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  1. b/c... every venue has entirely separate PA systems for the bassist and the vocalists. They never run through the same PA... ever... lol
  2. I've seen some effects on customtone that have a "freeze" effect in them, and it seems to work OK, but the best way (in my opinion) would be to throw the EHX freeze pedal into one of your efx loops and put it at the end of the chain.
  3. do you think you would ever be in a situation when you would want to go direct with no amp? if so, and you have the budget for it, then I would say get the Helix (or the LT). If you will ONLY ever use the Helix for effects, then the HX is probably all you would need. I had the HX, and ended up selling it to pay towards the LT.
  4. What I actually did was buy a "dual" instrument (TS) cable (something like this) and go straight from the left and right outputs of the helix into the left and right inputs of the Speaker(s). Works great.
  5. the biggest difference in your situation I would say is the full Floor has a Mic input. If you don't need to be able to do vocals through your Helix, then the LT is probably all (if not more) than you'll need. I've got the LT, and don't regret it at all.
  6. I like to run the Mic Preamp on my acoustic presets to give me a little bit of options for some "amp" effect, then whatever effects.
  7. corrupted preset. do a factory reset (after you export your presets/ setlists) then you can import in setlists/ presets and hopefully figure out which one is the corrupted one.
  8. Short answer is this. Lets say they stop all updates and such for the Helix today and announce the next Line6 modeler (not likely considering they just did a major overhaul of the firmware to make future updates easier and such). You would then have a great sounding, easy to use, versatile piece of gear that you could use in a multitude of ways. So, if you like the Helix, go ahead and buy it.
  9. one could argue China did. Just saying.
  10. Was it answered thoroughly and right away? Yes. BUT Then we had to have comments such as "Tired of winning? Vote" and "You bet I will! I don't want a madman determining how much I have to pay for my guitar modeler!" which are not answers to the question and are political comments in nature. I keep my political thoughts out of it (which I think is part of the rules for when you sign up), so it's only fair to expect other to do so as well... Whatever though. Screw it.
  11. sigh. I wish people could answer questions without dragging their political baggage into it. I just wanna talk about guitar stuff!
  12. The bandits actually make a great pedal platform amp... Good clean sound, stays clean at high volumes, and not too heavy to carry around....
  13. Twangy Les Paul???? Did you mean to say Tele? yeah, you meant Tele
  14. put in a ticket. They will fix the LTs exp pedal even if you bought it used and it is out of warranty.
  15. if you are running it into the front of an amp, most (or quite possibly all) of the factory presets are going to sound bad, b/c they have an amp/ cab block in them. You'll need to delete/ bypass the amp/cab blocks, or just set up your own presets with no amp/cab blocks involved to use it as a pedalboard.
  16. caledoneus

    hx effects

    OP stated he is using the HX Effects. This does not have XLR outs, just the 1/4".
  17. caledoneus

    hx effects

    the plus side to using the 4CM is that with it you can run your drives and stuff before your amp and delays and stuff in the loop... That being said, some down sides are you have to have more cabling, and you have to use up blocks for the send/ return to get the 4CM working (so you would have less options). I never really tried the 4CM with mine when I had it b/c I got the sound I wanted just running it before the amp.
  18. caledoneus

    Bass Content

    Yeah, this is a great point. I use my LT for bass all the time, and like you said, the reality is that technically every effect on the unit has a blend control, you set up a parallel un-effected path, and then use the split block as your blend. To try and put the Zoom stuff on the same level as the Helix is just silly. With it being a bass specific unit, I'm sure it has more things that say "bass" before them (Bass Phaser, Bass Flanger, whatever) but so what? And as far as no 12" cabs go, you can put the bass "amps" into the 12" cabs pretty easy....
  19. caledoneus

    hx effects

    You don't even need the 4CM then. You can easily just set up your distortion/ ODs/ Delays/ Verbs/ whatever on the HX effect how you want them, plug your guitar into it, and then the HX into the front of your amp and call it a day.
  20. I use my LT for bass, acoustic and electric, so I've got one setlist called Bass, one called acoustic (which has more than just acoustic stuff, simply b/c I don't need that many acoustic presets... lol), one called Electric (direct) for going straight to a PA, one called Preamp switches for running into the FX loop return of an amp, and one called FX only for running either into the front of an amp or in 4CM with an amp....
  21. that assumption is correct. Preamp models are not in the Effects.
  22. as a general rule, you don't want to run the cab models into a real amp and cab (I've tested that and can tell you that it sounds like crap) but running the amp blocks themselves (or preamp blocks) into an amp can actually get you some pretty cool sounds. The preamp blocks are kind of meant to be used as "amp in a box" type options. You won't break anything by trying it out though, so go for it.
  23. useful trick I saw somewhere (not sure where) is to put a looper block first in the chain and put you in a loop of typical playing for what you would play with that preset, then let it loop while you fiddle and adjust stuff. :)
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