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  1. In general, I don't use factory settings, regardless of the hardware. I save them with devicename and version information and only use tweaked derivatives if at all. For me factory presets are mostly just suggestions and often overloaded.
  2. I recently played a GIG in an acoustic oriented trio with a Helix LT. (A-Guit, A-Guit or E-Bass, Cajon) 1st signal path: Acoustic guitar ->Input Return 1 Output -> XLR -> FOH 2nd signal path: A-Guit or Bass ->Input Return2 Output -> 1/4" -> FOH A small 6x mixer with onboard reverb (3 vocal micros, 1 Cajon micro + 2 instrument inputs) and 2 active FRFR Boxes was the whole setup. The sound was good enough with only one signal path for max 8 blocks for each instrument. With the Helix you could add an additional vocal mic and use more effects. Probably too overloaded for acoustic oriented music ;-)
  3. I think that in times like these there is always a certain risk of depending on the latest version. This has nothing to do with Line 6, it concerns the whole technology. I don't think professionals would change their equipment in the middle of a tour without need. I changed the version without any problems and played a GIG, but I was aware of the risk, which I ignored according to the motto "no risk - no fun". An emergency backup for a worst case is always with me. It was important to read the description carefully and to follow the given procedure. As a non native speaker even I have managed to do this to some extent. I feel sorry for everyone who had stress with the update, but I think that a certain risk awareness for the situation and personal responsibility should not be missing.
  4. I was not surprised after the update that the rebuild of the presets lasted unusually long for me. Somewhat worried I was when the next day all the presets were rebuilded again after the device was turned on. But in the evening (I had a GIG) Helix LT started without rebuild. Since then Helix LT starts as usual.
  5. I have saved the Helix-LT Factory presets on my dropbox!
  6. I can confirm the impression for myself that the general volume is somewhat lower. I was brave enough after the update to play a GIG the next evening with the new version. No risk no fun.:-) It wasn't a big deal at the sound check to increase the input gain on the mixer to have the usual volume.
  7. Quote> Comments are disabled for this video. <unquote (readable at Tube Version) ;-)
  8. Now one step has been taken. For the solution you should hire a specialist. It should at least be ensured that personal protection is guaranteed with your installation. One consolation could be that you probably don't have these problems with a GIG.
  9. Hard to diagnose remotely. From the stomach I suspect rather problems with the grounding or installation of the house or interferences of devices like fluorescent lamps, TV monitors etc.. Try another active box. Bypass the Power Conditioner. Try setting up your equipment at another place in your house. If you have a good friend, ask him if you can try your equipment in his apartment. Maybe you can at least narrow down whether it's your equipment or your environmental conditions. Good luck!
  10. I think the most important thing is the sound the audience hears. IMHO a good modeler with a suitable IR is unbeatable. The whole gimmick with microphone position and mcrophone distance matching to the performance location is omitted and you always have an authentic sound. However, I can understand that the stage sound now feels a bit different. I consistently took the step to a small FRFR monitor speaker and got used to the other feeling. The sound for the audience is delivered entirely via the PA and is now determinable. You can't always get what you want - so escape back to the origin or make friends with the new situation and explore the possibilities.
  11. So do I with "Songbook+" . Is very comfortable and I don't miss the tap dance between the songs :-)
  12. I don't want a faith war. :-) Belive is a personal reality and does not need to be criticized. Basically, I don't want to stand in the way of every's happiness, although sometimes investments could be considered pointless after the fact, as I have often experienced by myself. :-) Owner's happiness is a short pleasure, sustainable is the happiness to be able to make music by yourself.
  13. No I do not! I think Joe Bonamassa sounds good with any amp. We can speculate about the reasons why he has more than one, but he will have a good reason on his level. My somewhat ironic bonmont refers to the thread and not to Mr. Bonamassa. I play for 50 years now , but the quality of the music and musicians I've experienced had little to do with the equipment they used. I consider the thesis that a "better" equiment promotes inspiration or can even be its basis as a manipulative marketing argument. From a certain price/quality class there is hardly any bad equipment but different approaches to reach the goal. To become a better musician it is certainly better to practice more than always strive for the better equipment. To get to the point : Equipment has to serve its purpose and should be practical but does not make the music. Some improvements of the announced version 2.80 promise easier handling and even more variety. I am looking forward to it.
  14. Could it also be because he gets paid for it and doesn't have to carry it himself? :-) I think that his way of his playing is the more important part of his sound. The differences of the amps seem rather marginal to me in this context.
  15. I had Line 6 G10 . Worked great with the singel coils of a Strat, but I faced black outs when using the wire less mouse for my note book to controll the Mixer Software. (Behringer XR18)
  16. Great, great, great. Thanks for this expansion of my knowledge. I've come pretty close to my needs with the pure on/off. So it gets even better. -:) Who reads manuals thoroughly has it probably easier in the life. ;-)
  17. I would also appreciate an editor on the iPad. Now I can call the presets and some CC events with my iPad setlist program. (Songbook+ via Yamaha Blutooth-MIDI) A function that saves me a lot of tap dance. ;-)
  18. Thank you for the friendly interpretation of my cryptic translator. :-) Actually I haven't managed to create several snapshots with different drive settings of an amp with HX-Edit for my Helix LT. This has strengthened the impression in me that you can only activate or deactivate blocks and cannot change any parameters. I envy those who succeed and wish me the same ability! It seems for me now that LT do not follows the big brother in all ways.
  19. No its not to adjust parameters. You can activate or deactivate designed blocks.
  20. This! I agree that a small mixer with vocal effects is a very good and inexpensive solution. Above all, it is versatile and quickly adaptable to different situations. At least a monitor mix should be possible to connect an active monitor box on larger stages. Thus the individual systems are independent and it doesn't matter if Helix, Headrush or other is used. You can concentrate on the requirements of the guitar. Helix has a rich interface for integration into a complete system.
  21. I obligatorily use a volume pedal at the end of the signal chain for all presets. General setting is not a suitable solution for me, because it depends on the type of preset which settings I need. I use the output block configured for Level and set a Min and Max value. (To mute the guitar I use the guitar poti.) This concept allows me to normalize my sound volumes on the one hand and to adjust the volume change by stroke on the other hand. Rhythm presets require different volumes than solo presets. Clean presets need to be treated more carefully with regard to volume changes than presets with distortions. If there is a compressor in the signal path, this can also be taken into account. No space is wasted in the signal chain.
  22. That's my way too. I use also the output block for my volume pedal , which for me is a standard in all Rigs. (No change of sound exept Fletcher Munson Effect))
  23. Reduce treble with tone control on your guitar. Harmonics on 12th fret is also a good advice,. if your octave setting is OK :-) I also consider this effect on my Helix LT - special with new strings or with an acoustic guitar.
  24. Yep, wait with deleting. Just an idea. Set touch select to off in the general setting of footswitches. I do not want to claim that this is the primary cause of the error. I faced also some strange effect with some settings of the foot switch. I suspect rather (with me) that they were unwanted operations while I tweaked around a lot. I work also with the MD-BT01 and I am happy with it. ! If you have multiple MIDI devices in your setup, plug them out except your HX stomp. Some devices and sometimes midi files send midi commands that are not understood by many other devices. If you really have a bug with your HX stomp, you should contact the support.
  25. One of the best guitarists, who in the last few years has been very much involved with traditional blues and who actually paints every note with his excellent playing technique, now uses a modeller on stage. It won't be due to the lack of experience of his sound engineering crew. Pragmatists will easily understand this step. Purists might think about this.
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