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  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing the hlx files.
  2. Ah, pedals! When I got my Helix LT about two years ago I had about 50 pedals. I felt this unit made some of my pedals expendable due to duplication (OCD, DS-1, ProCo Rat, etc), better amp sounds (my Tech21/Joyo/Mooer pre-amp pedals) and ones I just felt I didn't need anymore like all of the Digitech Hardwire series that I had. I ended up selling over twenty pedals. However, I've also added about 15 new pedals to my assortment. These mostly covered areas that the Helix does not like the EHX SuperEgo Plus, Hologram Infinite Jets, EQD Arpanoid and some non-traditional reverbs such as the Walrus Audio Slo, Old Blood Noise Dark Star ,EQD Transmisser and EQD Afterneath. Also, since I don't think too much of Helix's fuzzes I got the Way Huge Havalina and then there were two pedals I couldn't resist from JHS analog pedals (despite the creepy rumors about the owner), the Muffleta which gives you 6 different Big Muff variations and the Bonsai which provides 9 different Tube Screamer variations. I'm trying to now keep it to no new pedals unless I sell one (or two) first. We'll see how that works.
  3. malduroque

    My update story

    It went well, except when it didn't. This was my third firmware update. Did 2.5, 2.6 and 2.81. Yes, I read instructions. Each time I update I see the error message "Update failed. Please reboot and try again". So I reboot and try again and by the 5th or 6th try (without changing anything I did), it succeeds. 2.81 completed on my 5th try. This time I tried my back of the computer USB ports but that didn't make any difference. Overall, I'm good with the process, it just always has me holding my breath! My 2.81 version seems ok and I can see the new amp models and connect with HX Edit 2.81. One thing though, I never did see the error message that we were supposed to ignore "Boot failure. Entered update mode". Any cause for concern?
  4. Thank you. I was about to say the same thing only not quite as civilly as you. Well put and it's high time this issue stops being trivialized and that's not political at all. I'm sure that wasn't the author's intent but it was a good thing for you to point out it's a real issue that's been plaguing society for centuries. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...
  5. Since I got my Helix a bit over a year ago, I've sold most of my pedals that were duplicated in Helix (OCD, DS-1, Tube Screamer, etc). I still have about 40 pedals left and going forward I'm not sure how many more I'll part with but I am certain I will keep my EQ Devices Afterneath, Transmisser and The Depths along with Digitech Freq, EHX SuperEgo Plus, Big Muff Deluxe and Pigtronix Philosopher King, Disnortion Micro and Smiletone Governor's Blues.
  6. " Figured it out in Reaper for the snapshot change. It's not perfect, but it'll do. Also figured out other automations as well. " For those of us who haven't figured out how to automate snapshot changes in Reaper, it would be greatly appreciated if you listed it here.
  7. This topic is always entertaining. In one camp you've got the "I want my update and I want it now and it better have all of the things I asked for! You promised. " and then the other extreme, "How dare you presume to demand anything of a Line6. You should be thankful they provide updates. In fact, you should be thankful they even allow you to buy a Helix. Now go Fractal yourself!" Priceless.
  8. I'm in it for the amps mostly and I'm a Fender guy at heart. I'd like to see a Princeton Reverb (Blackface or Silverface), something from the Rivera era like the Concert or Super Champ, the Blues Jr. and maybe something from Fender that is less "Fendery" like the Sonic 22. Also, because there is life beyond Fender, the Suhr Badger and a Rivera amp would be nice.
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