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  1. I'm pretty sure that MIDI can be programmed to do that, but can't give you a 100% answer (haven't dug into the MIDI capability at all yet)
  2. is it on all patches, or just a certain one? I had something like that happen but it only happened on one preset.... never actually figured out what the issue was with that preset, but deleted the preset and no more problem
  3. Fair point to make.... Maybe they could make it one of the options in the global preferences (or whatever they call them). Let you set up the FX loops to either function as blocks OR as "always on" type loops...
  4. I'd have to fiddle around with mine and see if what I'm about to say is right, so don't hold me to it at this point.... ;) But I think that you could given that it has 2 inputs.
  5. add it to the idea page... Maybe they'll do it
  6. the default mode for the delays is Milliseconds as opposed to the subdivisions. Unless you have it set to 1/4 note, 1/8 note (ect) the tap temp won't affect it.
  7. So, I tried this out last night, and it works like a charm. Set up a volume pedal at the end of the chain, then in controller assignment set up a footswitch as momentary and have the minimum volume be 100 and the maximum 0. Then when you tap the footswitch you can use it as a stutter/ killswitch/ ect. Very cool.
  8. Since I set this up, I'll start the voting. :) Here goes Distortion Mine is the KBW... has a really good tone I think Fuzz for the Fuzz effects, I really like the Legacy Fuzz Pi. I think they did a good job of catching the sound of the Muff Dynamics This one is easy for me... Kinky Comp. use it on most of my patches. Great effect Filter For filters I really like the Obi-wah... Modulation Dimension ---flanger/phaser favorite here is the Barberpole effect in the legacy effects... ---tremolo/vibrato the 60's bias Trem is my favorite here probably. ---chorus/univibe This one is easy for me too... Has to be the Dimension chorus from the Legacy effects. Too much fun ---ring/ rotary Probably don't have one here, as I don't use them much, but the pitch ring mod is kinda cool so we'll go with that Delay Cosmos Echo Reverb Glitz is amazing Wah weeper is a good one (prefer my Ibanez WD-7 to the ones in HX) EQ Low Cut/ High Cut is pretty handy Pitch/Synth the Twin Harmony is pretty nice sounding.
  9. So, I figured I'd put together a little game to share our personal preferences, have a little fun, and maybe have a little competition. Here are the rules from each category you can pick ONE effect that you consider your favorite/ go-to effect for that category. You can choose from either the Helix or the Legacy effects, but only one or the other per category, not one of each for a category. You don't have to explain why (but you can if you want). And at intervals I will tally up the votes for each category and post the current leader/ winner. Categories are listed below! **note** I put fuzz in a category of its own, b/c, lets face it... fuzz is it's own category. :) **note** for the modulation section, I actually split it up into sub categories just because. You can either pick one overall, pick one per category, or both ;) Distortion Fuzz Dynamics Filter Modulation ---flanger/phaser ---tremolo/vibrato ---chorus/univibe ---ring/ rotary Delay Reverb Wah EQ Pitch/Synth LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
  10. I use mine for electric, acoustic and bass with no issues. Should work great for you. Only problem I've had with mine is the belt/strap clip breaking off. Put it inside of a cellphone case now and clip that to my strap...
  11. battery door hasn't cause me any issues (though I can see where it could if you weren't careful). The belt/strap clip, however, is totally worthless. Just saying.
  12. still haven't had a chance to try it out... been a busy weekend... lol
  13. Yeah, what he said. If you find that the tone is getting thinned out throw you a buffer (or a pedal with buffered bypass instead of true bypass) in the chain (Usually works best at the end of the chain right before amp).
  14. If you go into the signal flow section you can assign any of the blocks to any of your footswitches. You could technically have all 9 effects tied to one footswitch (though that would be silly). Just go into that mode, and assign both reverbs to the same footswitch with one on (in signal flow view) and one off. Then when you stomp on that footswitch it will turn off on and turn the other on. I do the same thing on some of my presets with two different drives (so I can switch between them without tapdancing)
  15. So, I haven't tried this yet, but I plan to and if it works it will be pretty cool... (if it doesn't, I guess I'll have to start it as a suggestion on the Idea thing). JHS makes a pedal that they call the stutter (or something like that) and it is a momentary killswitch. Basically, you can tap the switch on this pedal and it kills the signal until you let go, so you can tap a patter and it will "stutter" to that pattern. I was thinking that I might be able to set up a footswitch on the HX effects to do the same effect (have it control the position value of the volume pedal effect with the level 100 normally and have it go to 0 when depressed). What ya think?
  16. the translation here is I don't actually need an HX Stomp, I need to get the full Helix or the LT. Just saying. :)
  17. Boss Katana is what I use mine with and I'm thrilled with it. If you run the 4 cable method you can use the effects from the HX and from the Katana and have pretty darn endless options. Affordable too.
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