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  1. I'm a solid category 1 here.... I don't think you'd have too many 2s, 3s and 4s knowingly identifying themselves on any kind of survey though! Lol. ("Liked")
  2. LOL! They wouldn't let the TS7 Tone Lok series into the family photo? ;) Maybe even Analog Man doesn't want one... Back to the OP: +1 on the Minotaur for low-gain boost. It's incredible! This modelled pedal made me go and buy a Klon clone for my IRL pedalboard! (twice!) Also - it's important that the input impedance in Global Settings is set to "auto" if you really want to replicate the sound of any given pedal. From the perspective of your guitar's pickups, In "auto" the input jack in the Helix "looks" the same as the first pedal in your signal path. Hope this helps! SaveSave
  3. Um, ALL OF THEM! ;) Actually, the Helix gave me a HUGE case of GAS for a Klon, which I'd never tried before. I wound up buying 3 different ones because of the Helix - first an Arc Effects Klone, then a Keeley Oxblood, and finally, the winner - Monsterpiece Mega Stud, which also includes a Dallas Rangemaster. Now that I've discovered the subtle and sublime power of a Rangemaster, I really need a modelled version in the Helix! (Sorry for the mega-big pic of the Mega Stud - but it really is a thing of beauty!
  4. How do you know? But you're trolling for it! :P Not trying to stalk you or anything like that, but a quick Google of your username shows a lot of risky activity - promiscuity without protection? Even this post here is tempting fate - you're painting a target on your back! I hate to sound like a paranoid nag here - so please interpret the tone of this message as friendly, helpful and serious: you need get some anti-virus software ASAP, especially because you've declared to the whole world that you don't use any! Sincerely, Dave
  5. Wow, this purely factual comment got voted down!? What-Eva. (Voted back up for ya Miguel!) Anyhoo, hopefully next weekend I get some time to clone what my H9 shimmer does on the Helix... It's totally possible to at least get in the ballpark, it just takes know how and time.
  6. I need to figure out how to do the shimmer effect on the Helix as well - our engineer on the last record we did threw it into a tune and it sounds great. I have an H9 as well, but I got the Helix to save time and to lighten my load for gigs and rehearsals - so if anyone has any sample patches I'd love to try them out! Thanks!
  7. Voted! FWIW, Several other boxes I've had have done this, going as far back as the Digitech 2120 - it's a GREAT feature. I'm pretty sure this is already a planned Helix feature though, and that it already would have have been out already except that a lot of users wanted the editor more than anything else, Cheers!
  8. Yep - great bag! I'd add that I like the way it's like a Mono bag, where you stand it up and drop in, instead of having to flay open a bag or a case and lay the board in. With some pedalboard bags, it effectively takes 2 hands to get the job half done, and it takes up so much stage space - 3 times the area of your pedal board with the bag spread open before you pick your board up to put it in the bag. With the Helix and its bag, it's a quick 2 handed operation to bag or unbag, one hand on the helix, one on the bag. And it only takes up a minimal amount of space to do the job. Happy!
  9. Hey roscoe5, I bought the Lava Snake you're looking at with the same configuration, and it's great. It's a little heavier and thicker than I expected. I ordered mine with 10' of unbound at the pedalboard end, and I probably should have added an inch or two longer cable at the end just to provide a little slack, as the IEC power plug is straight and it makes for a slightly taught fray of leads at the Helix end of things. I have 30' at the amp end which I use with my Mark V, and this is ideal to connect everything, includng the stretch around the front to the input and the AC line to a powerstrip behind the amp. It also coils up nicely in the Helix Bag alongside an expression pedal, but there's not room for much else except a guitar cable. In AB tests (i.e., unity gain with the effects loop on and off) I can't distinguish between the snake and the helix in the loop or having the loop off. I've also used the PedalSnake, and I honestly didn't realize how much handling noise and tone-suck I was getting out of that until I upgraded. It could be that it's 6 or 8 years old and needs a little dioxit spray. BTW, there are absolutely issues with the AC line coupled with the signal lines, single coils or otherwise - that's why guitar cables are shielded. Hope this helps! Dave
  10. I have, but not so intensely. So far I've found 10.11.4 to be fine, but 10.11.3 had seemed to solve the timing problems too, up until it didn't, so I've been reluctant to comment. As Amsdenj suggests, aggregate audio devices seemed to remedy issues where I've encountered them in earlier betas, but they do add to the latency.
  11. With my fat mitts I also find it hard to spin the middle knobs fast enough to have it "accelerate" the value change - I think the threshold should be lower.
  12. Ya, sounds to me like something's a little wonky with the single coil PU guitar - but I'm a little confused as to whether you have one or two. Rather than stick a real pedal up front, I'd think that if you just put a compressor model with unity gain, or even a Minotaur as Fukui suggest, you'll have enough boost for the single pups. Oh, also, just checking - did you also check that the "Guitar In Pad" option is off?
  13. Everyone else's suggestions are good ones - but here's another couple of shots in the dark: Check your global settings and make sure "Guitar In Pad" is off, and that Guitar Impedance is set to "auto" it's your best bet, as the input will mimic the impedance of whatever pedal/amp you have first in the Helix chain. Are you %100 sure you've been jacked into the guitar input instead of the aux input? (I've done this twice and it took me forever to figure out why things sounded so bad, very much like what you describe) For the XLR output setting, line level is preferred over mic level, as it's 30 to 35db hotter than mic level. (You'll need to match your audio interface's input setting to the other end of the cable of course.) Hope this helps!
  14. To be fair, Fractal and Kemper users have been complaining gaps between preset changes for a long time - a quick Google search will show you. Only recently have the new "scenes" feature where you can flip or pan between two sets of settings for all the effects in your patch, and it sounds like it's a feature that the Line 6 crew is looking to deliver as well. I really don't find it hard at all to build a patch that has 4 great one-tap tones to walk through, with various amps, levels of gain and combinations of wet/dry. It's definitely easier than I had it with my Pod G-System, Pod XT Pro, Lexicon or Digitech 2120. Don't get me wrong, I'd love instantaneous patch changes as well, it's just that I haven't seen it yet! Cheers!
  15. I started to watch after reading 3 or 4 pages about the vids on the gear page. 90 seconds in with absolutely no information gleaned, I decided my time was better spent practicing string-skipping arpeggios.
  16. I was perplexed as to why there was no Link input too, butI guess that makes sense. The only other concern I'd have is extra latency.. every DAC and ADC "only" adds a few milliseconds, but the more ADACS one adds to their rig, the more latency builds up, which is one reason I went for the Helix in the first place. I've always been amazed to see folks with 4 eventide pedals or 4 line 6 stomp boxes, because whenever I've tried to play boards like that I feel like I'm muted and someone else is double-tracking me ;). I love the idea of a rig comprising of a Variax->Helix->Eventide H9->Firehawk, but I'm pretty sure that the latency would cross my comfort threshold. Hearing is believing though - I can't wait until the local GC has a Firehawk 1500 setup for me to try out!
  17. Luxury! 58db SNR. "Tell that to kids today, and they wouldn't believe you!"
  18. Trainwreck Express FTW! Guys, I know there's a lot of amps I'd like in there, but wouldn't you be most interested in some of the greatest sounding amps that you'll NEVER be able to get your hands on (i.e. one of the fewer than 100 Trainwrecks ever made) and NEVER be able to afford (i.e., Dumble Overdrive Special cost more than $50000). Case in point - I'd never played and actual ($3000) Klon, but was BLOWN away when I got to play the model on my Helix I was sold. I bought an ARC FX Klon clone just both double check and to have a quick 'throw in the bag' pedal. The Helix's "clone" and the ARC clone both sound sooo good that I haven't even bothered to A/B them! TLDR; Given the fidelity of Helix's modeling, I want it to provide me with what I otherwise could never have - a Trainwreck.
  19. Erm, no, not really - at least your second point isn't quite what I'd said. When you put a real effect in a real effects loop, there's usually 1/2 of a 12ax7 (or 12at7) dual triode before the effect, and another 1/2 preamp buffer tube after it, followed by the phase inverter tube and then the power tubes and output transformer. That's a LOT going on post-effect when you use an effects loop, but the biggest part is the cab's high frequency attenuation of anything the effect does. When you place an effect between one of Helix's amp blocks and a cab block, it is after the aforementioned preamp buffer tube, phase inverter, power tubes and output transformer. Usually in the studio you'd have reverb and delays, even modulation effects added after all that AND after the speaker, the mic, the mic pre and maybe the board's EQ. Each of these permutations sounds different - for better or for worse. More commonly it sounds better to have studio effects after the cab and mic, IMHO, and it also sounds more like what we're used to hearing on most recordings, and of course, with the Helix, if we so choose.... Whew - sorry for the long windedness... Cheers!
  20. Yes, it is possible - you can program any Helix footswitch to send CC, CC toggle between two Values, Program Change, Note On, MMC, Ext Amp (relays), CV or CV Toggle - this is more comprehensive than any foot controller that I've ever used! Checkout page 37 of the manual.
  21. No, it's not possible because the Helix's amps only come in "Preamp" and "Amp" variations, where "Amp" is the preamp and power amp. You can put effects and loops between a full amp model and it's cab by disabling the amp models cab and adding a discrete one. While this may not be what we're used to, consider that almost all the studio recording you've ever heard have a mix of effects before the preamps and post mic/cab. The few times I've been in the studio, the engineer SHUDDERS when I use the effects loop. The original invention of the effects loop was to try to get a live sound that is closer to a studio sound, where time domain effects are after the mic/cam combination. So in one respect, Helix and most other modelers are a step up from the good old days of FX loops of real amps, but it's still a shame that we can't do it if we want to because of the missing free-standing power-amp models. Back to the other side of the coin: a delay hitting your phase inverter and power tubes will make for a different kind of breakup, which can be really special sounding... It's odd that we can do this with the Helix in a 4CM configuration, but not in standalone config with amp modeling along :( Hope this helps, Dave
  22. +1 for idea scale submissions. Also, since it takes so long to model the amps, be specific and only enter one idea scale per specific amp! An Ideascale ticket that says "more mesa amps, including triple rec, Maverick, Lodestar Special, etc" will never get implemented. Of note, I did some A/B testing with my Mark V's Lead channel's Extreme mode and was THRILLED that the Helix's Recto Preamp model totally nailed it, at least with my preferred settings on the Boogie. I use the contour know instead of the 5 band EQ though. For folks that use the Mark Series' 5 band EQ I don't think they'd be as pleased though.
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