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  1. As an adendum, there's no need to make a custom Cat5 cable - it uses standard cables you can get from any suitable outlet (just never, ever use a crossover-type cable).
  2. That's a mod by someone. You can see the remains of the square RJ socket underneath.
  3. I think you're referring to MIDI connectors, but you don't need them if you have a CAT-5 cable connecting the Flextone and Shortboard. In fact this is much easier than using MIDI. I'm unaware of a Flextone III+ without RJ-54 I have to admit. Pictures would be helpful. In any case presets are stored in the respective devices, not in the floor controllers. They're just dumb remote controllers that select the presets stored in the Flextone, PodFarm etc.
  4. 1. No. Only the Line 6 FloorBoard or FB4 (? not sure) will work. Unplug the FBV. 2. Don't know, I'll have a dig around 3. I think Pod 1 will only work with the long gone SoundDiver. Try this link for a possible solution: 4. No. It is a CAT-5 connector but it is not Ethernet protocol. Do not plug in any computer or other Ethernet device. Check that it hasn't been updated to 2.0: Q: How do I find the current version of the POD EPROM? A: To find the current version of software installed in your POD, press and hold the MANUAL button while turning on the POD. The display will first read "POD" and then the software version will follow. Continue to hold the button until the preset shows up and you will be sure to see the complete version. Upon normal power up, it will only show version 2.0.
  5. The smallest however would be the FBV Express MkII:
  6. The X3 uses GearBox to edit, not Line 6 Edit. Download GearBox from the downloads tab at the top right of this page.
  7. What is the order of your effects chain?
  8. If you only had one POD and that was second-hand and the owner didn't sign the packs over to you, then yes using the licence manager would erase the packs. It is up to you and the seller to decide what you are buying, not Line 6. If it's advertised as having the model packs and you are paying a little more as a result then the seller should sign them over to you. If he doesn't then he should sell it as standard and reduce the price. Obviously Line 6 cannot police what people do and do not include in the sale, that's up to the buyer to check. In your case you have I believe the Metal Shop (or 'headbanger' as you descibed, lol) on your original Pod (bean). You should I believe be able to use that licence on up to four Line 6 products, so you should be able to get it on your Live too. The Live came with FX Junkie as standard so it won't be erased by the licence manager but I'm not sure if you'd be able to transfer the licence for that onto your Pod (bean).
  9. As BillBee says, the most likely culprit is your (I bet) cheap USB to MIDI adapter. Line 6 Monkey will give you no funcionality. Line 6 Edit will allow you to customise and save your own patches. You cannot use PodFarm at all. It seems you're perhaps a little impatient and aren't really across what each piece of software does yet. Take your time, buy a decent interface and it will work.
  10. It might be wiser to go with what you know. I'm not really sure what the problem is with your XT+FBV combo as you don't really describe the issue, but I'm sure with more info someone could tell you how to set it up properly. It might be an easier option than trying a new device (even if it is very similar). OK, assuming you're going ahead with your plan then it should be relatively easy. However as you've obviously never used the software involved it may take some setting up, maybe not in time for tomorrow. The first thing you need is GearBox. Use this software to save your patches from the bean and then you'll be able to send them to the Live. You'll really need to read up a bit on the GearBox manual. If you're worried that you may blow away your XT bean patches then maybe you shouldn't be doing it when you're obviously pushed for time. Once saved on the computer though you'll then have a back-up which you should have anyway. However you may fall foul if your software versions are different. You can use Line 6 Monkey to check the versions of your two devices (you'll need to plug them in separately to check). You may also find that if you have an early version 1.01 that this will not be able to be used via USB. It would need updating via MIDI if that were the case. You'll need to get the Live to the same version as the XT bean. Do you use any model packs? If so you need to make sure both devices have the same ones. Best of luck. P.S. It's "couldn't care less", just one of those internet things I'm trying to stomp out ;)
  11. I don't disagree with you at all. The only reason I mentioned Axe FX is because it made no sense to me within the OS update argument. However I hope all you 500/500x users get an update and get some fun stuff, but I guess what some of us are trying to say is, if it isn't right for you now, then you need something else rather than waiting on some update which might make it perfect for you (not you personally as you've sold yours, the general you).
  12. And none of those updates support older hardware. iOS won't even run on iPhones 1-4. Windows 8 can't even run on my computer. So whilst OSs are being updated each update loses a few users until they buy newer hardware, so I'm not really getting this iOS analogy as a Line 6 business plan at all. At some point to add new features requires new hardware, and naturally ends the update support for the older product. I don't see regular updates from Boss as suggested (my RC-50 got on bug-fix update, my RC-300 two or three. There have been no more updates). Also the frequent Axe FX updates often cited as the way to do things are for the Axe FX II: the original model is also OS-mothballed, so there is no perfect solution from any company that I can see.
  13. Regarding power supplies: you must be sure it's the correct spec. It must be AC/AC, most common replacements are AC/DC and will look as if they're powering the Pod but will produce no sound and it can also damage the Pod. Assuming it's not a power issue, do you hear anything if you use headphones on the Pod?
  14. As your device is completely different it may well be a completely different issue to the OP, he didn't describe your max/min problem at all. You should really start a thread in the HD forum about this.
  15. Moved. Hopefully the post will make more sense now.
  16. Sorry my Mac knowledge is zero, hopefully someone else can chime in on that issue.
  17. The vibrations can cause the real knobs to move a minute amount (which you cannot see), which can cause the display knobs to go into edit mode. Please try what I suggested. Are you using USB to USB cable or USB to MIDI cable? If you are using the latter then make sure you are using a decent brand cable, as the cheap ones often do not work for MIDI SysEx. Line 6 recommend the MIDISport Uno. If you are using Line 6 Edit (which can produce Java errors) try GearBox instead as this doesn't use Java at all. What version of software do you have on your PodXT? Check on the unit by pressing on the Tuner button and scrolling down to the very last page and it will display your flash version, or use Monkey.
  18. Playing at volume can actually vibrate the knobs out of position causing it to go to edit mode, change parameters etc. Try this: give all the knobs a good number of fast turns to both extremes. Repeat a few times. This may help clean up the pots a bit. Now when playing park all the knobs at the 'zero' position and this should hopefully stop you going into edit mode. There may be other issues but try that first.
  19. lol, here is one: The one I really like is the 15 step one, but it shows unavailable in my country (UK). See if anyone else an see it:
  20. :D There's a great Radiohead video like this, I'll have to hunt it down.
  21. The Bass Pods never had 128 memory locations as far as I remember. Maybe you're thinking of the guitar Pods that did have a number of firmware updates that increased locations. You'll have to overwrite some of the presets to store your own patches. All 64 locations can be overwritten. Certainly the manual only shows 1A to 16D.
  22. Maybe start here:
  23. The only way that argument could work is if I had said something positive about every single negative subject. This obviously can't happen as I don't have enough hours in the day. I have a life. For example I am not a fan of, say, AMPLIFi, but rather than waste my life posting my negative thoughts about it I just don't post on that forum (plus I don't own one anyway). I'm not going to b1tch about stuff just to appear cool.
  24. Please don't start getting personal again, this happened before and the thread got locked, let's not do that here. I doubt removing a few connectors would offset the cost of extra DSP and the necessary development costs(hardware and software). I do not agree with all of Line 6's decisions, but I can't see how you can complain about connectors that people actually use and help integrate the various devices. That's my honest unbiased opinion. Oh, and my job is in broadcast television, I don't work for anyone else (including Line 6).
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