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  1. are you near a wireless router by chance when this is happening? I had that happen back when I first got it and was standing next to the wireless router in the house...
  2. I've got the G30 and it works really well. If you have the funds for it though, Id say get the g50 (has a bit sturdier casing and stuff like that)
  3. caledoneus


    I see no problem with this. :) Maybe another FRFR to give you stereo? Yep, you totally need more stuff.
  4. well, I took the plunge. Got an LT on the way, should be here by the end of the week.
  5. OK. That answers the question I had then. I know they are limited by the DSP (LT and full floor have same DSP I understand) but what I could find was just the pure total number of blocks that are technically available. Thanks!
  6. My google fu has been failing me on this question, so figured I'd bring it here. How many blocks does the Helix LT have?
  7. I had it happen once. You may have a corrupt preset. Try a factory reset and see if that fixes it.
  8. caledoneus

    Main Guitar

    I'd second that. Probably the best "all-around" option if you are only gonna go with one.
  9. Guitar>Fuzz pedal>HX drives (separated through 4CM)>other HX effects (separated through 4CM)>amp
  10. you would probably want to put your fuzz before the HX (unless you were wanting to put the fuzz in the end of the chain and fuzz out everything).
  11. I like that. Any chance your buddy would want to put some schematics/ plans out there for us other DIYers to try our hand at it?
  12. just a little nit-picky point about your bullets at the end there. You can do 4CM with the HX effect too, so that isn't really some benefit for the full Helix over the HX. main benefits of the HX over full Helix. The other points you make are good ones. -size: if you already have a pedalboard and just want to incorporate the effects from a Helix into that pedalboard, its a lot easier to fit the HX in there than it would be to shoehorn a full Helix in -$$$$: HX is like a 1/3rd of the price of the full Helix, and like half the price of the LT.
  13. get the HX Effects. If you have an amp you like, you don't need the full Helix. If you don't really like your amp and want the amp models, get the full Helix and a FRFR speaker or 2.
  14. I can't remember the exact one, it was just one we had lying around. It was an older one for like a flip phone (not a smart phone case). something like THIS should work https://www.amazon.com/Premium-AccessoryHappy-Vertical-Canvas-Holster/dp/B076G7BN17/ref=sr_1_11?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1550669296&sr=1-11&keywords=flip+phone
  15. Dimension is my favorite chorus in the HX. Sounds awesome
  16. true enough. :) I've only got the HX effects, and do this set up pretty often to toggle between different drives or delays (ect). But realized you could use two of the same block to toggle different levels of an effect. Setting the parameter to snapshot and changing snapshots would use less blocks, but might be harder to switch quickly unless you have practice tap-dancing a pedalboard. :)
  17. set up 2 blocks with the same verb (but the different settings) then assign them both to the same switch with one on, and the other off. Then when you hit that switch it will toggle between the two
  18. with HX effects, since it does not have a XLR out, you would still need a DI of some sort to make the acoustic sound right. Maybe set up your acoustic presets to run mono out of the left output and run that to a DI to the board, and have your electric ones run mono out of the right into the amp?
  19. I think the Platauex (cant spell) reverb has a shimmer to it...
  20. caledoneus

    HX FX Power

    Power output level is right then (I'm pretty sure). Could work, but don't know if it would for sure.
  21. caledoneus

    HX FX Power

    what's the output of the power supply?
  22. caledoneus

    HX FX Power

    I'm guessing probably not... Doubt it has enough juice
  23. some a pretty good, some are kind of meh... One of my favorite effects (Dimension Chorus) is only in the legacy effects, so there is that.
  24. I'd like to see some more bass-centric effects added... I'll back your idea... lol
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