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  1. What would happen in real life? If you wanted to cross-fade between amps, you'd have to hook up a pedal to do that. A footswitch wouldn't, it'd just switch instantly when you said to.
  2. After going to the desktop site and back on my phone, I'm in. It appears I can post replies, but not quote a previous post, weird. In that light, agree, entropy will get you every time. Also, beware of making improvements, that will too ;)
  3. Snapshots can only control 64 parameters I think, so enabling them ALL isn't actually workable, unless there aren't a lot of blocks in the patch. I typically set up all or most amp params wish is really quick once you have a routine, then selected other stuff, depending on what I'm doing. It's also super common for me to base a new patch on an existing one, so that's already done for many blocks in the original, just have to set up any new ones you add that apply.
  4. Hey roscoe5, where you been? Good to see you back around :)
  5. As a web dev professionally, it's weird that this has gone on for so long. Starting from a working system, most issues should be resolvable relatively quickly. It's been working again for me for a few days, but I gather not everyone. There must be some pretty complex or obscure happening.
  6. zooey

    Speaking of fuzz...

    There are a whole bunch of distortions and overdrives in the Helix, many well worth checking out. The Arbiter is definitely not one of my faves. Compulsive, Minotaur, Vermin, KWB, Teemah, Hedgehog, Kinky Boost, those are some I dig way more than the Arbiter, no matter who used what on a record :) I've barely explored the new old stomps yet, but so far I think I think I like the Octave Fuzz more than any of the newer, more boutique-y ones in that vein.
  7. Some day maybe, they'll add Tuner Time Constant and Tuner Sensitivity settings, then we can each duke it out with the imperfect reality of guitar tuning on our own.
  8. Talk to them. Line 6 warranty service is kind of legendary. They sure went W A Y out of their way for me, and you'll find other similar stories posted here.
  9. Cool move Fremen, best of luck to you, hope it all goes well :)
  10. Would be nice if there occasionally were backpack promos for people who already have a Helix :) Those folks (like me) deserve a reward for jumping in even without that carrot!
  11. Really good player. Just sayin.
  12. For me both were busted for a couple days, then desktop came back but not mobile. Then on my phone I switched to the desktop site and back, now both are working. Frank said on TGP that they were aware of problems, and were upgrading some stuff on their end.
  13. zooey


    I'm not sure if you can install 2.50 directly over firmware as old as that or not. In any case, if you're really stuck, call Line 6 support, they'll help you out.
  14. Don't know what that one specifically, but I like CabIR stuff in general.
  15. Yes there are less expensive amp sims, some of which are really great, but that's not all there is. Amplitube Max is $499, on sale now for $299. The Brainworx amps are typically $149 for each one, with minimal processing included.
  16. zooey

    Update 2.50 Help!

    Outside of this forum, the only official instructions I'm aware of are during the update itself, which IMO is Not Great.
  17. Understood, just curious about the logic with multiple buttons engaged. Bottom line though is that I really like it :)
  18. Agree on the usefulness of the multi-band. It can adjust overall tonal balance, a lot like the crossover split, but with three bands instead of two, and with the added option to limit individual bands if you want.
  19. Seriously doubt it'll stay that low. This is a sale, through the end of February only. At least that's what the sale ads say.
  20. Gosh, reading that made me want the real thing ;) Except not to carry around or pay for or maintain its tubes...
  21. Yeah, it's great. Besides the subtle stuff, it can also be very much not, without sounding too detuned or doing that fast warble thing. It's a nice collection of classic sounds really.
  22. Never had a real one, but wished I did, and a really love the Helix version. Sounds great, and has a bunch of different flavors, especially for not having a rate control. However, I don't actually understand the 4 button controls. Doesn't matter in a way, just try the different combos, and I like em all, they're just different. Still, I usually have a pretty accurate mental model of what's going on in my gear, physical or not, not so with this. Doesn't seem like the buttons are straight up additive, in strength or speed, or subtractive, or have any other obvious pattern to how they interact. Found a manual online for the original Roland version, no help. Anyone have a clue?
  23. Sure, no problem, thank you :) Just discovered that restoring selected setlists (i.e., all but the factory ones) lost my custom setlist names. Ideally, restoring a setlist would include restoring its name too. Not positive if that's new or not, but I think it is. Not a huge tragedy, but a bit annoying.
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