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    Best wireless relay for Helix?

    I had Line 6 G10 . Worked great with the singel coils of a Strat, but I faced black outs when using the wire less mouse for my note book to controll the Mixer Software. (Behringer XR18)
  2. schuha_at

    Snapshots= instant ???

    Great, great, great. Thanks for this expansion of my knowledge. I've come pretty close to my needs with the pure on/off. So it gets even better. -:) Who reads manuals thoroughly has it probably easier in the life. ;-)
  3. schuha_at

    Helix editor on iPad!???

    I would also appreciate an editor on the iPad. Now I can call the presets and some CC events with my iPad setlist program. (Songbook+ via Yamaha Blutooth-MIDI) A function that saves me a lot of step dance. ;-)
  4. schuha_at

    Snapshots= instant ???

    Thank you for the friendly interpretation of my cryptic translator. :-) Actually I haven't managed to create several snapshots with different drive settings of an amp with HX-Edit for my Helix LT. This has strengthened the impression in me that you can only activate or deactivate blocks and cannot change any parameters. I envy those who succeed and wish me the same ability! It seems for me now that LT do not follows the big brother in all ways.
  5. schuha_at

    Snapshots= instant ???

    No its not to adjust parameters. You can activate or deactivate designed blocks.
  6. schuha_at

    Advice on live setup with Helix LT.

    This! I agree that a small mixer with vocal effects is a very good and inexpensive solution. Above all, it is versatile and quickly adaptable to different situations. At least a monitor mix should be possible to connect an active monitor box on larger stages. Thus the individual systems are independent and it doesn't matter if Helix, Headrush or other is used. You can concentrate on the requirements of the guitar. Helix has a rich interface for integration into a complete system.
  7. schuha_at

    Master Volume Pedal

    I obligatorily use a volume pedal at the end of the signal chain for all presets. General setting is not a suitable solution for me, because it depends on the type of preset which settings I need. I use the output block configured for Level and set a Min and Max value. (To mute the guitar I use the guitar poti.) This concept allows me to normalize my sound volumes on the one hand and to adjust the volume change by stroke on the other hand. Rhythm presets require different volumes than solo presets. Clean presets need to be treated more carefully with regard to volume changes than presets with distortions. If there is a compressor in the signal path, this can also be taken into account. No space is wasted in the signal chain.
  8. schuha_at

    Adding a block at the front of signal path

    That's my way too. I use also the output block for my volume pedal , which for me is a standard in all Rigs. (No change of sound exept Fletcher Munson Effect))
  9. Reduce treble with tone control on your guitar. Harmonics on 12th fret is also a good advice,. if your octave setting is OK :-) I also consider this effect on my Helix LT - special with new strings or with an acoustic guitar.
  10. schuha_at

    Footswitch assignments lost

    Yep, wait with deleting. Just an idea. Set touch select to off in the general setting of footswitches. I do not want to claim that this is the primary cause of the error. I faced also some strange effect with some settings of the foot switch. I suspect rather (with me) that they were unwanted operations while I tweaked around a lot. I work also with the MD-BT01 and I am happy with it. ! If you have multiple MIDI devices in your setup, plug them out except your HX stomp. Some devices and sometimes midi files send midi commands that are not understood by many other devices. If you really have a bug with your HX stomp, you should contact the support.
  11. schuha_at

    Not Helix... but still nice to see

    One of the best guitarists, who in the last few years has been very much involved with traditional blues and who actually paints every note with his excellent playing technique, now uses a modeller on stage. It won't be due to the lack of experience of his sound engineering crew. Pragmatists will easily understand this step. Purists might think about this.
  12. schuha_at

    L2t/l2m for home use?

    Me too, but mine wants escape from the room when I start to play :-)
  13. schuha_at


    I have deactivated Touch select. I had some peculiar changes in my setup (e.g. the assignment of the buttons Preset/Snapshot), which I attribute to this function. This assignment has not changed since I deactivated it. Thank God it was a rehearsal when it happened to me and not a GIG. If one is not yet so familiar with the helix, one would probably sweat.
  14. schuha_at

    Going direct to foh and to amp?

    I use a FRFR monitor connected to the FOH. On the one hand I want to hear the guitar sound as it is sent to the audience, on the other hand my vocals are also on it. ( otherwise hitting the notes could becomes relatively difficult.:-) ) I don't want an extra monitor box for vocals. The other band members do the same. (The mixer allows 6 monitor mixes)
  15. schuha_at

    L2t/l2m for home use?

    I use studio monitors for home use. Large stage monitor or FOH boxes should be reserved for the big stage. At home you are better served with nearfield monitors. Than even neighbors can become good friends. ;-) Just my 50 cents.
  16. schuha_at

    Main Guitar

    I had a Variax JTV 69 . With the normal PU's it was a nice guitar - good enough for all of my GIGs. I used it with the Line 6 XT3 live and this was very was very comfortable. The sound of the models never really convinced me, but in the band mix it sounded quite good and saved me from wearing an acoustic guitar. Then I switched to Kemper and I really noticed the difference in sound quality, although the ease of use with the XT-Live was no longer there. It's like it is, a good modeler only deliver a good sound with a good guitar (I do not mean an expensive guitar), so I want to try the guitar profiler first before I decide to buy it.
  17. schuha_at

    Main Guitar

    Some money (about 700-800 bucks) could also be invested in this Guitar Profiler. Then you have all Guitars and many money is left for some other gear ;-) I know it only from corresponding Vids, but have heard fron some professionals, that it should be very good. I'm waiting for a vendor who offer a money back guarantie to try.
  18. schuha_at

    Helix Native Problem

    With Helix Native, which worked for 2 weeks on my home desktop, I suddenly had an error message: Failed to connect to DSP engine. Device has not been initialized propely. (see below) So far from support I received 3 times the suggestion to uninstall and reinstall Helix native. I have already done this 5 times and get the same message again and again. This time I received the following 4th answer: "Hi. I assume your network card is not disabled? " with the following link This, by the way, obviously suggests the opposite, isn't it.?? Furthermore, I am able to confirm the additional question that it works on another computer. Is there anyone here who know about this error code and know what to do? So far the support could not contribute to the solution of the problem at the moment.
  19. schuha_at

    Helix Native Problem

    The candidate has 100 points! This advice helped, at least now once. My head bows respectfully in front of the Guru. :-) Thanks! BTW: It was necessary also to deauthorize/reauthorize my computer with the Line6 licence manager
  20. schuha_at

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Me too ;-) I mentioned to demand with great impatience will not spend a good mood !
  21. schuha_at

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Same old story I know from my Kemper days. :-) Announced updates are often demanded with great impatience. I don't think that makes much sense. It neither accelerates the release date nor does it spread a good mood. A company would be ill-advised to expose itself to any pressure from users to adapt the planned development and testing procedure accordingly. I have bought the device as it is now and I am satisfied with it. That it will be further developed was a purchase argument for me but not a condition. There are many reasons where even planned release dates can be delayed. I am looking forward to the new features but can wait ;-)
  22. schuha_at

    Helix Native Problem

    For recording I don't need the XR16 yet. So no problem to pull the WLAN plug. I do not need multi track recording a thomeat the moment, as I do sometime with another Behringer XR18 and my note book in the rehearsal room I have hardly any performance problems with the I5 - Quad Processor and 8 GB RAM. My control panel does not offer as many options as on your picture. I guess because it was an update from Win 7 or its not a moble device . The GUI is different. At the i3 Win 10 (4GB) Notebook (Suface 3) it works good enough with the same norton security pack as on my desktop. It's a great pity your efforts can't help me. But thanks anyway! I will probably have to say something more impressive words to the support. :-) @Kilrahi: I stopped also fire wall and norton security while installing to test if this could be the reason.
  23. schuha_at

    Helix Native Problem

    I am still unhappy ! Thank God I don't have to pay you a line fee. ;-) I couldn't find the option "Shutdown Settings" with deactivation of "Save Changes" on my PC. Even if I look at the Windows help and compare it with my screen, I see differences. Maybe because it was an update from WIN7 Pro or because it is German. Anyway, I found a batch file that forces Win10 to shut down completely. A restart now doesn't open the programs that were running at shutdown. I have removed the WLAN stick that I otherwise need to operate my digital mixer (Behringer XR16). Furthermore I changed the Power Settings to "highest Performance". At autostart I deactivated all additional services. Now in a hopeful mood I uninstalled Helix-Native again, deleted all additional data in the user area (program data etc), started the complete shutdown batch file and reinstalled Native. I have become a bit smarter as far as Windows is concerned, but Native called via Reaper still reports the same error. :-( Other AMP simulation VST's work fine with Reaper, so I can leave the Helix LT in the rehearsal room to practice at home. The notebook (on which Native works) is for my old eyes only short time to endure. That was not the purpose of the investment. Obviously I have to wait further until the support is able to send a helpful instruction.
  24. schuha_at

    Helix Native Problem

    Well, Line 6 isn't a small shop - if it really is a problem in principle, I hope for a speedy recovery.
  25. schuha_at

    Helix Native Problem

    I canceled everything that has a connection to the Helix native after uninstalling it. This also means the files in Progaramm data (User area) and the found directories. I have cleaned the registry. I confess that I did not find the possibility to deactivate a quick start. (A term I don't know) Norton doesn't complain about anything when it's called. The installer was also clean for Norton. I use Norton for all 5 computers of my family and don't want to change because of Line6. Very rarely I had to check with Norton to see if a complaint was really justified. They usually react quickly. I use Reaper (last version) as host and Norton on my notebook as well. It works fine. One of the first instructions of the support was also to uninstall and reinstall Reaper. I'm surprised the support doesn't respond to the error code information. They simply repeat the instructions to uninstall and reinstall, and finally they gave me a link, incomprehensible to me in this context, which says that it is not necessary to have an internet connection after first registration. The next sentence then is said - quote > "Hello, I assume your network card is not disabled? < unquoted.... which confuses me! I still have the internet connection turned on and off a few times. Before and after the installation with restart or not the PC. In no case I was asked for a new registration but only received the quoted error message. I would expect a question about the registration after deinstallation but after the error message no further action is possible except closing of the window. The DAW is not disturbed. BTW: Thank you for your efforts.