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  1. The HD does the conversion for you so you dont need a usb converter. Go to Line 6 website and download installer and get drivers to run the usb as audio plus EDIT for on computer editing.
  2. I agree with the advices here already. An isolation transformer is good if there is dirty on your power like Air Cons; Fridges; fluro lights but also check for cooking fuses(fuses that arent making good contact due to poor contact and arcing.)
  3. To me the gain needs to be about 40%. It just feels undefined and unpleasant above 50% or so. Will try it with a screamer
  4. Thanks for the link man I checked Tony's youtube but not well enough as I recall he pulled the HD500 apart. I havent seen his Helix review yet but he is a straight shooter while tying to be funny. LOL EDIT: Down at the Video he validates Line 6 for the Helix .
  5. Hi guys , how easy would it be to remove a few screws; duct tape over Phillips head bit on a variable clutch screw gun? And take a few quality pics of what is inside. Set up a not connected to you you tube account. :D :P Warranty might be void if your careless. But if you decide to take a peep, please share for the nerds amongst us
  6. I agree and your last paragraph gave me an idea. A pedalboard like that could load an Amp sim of your choice, IRs and perhaps VSTs and VSTIs. If it would cost like a computer setup as a VST loader, studio quality FX and even a combo of Amp sims. One could argue this already exists as a laptop with Ableton Live or even standalone Amp sim and a midi controller. A super isolated road case for the laptop or a dedicated shell with the ins and outs for live use. It has your multitrack and Mastering software as well for Studio! Helix and the KPA come close. Looks like your onto s'thing dunncan. Those are new to me!
  7. It sounds like an error but before you go to extremes best check this one little easily overlooked culprit. Just make sure when you are on stage going here and going there and back to the HD that your guitar cable isn't lying across the amp controls. What easily happens is a cable gets in between the knobs and moves your volume or other. It is a real mystery unless you actually see it do it , then you know! I hope for your sake this is it!
  8. No diff between the models except for the replacement CPU chip gave 20% extra DSP capacity and the footswitches. Known as a replacement model. The looper remained the same.
  9. Seems to be much the same. When you turn fader in DAW it doesnt effect 11R Helix or other either. So I dont fully u'stand the prob. Sounds like it might be the amp volume itself or mixer if Helix has a mixer
  10. What he is talking about is; different power outlets especially on a separate powerline equals a differential between the two earths and thus hum. Good grounding is important but even with good ground garbage easily gets on it. Light dimmers,fluro, fridges,aircon etc dirty it up. It is not uncommon for even good power to have a 50hz or 60hz hum depending where you are in the world. Another prob is guitar pickups and high gain.If you can move the guitar around and noise changes it is the pickups picking up electrical noise from the Helix (computer) or other electromagnetic device like Amp, TV, or fluro light or dimmer switch etc. Get the guitar cavities and under scratch plate shielded. If you touch the strings and noise subsides check for grounding of the guitar or improve it with/while shielding. Meantime placement of Amp 90 degrees away from the Helix and guitar. Placement can help.
  11. If you choose the relative minor and pitch that you might be able to do it that way
  12. I am experimenting with buffering the HD input for bass. I have usually left the impedance on auto. Maybe all that is needed is a good Bass compressor pedal before the HD guitar in.
  13. bjnette

    Helix vs AX-8

    take a pic and post it for us of your box of unused or box of never used or box of when I couldnt tell the diference box or what I really only have is a POD 2.0 box. And I'll tell you about my amazing intuition bag I pull out from time to time. The one where I could only ever be bothered tweaking one of those 225 amp models once and I am still using it. Dont need to even look at the unit. LOL LOL
  14. Yeah I think we should of got those extra Helix only Bass Amps by now. Should ask Dunncan what they are like!
  15. Use the series only. In such a rush just get one of your old patches sounding good with this amp. Any changes to any rig take time to adjust.
  16. Make sure the HD tuner is set to 440 and recheck your outboard tuner setting as the actual frequency can be altered up and down on the tuner. Beg pardon you understand this. Unless the tuner is absolutely a proper strobe tuner accuracy is effected. So I guess will depend on the brand of tuner you have. Check it against other tuners say in a music shop to rule out any differential.
  17. You certainly got an exquisite style dunncan. I really like the simplicity of the chord intervals and the parts combined make it sound elaborate. Then you let loose with an impressive solo. I like your stuff, musically educational! with a classical vibe Really Well Done!
  18. It seems we can all agree; we all hope the HX will knock our socks of sound wise
  19. Just move the looper to the post positiion. Check your global looper mode too
  20. There is immediately more detail, more 3 D like a tone in a room sound with the Helix which had me wondering if the video was mic'd. The HD500 sounds harsh and 2 dimensional it is also louder might be clipping somewhere. Good onya for trying my son said the first sounds smooother, he's a non player.
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