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  1. Same here, even when making the change to allow apps from Anywhere. Line 6 Monkey doesn't detect the newest driver version (7.6.8) as available for the POD HD PRO X (even though it's required). Go to the Driver Download page and install it to fix the problem.
  2. Nope, I'm still having this problem. Just like sjdkd, my pedal has been sitting on the shelf, with minimal use. There's no way this is a physical problem with the Shortboard or the pedal since restoring to the previous firmware fixes the issue. It doesn't seem like Line 6 is going to revisit this either, as they've moved on to the Helix.
  3. You can create a bootable copy of Mac OS X El Capitan, wipe your hard-drive, and reinstall. Unfortunately, you may not be able to restore data from a Time Machine backup if you used this with the Sierra beta. There's third-party software to assist you in creating a bootable USB, or you can create one using the instructions from Apple. Cheers,
  4. There's a known issue with using the Mission EP1-L6 pedal as a secondary expression since the last firmware update (for POD HD500X and PRO X). It is also effecting use with the FBV Shortboard MkII, see This may or may not be the same issue you are experiencing. I had logged a ticket with Line 6 previously, but nothing has been resolved. Still (optimistically) waiting for a firmware update to address the issue.
  5. Anyone else still having this problem? Like many of you, I purchased the HD pack and do not want to rollback the firmware.
  6. Ridiculous is right... C'mon drivers for 2016! Too be honest, Line 6 aren't the only large organization whose developers have let them down. The one I work for also screwed-the-pooch for the third year in a row.
  7. Hey folks, just wondering if anyone has used the FBV Shortboard (not Mkii) with their POD HD Pro X. Is there any difference in functionality besides missing the Function 2 switch? I'm only asking because I've found a cheap one locally and would like to have it as a spare (already own Shortboard Mkii). Thanks.
  8. Hi spawn, the global reset will not overwrite your current patches, but backing them up to your computer is not a bad idea.
  9. Same thing happened to me after I first updated the firmware. It can be fixed by performing a global reset and reconnecting it to HD Edit.
  10. edstar1960's suggestion should work. I had similar problems when I first updated; the pedal would not reach 100% values sporadically and my EXP-2 pedal would become undetected. The Global reset and pedal calibration fixed it thankfully.
  11. You're not alone. I'm having the same problem after I restored my patches to my POD HD Pro X and relaunch POD HD Edit. I've reinstalled firmware/drivers, POD HD Edit software, and checked different USB ports and cables. I didn't get the error after I first flashed the firmware, so I'm going to try it again this week.
  12. My POD HD PRO X is working fine with OS X 10.10.3 also. Like Digital_Igloo suggested, try reinstalling the driver.
  13. Yes, reselecting the preset fixes it. I'm going to backup all of my patches and restore the firmware tonight. If it's still messed up when I restore my patches, I'll have to recreate them on the POD. Fingers-crossed.
  14. @edstar1960 I've had the same issue you described, but going direct to a powered monitor. This has just started since updating to the newest firmware, and is one of several problems I'm starting to notice.
  15. trueNorth55

    EX-2 Pedal

    Since the firmware update, I've been having problems with my external expression pedal staying connected to my FBV Shortboard Mkii. I'm using a Mission EP-1 pedal and it sporadically disconnects while I'm playing, forcing me to reconnect the 1/4" patch to the Shortboard to recognize it again. I've tested multiple cables and tested the expression pedal on another device fine. Has anyone else had this problem?
  16. Wow, I have the POD HD Pro X, and didn't realize that the HD500X didn't have a power switch.
  17. Ensure that you have a volume pedal assigned in your signal chain, then refer to the values listed at the top of page C2 of the Advanced Users Guide. Hope this helps!
  18. I've played with BIAS for iOS in the effects loop and it sounded great. The Mac OS X app should work just as well in this situation. How are you sending the audio from your laptop to the POD's effects loop?
  19. The looper does not have a "quantized" feature, but you can send Midi clock information from Cubase (or another DAW). I use my DAW to control tempo for time-based FX, my patch changes, and enabling the looper features. By setting specific events in Cubase, you can keep the loops in time with everything else. I can't give you exact instructions, as I use Logic Pro X.
  20. I'm definitely happy to hear about the POD HD update and model packs.
  21. Reset fixed it. When I transferred all my presets back to the unit, everything was working fine again. Thanks for everyone's input.
  22. Unfortunately, I don't have another expression pedal to connect to test. I have also tested another cable, but still the same problem. There doesn't seem to be a way to calibrate the EX-2, only the built-in EX-1. Thanks for the suggestions so far; hopefully I'll figure it tonight.
  23. There's a driver update available through Line 6 Monkey that will resolve this, cheers.
  24. Hi Everyone, I have a Mission EP1-L6 connected as the external expression pedal with my Shortboard Mkii (connected to POD HD Pro X) and it was working well for a while. Just recently, I noticed that my EXP-2 pedal won't reach 100% volume when fully engaged. I've tried resetting the volume pedal in my signal chain and reselecting EXP-2 as the control for the volume pedal, but it continues to only hit 93% max, or sometimes 77% for some reason. When I switch the function back to EXP-1 as the controller it works as expected. Does anyone have any suggestions? My next step is to flash the firmware on the HD Pro X.
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