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  1. If you are referring to the Bean XT I don't think it has a clip indicator. IIRC the XT Live and Pro do. Just something to think about.
  2. Not having an AX2 I cannot tell you for certain but if its just the usual PCB mounted jack I would check out the ones for the Spiders, Flexs, Spider valves. Contacting L6 directly is probably a good thing to do as well. Being a user forum they don't see every post.
  3. Double check the list here: If after that it still isn't updated then, as Nico sez, contact L6.
  4. I am wondering if the XT is clipping due to the increase in input signal.
  5. Yikes! Two options 1) JB Weld - two part epoxy which is super strong when set 2) Find a dead HD and swap the guts
  6. This is the place to go for Vetta info. More active users and files. To anyone out there going to reflash a Vetta: Be careful or you will have a large paperweight if something goes wrong.
  7. The Express will allow you to toggle between the 4 presets in any bank. Each bank contains 4 presets - 1 a, 1b, 1c, 1d which correspond to the Express' A-D buttons. You need to manually turn the preset knob to get to the next bank like bank 2 as the Express does not allow for the switching of banks.. So if you modify Bank 1 preset A hit save on the XT (once or twice) and it will save your edited patch to that spot in the bank. If you get Gearbox working on your computer then the XT can be connected with a usb cable and you can do all your editing and saving through there too.
  8. The PF2 download started for me just fine. As far as the interfaces you have it depends as depending on the age it could be PF1 or 2. Red Faced one = PF1 (free) Blackface could be either. I would try again as it might be a network issue on your end.
  9. Depends on what S75 it is. Maybe these will help but they are for a IV.
  10. The FBV4 should work as the more modern L6 gear can use it (X3, XT, Vetta II, etc.). The Lowdown is not mentioned either way so take it as my opinion. The FBV Express is listed as compatible.
  11. Its been a long time since I looked at the X-11 but I used a X-15 (should be similar) there is a pedal board mode that you can use it should be in the manual. Use it for setting the Pod's ccs for the fx you are looking to trigger. For the X-15 I used this: Which was a lot easier. You can still find the older floorboards used the usually run ~ $50 - $75. If your Pod 2.0 reads FBV above the port you can use the FBV. If it read "pedal" then yes, you have to find the older floorboard - they are pretty nice with the dual exp pedals.
  12. The MKIIs can have their firmware updated through Monkey.
  13. There was a video posted in the lounge sometime back. IIRC Steve Vai on pedal order. A very worthy watch.
  14. You will have to fool around and see how close you can get it to match in the patch as a whole. It is a cool pedal. There is a Colorsound fuzz/wah in the XTL btw. ;)
  15. The XT Live was limited in the flexibility of the signal chain. The Volume can go pre or post (same with modulation/delay). I think the wah is fixed pre.
  16. Yep. Better put "Helix" in the title too. Its the circle of life with MFX.
  17. FBV Express MK1(Does not have USB Port): Compatible With: Spider Valve, Spider Valve MKII, Spider II, Spider III Your vendor and music store are wrong. The toe switches in the FBV are pretty stiff and you have to put some weight on them (ie stand up and try). Its either the amp, cable or fbv. You can always take the amp up to the store and try one of them out with it.
  18. Here ya go: Everything and more than you ever wanted. :) I would try a different cable (cat 5) to make sure it was the FBV that was bad (could be the port on either the amp or the fbv but usually s-not).
  19. Some call it an oyster.......... but its not. :P
  20. The "work around", as us old-timers did with the XT model packs, that could not be "re" gifted was to surrender the account to the new owner - problem solved. It has been done before.
  21. I got to hit the road right now so I can't dig for it but wasn't there a different calibration procedure for the MKI? While I don't have a HD Pro I've used the MKI with the HD Bean for years (until its death, then a MKII). I'm back and found a description from Sweetwater's page (hope it works): 1. Attach the RJ45 cable from your Line6 device to your FBV pedal board. Once your Line 6 device is powered up, your FBV SHORTBOARD’s LEDs should cycle and the display should read “LINE 6†with the backlight lit up. 2. Move the ONBOARD pedal to the center position, roughly halfway between the MAXIMUM and MINIMUM position. 3. Press STOMP + DELAY + REVERB and hold for three seconds to begin calibration of the ONBOARD pedal. 4. Move the ONBOARD pedal to its MAXIMUM position (pedal all the way toe down) and press down hard enough to actuate the pedal’s toe switch. 5. Move the ONBOARD pedal to its MINIMUM position and press down (pedal all the way heel down). ***If you have an EXTERNAL pedal, hook it up to your FBV SHORTBOARD now and continue on to step six. If you do NOT have an external pedal, simply turn OFF you Line 6 device, you are done calibrating. 6. Move the EXTERNAL pedal to the center position, roughly halfway between the MAXIMUM and MINIMUM position. 7. Press BANK DOWN + STOMP + DELAY and hold for three seconds, to begin calibration of the EXTERNAL pedal. 8. Move the EXTERNAL pedal to its MAXIMUM position (pedal all the way toe down). 9. Move the EXTERNAL pedal to its MINIMUM position and press down (pedal all the way heel down). 10. Turn OFF your Line 6 device. You have just calibrated your EXTERNAL pedal.
  22. If its not the tubes - then sitting forever probably has oxidized the master volume pot probably some jacks as well. DeOxit usually can clear that up. But P-Sark is better equipped to point you in what to look for.
  23. Yep that's what I was thinking too - the packs can't be "authorized" until the firmware supporting them is installed. Be sure to DL the latest HD Edit too for later.
  24. Based off the old logo and grill cloth its probably a Vetta 1 cab, but who knows it could be possibly for the Flextone 1 or 2, but the usual grill cloths I've seen where not black.
  25. msfelmay1 - hit save on the HD too if the edited patch is not being saved.
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