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  1. Well, there's this: :)
  2. THIS! BTW - sorry, I actually misread your original post, and when I had googled up your phone's specs, somehow I came across an impedance of 68Ohms for the Senny's. I'd say you're comparing two oranges to apples - the apple being the higher impedance TR-185 transmitter. Aside from being wrong about 3 oranges earlier, I hope I didn't sound too grumpy, at least not towards towards you good sir! :)
  3. This! BLUF - Folks, read the *specs* of your cans, and try some high-impedance headphones. Comparing 3 oranges doesn't yield apples.
  4. Also, the Soul Food should have the buffer switched on if it's not the first thing after your guitar - like almost all fuzz and wah pedals.
  5. Clicking like that usually indicates clock sync issues to me, especially in the case of SPDIF/AES connections. Since the Helix can only act as wordclock master, make sure the other interface is slaving its clock to SPDIF/AES in. @OP - what is the other SPDIF device?
  6. There's all kinds of things you could script that aren't currently features in either the Helix or the Helix editor.. if you feel like writing a little code to do it. Some ideas that I've been meaning to script: * "copy favorite pedal" - i.e., a script that replaces all instances of a given pedal with the settings of that pedal as used in one specific patch. * Global Model Color remapper - I noticed that one giant patch set that I bought uses entirely different colors for pedal models than Line 6 models. I'm not the biggest fan of either color mapping, but having two different sets of colors for each pedal is just confusing. * Bulk pedal assignment re-mapper - so that I quickly change my settings from "Stomp/Snapshot" to "Snapshot/Stomp" - i.e., script that swaps all Stomp mode pedal-assignments between the upper and lower foot-switches. * Copy Snapshot Instant settings - so that I can add my favorite midi mappings to control outboard gear to existing patches The sky's the limit, and it's pretty easy to code up this stuff if you're comfy on the CLI. Thing is I'd just rather play guitar and not think about code after my long days at work... Cheers!
  7. Hey Joe, I'm no electrician, but I am a physics dropout and I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron. About 15 years ago I was in a rental house and had a VERY similar problem to what you're describing. I was in a 1940s build house that still had cloth wiring on half of the electrics and a lot of two prong outlets. Eventually, I discovered that if I pointed my guitar's pickups straight at the cold-water pipe, I would get huge EMF noise, kind of like what you describe. I bought a gausse meter, which also showed there was noise coming from the pipe, and several electrical engineer buddies of mine suggested I talk to an electrician, so I did. Two electricians said there was nothing wrong, and then so did the local power company. Finally, when my lovely lady noticed that the aluminum grounding braid coming off the pole to the house was completely severed. It had been shredded up by rubbing against a tree. When I called the power company, they came out to fix it IMMEDIATELY, at 10pm on a Sunday night in the rain. Basically, what was happening was that because the main ground wasn't conducting back to the pole, it wasn't cancelling out the AC line voltage. The cold-water pipe acted as a single, unbalanced antenna, from all the electricity coming into the house from the pole, as it wasn't returning back to the pole. Once they fixed the ground to the pole, all the noise was gone. One very important point about this is that can actually pretty dangerous as well! In my case, I also discovered that some three-way light switches had been miswired, and they were actually running 240 volts through some lightbulbs. As for resolving it, it was pretty challengingg because all the "pros", including the power company said that everything was "within specs" when they metered every outlet and ground in my house. I just got lucky, really. So, I'm pretty sure your problem is not with your gear but with your house... After what I've been through, I'd call an electrician! Hope this helps!
  8. THIS! First thing you should try - did you, TagWap?
  9. Good point. If battery powered is a primary requirement, a Boss ME-80 could be a better mate. After a year with my Helix, I'd just prefer an extension cord ;)
  10. Several months back, after this thread died, Helix implemented the snapshot feature which solves this problem. Check it out, and I bet you'll be MUCH happier!
  11. I hadn't looked at that in years either - neat! The general problem with CUDA or any GPU based plugins is the double whammy of IO/DMA over two bridges - one batch of buffer copies for the audio to memory, then another batch to DMA for the GPU, process process, back to memory, back to the audio interface - this causes lotsa lotsa latency. Well, at least nothing sub 6ms that I've heard of these days. Nowadays native instructions on x86 can do a LOT of DSP like stuff in short-cycle times, and usually faster than those extra hops and synchronization. IMHO, in the next few years it'll get better, but I wouldn't bet on anything like an industry-endorsed standard for GPU based audio plugin framework like ASIO or RTAS until those GPU latency upper-bounds are consistently below 1ms. Regarding your earlier comment on how all the OS's out there suck - I kind of agree, and I kind of don't. OTOneH, I've never seen (or built) a piece of software that couldn't be improved. OTOtherH, OS's are kind of like (human) languages - their main value is that they provide a basis for just about ALL other activity to ride on top of - there's a lot to be said for a platform like *nix where everyone knows how to use it and build on it, even if it's laden with a half-century of idiosyncrasies and cruft piled on top of itself. Point is that building on top of a mountain is a lot easier than building a mountain, regardless of whether it's your Dream-Mountain . Just my .0002 Spacebucks.
  12. YOU Sir, are the MASTER of Trolls! ( DataCommando == TrollPwner ) == true (exclamation points remove to avoid logical errors!) ;-)
  13. Pwah! Piece of Cake! Aren't you having more fun on the Kemper or AxeFX forums? ;-)
  14. I tried a few of them in a few guitars - single coil and hum bicker size in a Parker Nitefly, a Yamaha SG1500 and in a FrankenTele, but after a bit I found they had a really strange feel to the dynamics of my pick attack. It was almost like having a compressor through the midrange of attack. Normally I try to go where the guitar or amp takes me, but the Alumitones weren't getting me there... So my box of unused pickups got a little bigger.
  15. Easy - the Minotaur, Mark IV Lead and Brit 4x12. A Mark IV is not an easy amp to tweak, but it was my main amp for about 10 years. With the two gain controls and the built in EQ, you can really cover a lot of ground, and even get a great clean sound. Fun game!
  16. Well, the Helix Plugin is quite a surprise, w/rt "available for download", out of context - isn't it? ;-)
  17. So, just like last NAMM, there'll be a glimpse of new Helix features.... very cool, even if we can't download it. I really do hope the new Variax lineup includes a Revstar - preferably with a BRAZILLIAN ROSEWOOD NECK-THRU model! 😜 All kidding aside - knock'em dead DI!
  18. The three most interesting words!
  19. Good info - thanks. Quick question - how many Helix audio channels does the iPhone/iPad see when connected?
  20. Note to self: to convey humor, be sure to use Emoji instead of Emoticons. The ancient Emoticon symbology is no longer used for communication by the population on this planet. Spock out. ;)
  21. Kemper Profiling Amp model would be awesome ;-)
  22. Totally! I like cold weather - expat Canadian here , but I find that even playing in 55 degrees F outdoor temperatures sounds pretty aweful... I wouldn't take an outdoor gig that cold outside, let alone listen to a band going that far out of tune. Just my .02 Looneys.
  23. Yep, sounds like a ground loop to me as well. I'm running a Lava Power Tube snake in 4cm configuration to the Triaxis and a 20/20 power amp, and I'm not getting anywhere near as much noise. I'd recommend an Ebtech Hum Eliminator for an isolation transformer. - Its a great tool to have around, as you never know when you'll run into a ground loop problem, and it can cure it immediately - just unplug and replug connections until you break the loop, thereby identifying the culprit, and patch the tranny in there. On a side not, sadly, my Triaxis goes on the fritz when it heats up, and I've got to send it to Petaluma for repairs. :(
  24. Another life "pro" tip: keep a backup rig of some kind.
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