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  1. Line 6 could always take a cue from the Headrush guys (even though it is usually the opposite way around) and look into releasing a Helix "looperboard" that would just be a dedicated looper that could be designed to easily integrate with the Helix platform... ;)
  2. I haven't tried them yet, but from what I gather, it allows you to assign a preset (different from the one you are in) or a snapshot (from the preset that you are in) as one of your stomps in stomp mode. You can do the same thing now with the different looper buttons in the 6 switch looper. Could honestly be pretty handy I would think....
  3. so, no well known artists are using the Helix, eh? Here's a list from a quick bit of google fu. Billy Sheehan, Tosin Abasi, Lincoln Brewster, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jeff Shroeder (smashing pumpkins), Herman Li (Dragonforce), Devin Downsend, Jen Majura... that's just a few.
  4. For that, I was just using the clean channel on the Katana, with some reverb, and with the boost knob set up to be used as a solo/lead boost...
  5. I've done this using the FX Return of my original Boss Katana Head and it sound great. NOT FRFR though, so you would want to bypass/ remove the cab or IR from the chain so that you aren't putting a cab sim into an actual cab.
  6. problem there would be if you have this and are trying to hit the presets to switch presets, and it give you a save prompt and doesn't switch it could screw you over live. Maybe if you made it an option you could turn on or off in global settings it might work, but there would have to be an option to turn that off.
  7. there are plenty of great amps and all on the helix for bass.... not really sure what you are looking for here...
  8. Is that a setting in the Helix, or on the computer? I've never really messed with MIDI before , so have no idea how to set it up.l
  9. So. If I wanted to use the MIDI control of the Helix to trigger Ableton to play some pads on a laptop, what type of cable would I need... I looked for MIDI to USB cables, and there are bunch of different kinds of them, so I'm just not sure which I would need. Do I need one that has 2 MIDI connectors (1 in and 1 out) or just one MIDI connection?
  10. Yep, I use the G30. Had it for a couple years now and love not having to fool with cables anymore... lol. I'll still probably do it like you said though.
  11. So, I picked up an LT about a year go, and I love it. It honestly fulfills pretty much everything that I want, and the extra 5 or 600 bucks for the Floor is not something that I could justify. The only thing the Floor has that I wish the LT had in all honesty is the Mic input. (the scribble scripts, the extra fx loops, and all that other stuff are kind of irrelevant to me). SO, To fix that lack, I have purchased myself a small 5 "channel" Behringer mixer that I'm going to run into the input of the Helix and then run the guitar into one of the FX loop returns (or maybe the other way around) to give myself the ability to have a mic input for the LT. The mixer was like 50 bucks.
  12. at home, a set of studio monitors. at practice, a pair of 15 powered speakers (FRFR) Live, either the FRFR speakers or the PA of the venue (depending on what type of PA setup they have)
  13. It is definitely a very versatile OD. You can really tailor it to fit the sound you are looking for (well, maybe not like death metal distortion)
  14. caledoneus

    Helix 2.9

    this thread took a hard left from the 2.9 update speculation. lol
  15. With an IR, you get the sound of a the cab miced in one spot, with one mic, at one distance (or maybe multiples at the same time) and cannot change it. With the stock cabs, you can decide on which mic, which cab, what distance and all that. Basically, if you want a certain sound, IRs are good, but stock cabs are more versatile IMO.
  16. M-Audio makes one that is like 30 bucks and works just fine with it if you are looking for an affordable option.
  17. Line6 G30 (and up) are all great options for you. I've got the 30, and if I ever have to replace it, I'll probably go with the 50 just for the sturdier casing on the transmitter. No issues.
  18. I've had this happen before when doing lots of copy/ pasting of presets, and it seems to be caused by a corrupted preset. I've always had to do a factory reset and reload my last backup. That's why I backup every time I hook it to the computer!
  19. With the HX effect I probably would use a DI box, just so you are running XLR cables and not regular instrument cables.
  20. LT would probably be overkill for your needs, but I would highly recommend it. You could probably get by with a stomp for what you are talking about, but the LT is awesome.
  21. You wouldn't regret the LT. good stuff.
  22. a pair of regular instrument cables would work as well. I mainly got the "dual" cable that I recommended to you b/c it's less of a mess and easier to keep them together. As far as recording goes, you may get better results just using the Helix itself as your interface (through the USB). Works really well honestly.
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