assuming you followed my other suggestions from bullet point #1.
  23. You are correct... if using a VDI cable connected to a VDI device it will power the Variax... there is also an XPS box that you can use to power the guitar using a TRS cable. However, there are many reasons you would want a battery or two on hand. Some people don't have a VDI device. If you connect to workbench through a VDI Interface, you'll need a battery in the guitar. Outside of the US, Line 6 parts (eg: a VDI cable) are not easy to find... just like batteries. FWIW... I own all the gear, but I simply like to go wireless on stage. Sure I lose some benefits when I don't connect via VDI, but that's my choice. And the most important reason I can think of... The Variax was designed as a guitar... it simply should be able to work on it's own without needing added gear or special cables.
  24. I'm pretty sure it's not a one time assignment and it needs to be assigned in each snapshot. (someone, please correct me if I am wrong) When you press one of the buttons you are changing snapshots.... you have not yet assigned those buttons, in that new snapshot. Also, make sure you save before changing the snapshot or you could lose those settings in a heartbeat depending on your snapshot choice in global settings (recall vs discard). Best practice is to always save before changing snapshots while editing.
  25. I have seen statements like yours a lot of the forums, yet my HX Stomp never exceeds "warm", even after a 4 hour gig (sunlight excluded). I wonder how/why there would be such a discrepancy? My blocks are filled, but maybe I'm not running blocks that demand a ton of DSP. Those black cases don't do the units any favors. It's something I never think about until I have to do a gig in the sun. My LT bakes in the sunlight... I do everything I can to prevent a direct hit.
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