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  1. The recent changes to collapse the announcements by default and make the Basic FAQs and Information widget much smaller are much appreciated, especially on mobile :) Couple suggestions though: The announcements still take up an unnecessarily large amount of vertical space. They don't need to be full width, try maybe this: .ipsMessage { display: inline-block; width: 30%; } You should go to the first unread post in a topic by default, so a special link to do that is unnecessary. I might occasionally want to go back to earlier posts I've already read, but that's rare, and typically only comes up if I'm reading ones I *haven't* read and realize I'm missing some context or detail in earlier posts. For that to happen, I would have had to already been reading the unread msgs, so again a link to the first post isn't needed, and certainly shouldn't be the default.
  2. One weird heads-up about it: You may have noticed that the Litigator has an unusual amount of hum in it. Oddly enough, that's Ripple. Turn it way down, no hum, or much less anyway. I haven't done exhaustive testing, but I'm not aware of any other amps where that happens. I associate the Hum control with more hum, duh, but it's different than this. I've been meeting to ask Ben Adrian about it, and specifically if maybe he can lower the hum in the Litigator without changing the tone. Anyway, have fun with it, I have been :)
  3. Cool stuff Jon. Not my usual bag, but I like what you've got there for what that is. Have you ever played with Ripple as another way to add some top end definition? It seems to have a somewhat different effect with different amps, but it's an interesting option IMO.
  4. Or if it works out for you, make a set for the built-in "cabs", the non-IR speaker models. Everybody with either model PC could use them, with (I think) zero setup. It'd be great to see what you came up with in that environment.
  5. Actually, the upside-down text version would probably sit me better too, good idea.
  6. You do realize that each snapshot can have its own settings for any desired parameters of any blocks, up to I think 64 of them, yes?
  7. Short answer is that I didn't talk to the Helix, just read and manipulated presser and IR files on disk. You had to export them first, and if I had got to updating them, import them back in when you were done. I'm zero help if you need to talk directly to the Helix in real time. Can you do what you need via midi? They're are various hardware and software things to do stuff in that world.
  8. Check the guy out a bit, he's for real, on the ongoing Queen + Adam Lambert tour. Talented guy.
  9. I actually did a bunch of work on an app to analyze and possibly manage Helix presets, focusing on IRs. At the time, which was before Helix had actual backups, you had to export your IRs, and manually import them back into the same slots. That required renaming them with a 3-digit prefix, so you'd know what slot to put them in. The immediate plan was an app to let you see which IRs were in use, by what presets, and which IRs a given preset used. That part was working here, but more work was needed to make it a distributable app other people could install and run easily. Second-level goal was to let you reorder your IRs in the app's UI, which would then rename the files on disk, and update your presets to point to the new locations. I hadn't completed that part, but the building blocks were all there. Third level idea was to figure out how to strip the name- and location-specific info out of IR files, leaving only the actual audio. That would let the program build up a database of all the IRs you had, to find duplicates, and to recognize presets that used them, even if the names were different. Pie-in-sky version was a public online repository of that info, so it could recognize the IRs used by a preset, if anyone anywhere had ever submitted that info. I abandoned the project when Helix got real backups, both because numbering IRs wasn't necessary any more so I figured people wouldn't do it, and because full backups are in a binary format, not human-readable JSON. It's possible the presets and setlist parts of them are just compressed, and would be parsable if unpacked, but I didn't immediately come up with a useful approach, Line 6 stayed silent when I asked about it, and I let the whole thing drop. All of which is a long-winded way of saying, you can probably figure out how the JSON parts of Helix exports work if you're a programmer type; I did :) I probably should have asked this first: What are you trying to do?
  10. Uh, holy cr@p. Wonder what he'd come up with if he was working full time on his own stuff.
  11. Got this from GC: Line 6 Relay G75 Now: $299.99 Regular Price: $499.99 Save: $200.00
  12. Cool, thanks Phil, didn't know that. Is that a mode change, like the Mode switch, press it again to return? Or does it go back after you pick a snapshot?
  13. I think I know the answer to this, but why not ask... I typically run in 4 snapshots-4 stomps mode. Pressing the Mode switch puts you into all stomps mode, which I use to get to some lesser-used fx. Is there a similar way to get to all-snapshots mode? AFAIK, no, but I'd love to be wrong.
  14. Phil's point about the two paths is the main thing, but just for perspective, the other day I set up some patches with 4 amps. Still had room for some boosts, EQ, and if I remember right a compressor, before the amps, and eq, chorus, delay and verb after. You can't just pick amps and effects at random and have 4 amps fit, but lots of amp combinations work. Making at least one amp in each path a model that's pretty light on cpu helps. Ben Vesco's DSP Allocation tables can help you figure out what's most likely to fit. Just to be clear, you don't need to do all that to have big fun with Helix. This was the first time I tried more than two amps, and most of my patches just have one. I was just curious how it'd work out.
  15. Semi-OT, anyone remember Opcode's Studio Vision? Way way way ahead of its time, first "sequencer" I'm aware of that also handled audio side by side w midi. It had features that afaik still aren't available in modern DAWs, like independent looping of different tracks for different numbers of bars, loop each of them an independent number of times then continue... Anyway, Gibson bought that too, then just up and killed it. No notice, no way forward for existing owners, just bang, dead. I'm super pleased that Sonar seems to have parachuted into better waters post-Gibson, but I'll never forgive Gibson, don't and won't own anything by them ever again. They're a generic and despotic Corporation at the heart of it, nothing to do with music.
  16. Interested in a hardware PSA1? Mine's not getting used much these days, cool as it is...
  17. Way longer than that to run out of stuff that's already in there to try...
  18. Thanks Tony, appreciate it, much better! Now about all those stickied posts :)
  19. Assuming it has to exist in the first place, which I don't buy, it just needs a close button, ideally one that gets remembered forever. But why isn't this just another sticky at the top of the list? Those are kind of obnoxious too, and could use their own close button and auto-saved preference, but way less.
  20. You don't read it on your phone do you?
  21. Or at least put it the to or the bottom, not in tho if the text you're trying to read. Not that I want MORE useless stuff I've seen a million times and don't care about, but for the love of g o d, don't cover up the text. Why does this even need to be said???
  22. So today, on my phone at least, when I'm reading a thread, there's this black thingy on the right, offering Common FAQs and Basic Information. It covers up the right-hand side of the posts I'm trying to read, and can't be closed. Ugh. A little user testing maybe?
  23. Looks like they're from Fremen, who also knows his stuff.
  24. I wish every block had a mix control. Not the same thing, but it's easy to understand and use, and probably to build, and would still be very useful.
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