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  1. Hahaha!!! Let me preface this by saying I have no experience with either of the bands material except with Trey articles in the usual mags over the years. Needless to say, first I watched the Radiohead vid and positively thought someone was out of their mind, Thankfully when I clicked on the Phish vid the title of the article explained what I was supposed to be hearing. I went from abject horror to roaring laughter!! Great posts! Bill
  2. Man priceless info too - the archives are kind of hard to dig specific info out of sometimes. Its awesome you guys stick here to pass this stuff along. ThanX! -B
  3. As a used X3L, was the former owner able to connect via usb? There is a posibility of a bad USB port on the unit. Usually WinXp will connect and slap the drivers in at the least. I found a similar old thread for you to check out: Looking at some old threads, which had similar issues and if the X3L usb firmware version reads 0.00 things do not look good. I can't recall how to pull that info off the X3L but it should be in one of the menus I'd like to think. Edit: As its been a while since I've had a working X3L, I took a look at the manual - you can try uninstalling all the drivers and software than go to page 8-1 and try a fresh start. If you have an extra or have a friend that has one try a different power supply too. IIRC when the PS aren't quite putting out enough juice they can cause some things to be screwy. Good Luck! -B
  4. Oh OK - I got you know. The FX Junkie Pack appears to not be functioning correctly - changing effects only only changes the name and not the actual sound - which is stuck in whatever the last standard model used was. Have you tried using the PodXT's front control panel to change the settings (in lieu of Gearbox/PodFarm)? If you have the FX %mix settings right, reflashed, reinstalled the FX-Junkie pack (check boot screen) and connected the ins/outs right I can't think of a reason why you are having this issue. You might want to consider a support ticket if someone else can't point you in a better direction. I wish I could have been more help. -B
  5. Hey There, I know this won't be a big help BUT can you connect the X3L via the midi/USB cable? Might be a workaround. My X3L is doa in a box so I can't test it myself. -B
  6. Hmmm are you talking about Pod Farm 2.5 standalone? or through an interface like a UX2 etc?
  7. Hey there - for the midi timeout code "Code 8000900C Midi device timed out waiting for a response" I've read that that error can happen when using a usb hub. L6 gear does not function well with usb hubs. If you could try it on a friend's PC to see if it is the PC or the XTL might help in eliminating a variable. Like Mr_Arkadin I've no knowledge on the Mac stuff either. But I would stick with working on the USB/USB route. -B
  8. Hey there - do mean to say that the model pack options sound exactly like the factory standard models? or that your patches aren't being saved with the model pack options? The stomp sound should be different than the mod one - drive vs modulation. Gearbox will show you what models are currently being used and you can flip around seeing what the differences are. Some are pretty subtle and do seem the same IMO. It could be I don't quite understand exactly what you intended to write.
  9. Cool - never even thought about java. Mental note taken! Excellent Toneman! -B
  10. Cool, did you let out a whew? Flashing firmware over the years usually goes well but I always get a bit antsy till its done and rebooted. Jam On!
  11. Yep - it is crazy. Every patch my man, be sure to create a new folder and copy the ones you like into it as you go along. It will save you time later trying to remember "what was the name of that one?..." :rolleyes:
  12. You can just download the motherload - all the patches in one file. Extract it to your hard drive and bamn! patches till you get sick of them :-) Though honestly IMO alot of the patches were so-so - though there are some gems in there. -B
  13. I know but the L6 midi ports work with the better cables. I had the same problem with the cheap cables. They would work on somethings but not reliably on the Pod/FPP, the better cables solved the problem. Do a search of the forums and see how many times the problem with the midi/usb cables are posted and then what the usual culprit is. In the long run the better cables (IMO) were more than worth it for the peace of mind. When an issue did arise I had a variable aready removed from the equation and could address the root problem quicker (usually WinXPs lovely usb system). -B
  14. Never plug proprietary cat5 cables into other mfg's equipment even if the jacks look identical and the plug fit (IIRC even some older L6 fbs are not compatible with the newer MFXs). The wiring can be used for completely different purposes (ie: phantom power) and 9/10 something will fry on one end or the other or both. -B
  15. IIRC the SJ has no effects loop so it looks like you would have to connect it on the front end - not ideal but it seems to be the only option. "If" it had a line in/line out you would just cable it there and be good to go. -B
  16. Even running the license manager (not monkey) didn't help? IIRC this can be a bad memory flash and you may have to do a safe mode flash with the file off the hard drive. Expansion packs are not gone, they just need to be reauthorized when you can get it to connect. You should give the L6 guys a call or open a support ticket if our mighty Ubers can't point you in the right direction (IMO they have seen almost every prob that pops up ). -B
  17. I can see how that would be a PITA. Can you try using a different screen resolution? You know the 1048x758 settings (I made those up btw but you get the idea).
  18. Hey There, IIRC there was a thread somewhere in the archive here that said the XTPro "may" have all you need internally but you may have to switch some of the internal ps wires to the other setting. BTW the way my man - I have to put the disclaimer here that I've never tried that (I'm in the US) and cannot promise you won't melt it down. -B
  19. Hmmm I am at a loss then - perhaps you could try it on a friend's computer that has a direct usb port.
  20. With WinXP I just plug in a MAudio Uno and the latest version L6E just fires up. It may be that the USB interface is causing the problems you are experiencing. Wish I could be of more help but I have no experience with that PC Card. If you could borrow a pair of cables you could try connecting it directly and see if "its all good". -B
  21. Hey There, You are going to have to provide more info if you want someone to help you. Trouble? such as? Comms and settings? You should list your OS and what type of midi/usb cable. -B
  22. Hey my man - guitarport is no longer. Customtone is still there. I usually download a few and put them in via Gearbox off the hard drive. Try DL'ing the patch to your hard drive first then load it up that way. -B
  23. You should give Line 6 a phone call or email them to see what they can do.
  24. The first step would to connect it to your computer, launch L6 license manager and see if you can register it. You may have to contact L6 support if it is already registered and see what they can do. -B
  25. Hey one last thing. Fire it up, put the pdal toe down, trim pot mid way - plug your guitar in with the amp on. Turn the volume up on the guitar and while the strings are vibrating wiggle the plug in the XTL's ouput jack. If there is a pcb crack "sometimes" this wiggling will close the gap and sound will come out. Slim hope but if everything else failed it can't hurt. Rock On! Bill
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