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  1. Use a proper power supply for the external pedal. I was thinking that on a future model it would be awesome to have power outlets on the back of the unit, so that you would not get this problem from having different powersupplies
  2. If you make another path in path 1 (just like you did in path 2). Then you can move the "split-block" (move the joystick to the place where the line devide into two and press action - then move it down. The same thing goes for the "merge-block"
  3. It seems that there is a bug between Helix and OSX El Capitan. :/ Did it help to change buffersize ?
  4. In the videos you can pretty much see all the info you would need... At least for a starting point...
  5. sounds interesting, but I don't know the first thing about coding.
  6. Okay! Thank you! That's good to hear :) But i still don't see why it isn't possible to make an outputblock send to "Send 1" f.ex.
  7. Thank you. But that is still stupid... i have two signal-paths and want my guitar path to stay stereo. The other one should be sent to a bass-amp in mono...
  8. Yeah, I am using El Capistan... Do we know when this Issue will be fixed ?
  9. Yeah, of cause. But it would just be awesome that everytime I load up an "elephant man" (btw. thats a stupid name :P ) it would sound just the way that I want it.
  10. Is it possible (or will it become possible) to change the standard setting of an effect so that my favorite setting is already there, when I load up my delay f.ex. This would be an amazing feature! f.ex. the standard curve of a volume-pedal i set i Linear which might be considered as an actual Bug in the software.
  11. When I use Helix for recording and use it as Output device, it really sucks ? It makes weird clipping-noises all the time and some times it actually sounds lige some sick Ring-Modulator. Can Anyone explain this ? Is it due to the fact that USB is outdated ? or what is going on ? Sample rate is set to 44.1 in both Helix and Logic.
  12. Now it has happened to me twice that the helix has Frozen when scrolling through presets. Am I the only one this has happened to or is it a software bug ?
  13. Thank you guys! I had just googled for his tones and didn't realize that the site I came to was for POD and not Helix :p
  14. So... I watch to download Paul Hindmarsh's Tones from the online library, but they come i the format .h3e which is not recognised by the Helix App ? Is this the format of the Editor or whats going on here ?
  15. I cant customize a footswitch, that is set as a controller without assigning et for a block (On/Off) as well... Also: Why isn't it possible to make an output-block send in mono ? F.ex. sending one path on send 1. Of course I can put a send in the last block before output, but i dont see why we dont have a chance to output in mono ?
  16. Does anyone know if it would be possible to make a software update, where you can choose how much DSP-power you would send to each path ? I have a tele with an extra Piezo (which makes Bass-octave on the lower strings) Short story: I need to paths, but in one of them i only need af mute switch, which shouldn't take up that much power :)
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