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  1. trying to avoid copyright infringement... ;) lol
  2. caledoneus

    Helix II

    they just did a massive update and improvement to the core firmware (2.8), so my guess is no time soon.
  3. get a Spyder. Same thing really
  4. I've heard good things about the Kali's. I've been using a set of Presonus Eris 3.5 monitors for the past couple weeks, and they are pretty good and don't take up too much space. I actually am just running straight out of the helix into the inputs of the monitors.
  5. Honestly depends on which amp model you are using. Some sound better to me with the Preamp block, others sound better with the full amp block. Best bet is just to try them out both ways and let your ears pick for you. ;)
  6. That's the only thing I could think of to explain this.
  7. True enough man. That is one of the best things about the Helix... You can try out different effects in different places and levels and such super easily. In real life with real pedals and amps, a lot of the stuff you can do on a Helix with the touch of a button would be a colossal bit of effort.
  8. I was thinking that this would be the closest thing we have available to using an effects loop in the amp itself. Anyone ever experimented with the delays to see how they respond in this position in the chain? I may have to set up a little experiment later on tonight. hmmmmm
  9. Revv Generator amp model. You are welcome. :)
  10. no fx loop, no 4cm. You'll have to run everything in front of the amp.
  11. well, at this point in time I suppose I would qualify as a hobbyist (only time I play out is Sundays at the church), and thus far I have not bothered doing the 2.81 update (I have updated to 2.8, and the stuff they added there is killer). The reason simply put is that I have not run into any of the issues that they had to fix with 2.81, so see no real reason to bother with updating further.
  12. bout the only difference between using the Helix into an FRFR and the return of a physical amp is that you would not want to use any cab models/ IRs. Other than that, basically work the same.
  13. speak for yourself bub. IS the Revv awesome sounding? Yes Am I looking forward to the other channels? Yes Is the Grammatico awesome too? Yes
  14. The backpack is pretty great. I was hesitant to get it at first b/c it is pretty dang expensive for a "soft" bag, but it is really well designed and well built. There is plenty of room in the extra pockets for whatever other stuff you might need... Like a previous commenter said, it isn't luggage, it isn't a hard case, and I wouldn't check it on an airline or throw it in a trailer with a bunch of amps and heavy stuff like that, but for carrying the Helix to and from gigs/ practice/ whatever, you can't do better.
  15. the new amps and the KOT are both pretty DSP heavy. Might have to use both paths in serial mode.
  16. I think you have it right... In the default (reload) mode, if you are on snapshot 1, and step on the snapshot 1 button, it simply reloads snapshot 1. in the Toggle mode, if you are on snapshot 1, and step on snapshot 1, it will toggle to the previously selected snapshot (whatever it is) instead of reloading snapshot 1. pretty nifty change honestly.
  17. @Perrin1710 I know, some of them its obvious what the preset is supposed to sound like, but there are quite a few that stump me. I've looked for a list that would show what each one is supposed to be sounding like, but never have found one.... lol
  18. Here is a list of all New presets, and all that were deleted http://benvesco.com/store/line-6-helix/
  19. I used it this weekend in parallel/blended with the Sansamp model.... Sounded great.
  20. use 2 of the Heir apparent blocks.
  21. my backpack is supposed to be coming in today.
  22. The answer is kind of yes and no. Technically, the DSP would not be combined, but you could consider each Helix it's own "path" and chain it all together. Not the most practical rig though... ;)
  23. the answer you are looking for is snapshots.
  24. You can actually get away with using your tube amp, but you have to make sure you are not using any Cab or Amp+cab blocks in the signal chain, then just connect your output into the FX loop return and use the master volume as your "power" amp. I'm doing that right now until I can afford to get me a FRFR type speaker set up to use. Works pretty well honestly, but if you forget to delete (or bypass) the cab block, it will sound bad. Guitar -> Helix with no cabinet modeling turned on -> FX Return of the amp = Win!
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