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  1. When you are connected with Edit - double check that Exp 1 is set to Volume.
  2. Well yes and no. It used to be that if they were bought on sale they could not be transferred and the account had to be surrendered to the new owner - then they could use them. Not bought on sale = gift away. That was my experience goes back to the ole XT Model Packs.
  3. Ironically, I had the opposite. A guitar was all I wanted but **poof**: piano, then brass instruments for quite a long time. When Bill had earned enough money to score a guitar and afford lessons then the magic happened. Downside: I can sight read and notate bass clef like a champ, treble I still have to pause. Every Good Boy Does Fine, FACE :O
  4. If you don't know how many hours are on the tubes that is usually the first thing to check. Tubes and a bias set.
  5. It the classic spend the money on the amp first rule. Its a tough road finding that one out after shelling a couple grand on a guitar. :)
  6. Lil bugger is rocking out and working the high hat pedal and the drummer is rocking it too. \m/
  7. Good article, I could play slide on that bowl harp for sure. :) I would hazard a guess that the music equipment business in general grew faster in the past 30 years than the prior 50 (?). Playing and equipment has, like you said, evolved and as long a someone can tap their toes or feels that urge, the instrument of the people will live on and change. Just wait until Skynet gets the music bug. :D
  8. Tools for learning are out there and have never been more accessible. One trend that seems to have popped up is there P&W scene too. I can't comment on the foreign markets but neither did the article. That whole article IMO is just another example of "the invisible hand" moving the guitar economy and much of the story can relate to other industries as well: autos, electronics, etc. I would guess that the mfgs are out producing the growth of the market. So one could perceive that as a decline but is it really? Mark Twain: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.â€
  9. Wild shot in the dark here. I still use one for recording band practice as its a pretty decent recorder. Try a different usb cable. Mine only really worked with the L6 one - its the one with the right angle connector to the device. Also fire up the device and see what the program it uses sees - its been too long for me to remember but it might give some more info.
  10. When you say "no match" I guess you mean for your OS. If so, choose one from an older OS as new as possible. There has not been anything upgraded for L6 Edit or GB for a long time.
  11. His forum is still up and running and you might be able to directly ask him: Excerpt: I generally use the Pod for cleaner tones. I have a nice, warm jazzy clean tone which I can add a little gain to so that it begins to break up a bit and sound a little thicker. Then I have a more 'twangy' tone with a delay which gets me into that pure, clean but spacey 'Shadows' style sound. Another clean tone with a very short delay suits the fingerpicking Chet Atkins style, then there's a slightly dirty but twangy tone with a strong tremolo and reverb which is good for Americana style sounds (or Duane Eddy emulations.) All these are on the Pod along with a few more fuzz based, sustainy, tones. Straight to the board IIRC.
  12. A breakdown by preset? Essssh. Not many people use the stock presets.
  13. If it was only that easy. There are reasons the Variax is not cheap because there is a whole next level of modeling going on that starts with individual piezos picking up each string's notes and processing according to what model is dialed in. They are really fun and you should check one out, even the old ones are a blast.
  14. Keep the HD for back-up in the bag and go get your amp. We only go around one time in life JB and if you are jonsing that bad for it you might as well indulge yourself. "If" and its a big "if" you can score a deal (open box, used) then if a divorce is the plan after the honeymoon period you can flip it and move on without loss.
  15. The XT doesn't allow assigns like the HD so you are locked in to the footswitches (amp, delay, etc.). The best way is to just switch presets. You might be able to use a midi controller but that would be a PITA IMO.
  16. Page 1-3 in the manual, the version is in one of the options under the save button.
  17. The usual problem is the midi/usb adapter. If you are trying to use an ebay $2 special then that is probably the issue. I've used an M-Audio Uno many times with the Flexy so try one of those. The cheap ones IIRC cannot send a large enough chunk of data. Sometimes reversing the In/Out works if you already have an Uno - why who knows but its how mine has worked with numerous L6 devices (flex, duoverb, pods).
  18. It is tough Joel, if you aren't going direct already and don't use many then the temptation is strong. But your current sound is really good.
  19. Ahhh the good ole internet made that easy: Hope that works.
  20. If I find it I'll will post a link for you.
  21. I might...might but I have no reg code/serial which is pretty crucial.
  22. Give me a day or two and I will post a link after I upload it to a hosting site. BTW a good midi/usb adaptor like the M-Audio Uno is needed. The Duoverb has some good stuff under the hood. ;) Edit: Found it: That should be it, if not I will get the one from home when I get there.
  23. Its there, just tried it and the DL started. BTW the latest firmware is: Version 2.09 - Released 10/22/08.
  24. The pre-amp and power amp are on separate boards. When changing tubes I always spray some contact cleaner on the pins and a wee squirt in the socket as a just in case. Like Napynap sez: Try running a fan pointed at the rear of the chassis to see if it may be a heat related issue causing it. Those puppies can run really hot and there is not much ventilation and if any solder joints are iffy they can show.
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