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  1. Hey Jeremiah Edward-- You should check out Two Notes Engineering... They have incredible stuff, and I think their "LeClean" preamp pedal is right on the money for what you're looking for: https://www.two-notes.com/en/le-clean -- K. J. (aka "Kage") --
  2. This is one of the most badass descriptions of a rig I've ever read haha... Is there any way you could take a picture of the rig and post it? That, or message me privately (if you didn't want it in a public forum, for whatever reason)? I have a Helix Floor unit, which I run with a Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 in 4CM, and have been looking to throw my Novation MINInova into the mix, so I'd love to pick your brain a little to hear some sage advice. (Or even ONE idea would be cool/helpful lol)
  3. (Sorry about the previous BLANK reply, I didn't mean to send it before writing in the text!) Dude–I was only going to watch about 30 seconds of it, then tell you that "you're the worst!" LoL (in a friendly way).... But then, I became a deer in headlights, and stared into the abyss with a hypnotic, evil, "Pennywise leer". After I finished the entire clip, it felt like I was in a K-hole for two days straight. Scarred (and scared) for life, Kenny p.s. I was also waiting for "Great job!" to show up at the very end, over an image of Tim and Eric haha
  4. LordByron, A few you listed are already in the Helix, so maybe you haven't updated yet. What's your Firmware at right now? Silvertone 1484 = Amp > Mail Order Twin BOSS SD-1 = Distortion > Stupor OD 2290 Digital Delay = Delay > Ducked Delay Fixed/Cocked Wah = Wah > (any one), then set the Q controller as one of the EXP options, and (when it's engaged) move to the heel position of the EXP pedal, and then leave it cocked... once you do all of that, you'll have a cocked wah **and while it's not a pure MXR Distortion+, there is a KWB (Distortion), which is based off of a Ben Adrian-modded MXR Distortion+, which I liked very much... try that one out, it is: Distortion > KWB
  5. Yeah I don't know if I agree with the people saying that you can get the same lo-if delay sounds in the Helix right now... I am by NO means ragging on the Helix's delay choices, as I actually LOVE the span of awesome echo's, and reverberated delights... that being said, I do really really love the sound of the Caroline pedal, and understand what he's looking for when posting this. Is there a way to affect ONLY the sound of the repeated tone to hear it distort into that 8-bit, crunchy, warm, gooey sound in the delay pedal video? (If one of the aforementioned responses already accomplishes this, I apologize, I haven't tried all of the suggestions out yet) Happy Snowstorm everyone on the Northeastern side of the US right now! â„ï¸
  6. Hey man! I'm sorry I'm just seeing this now! So you have the rack, control, and want to trade for the floor unit , correct? Sorry for catching this just now! I'd love to discuss with you if you want? I'll text you tomorrow
  7. Hey, I know you guys are talking about workarounds for pattern term/slicer stuff, but I wanted to throw this into the mix because it's definitely still on my wishlist, Helix or the pedal itself. ELECTRO-HARMONIX -- Super Pulsar: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=30D8_X9folQ&ebc=ANyPxKp6WfrOu4clJFPLwHQA1BLY8YyCjPKOi9cPzIUNDtFdaZDNMAbejmRYmX2141AJ_jCpr5LWSrKDvMSJ01lcJIK5f2iAxg
  8. Hey guys, I apologize if the following question has been answered already: With the bass effects/amps, are there some/any that can used for guitar as well? (Such as the B7K, and the Battering Ram)
  9. Yeah very cool man, will try out! (And what's this about a Helix User Guide pdf?)
  10. Peter, Why did you name the track "The First Day"? I really love what happens when you engage the POG2... just awesome, simply put. In fact, I really enjoyed all of the ambient stuff in those videos! It's really cool seeing the Helix being explored in the way you do it. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling a connection to the way you project your experimentation. The way you show all the layers within a song, and express them with the different sounds you're using, is just marvelous. Well done, Peter.. seriously, it's actually really helpful watching your videos. —Kenny— p.s. You are definitely NOT the only one who rocks back and forth like that... in fact, I do that ON STAGE when I'm really "lost" in a song. It's something I didn't even really notice I did, until a few years ago, when a fellow ex-bandmate's pointed it out in a fan video from a show we had played (on his FB page). I didn't believe it until he pointed it out; and sure enough, there I was rocking back and forth... and in front of 1500 people no less LoL!
  11. Yeah I totally agree about the Helix backpack... It's cool that they sold more Helix's and all, and I'm sure those people are really happy with them, but I feel a little bit screwed that just because I bought mine a year ago, and not around Xmas time, I don't get the free backpack... Which I would very much appreciate with my Helix floor unit, rather than paying $150 (plus tax) for it
  12. Hey I know this is isn't exactly what you're looking for, but....when I practice at home, I run the HELIX (Floor) 1/4" L (Mono) Out into the FX Loop Return of my Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 (which uses the power amp, and bypasses the preamp), then run the Speaker Out to an Orange PPC112 (1x12" Celestion Vintage 30). .........when I perform live, I usually run the stereo XLR Outs on the HELIX for FOH, and use the GM 36/V30 as a pretty badass monitor for myself ;-).
  13. I've been running my Helix through the power amp of my HK GrandMeister 36, then into an Orange PPC112 cab, (V30) and/or an 8x6" cab (built by a genius guitar tech friend of mine), and it sounds phenomenal
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