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  1. Silverhead, I have checked again to make sure I did not make an error in my #2 description. After checking again, I still stand by my statement. It has caused me great confusion because logic would agree with your assumption, which was mine as well. A lot of users would never notice because they don't use the edit software at all or much. I find that using the software while I am playing helps me learn much more about the unit. I love being able to see all the set lists. I love being able to see what effects are chosen and the order they are placed. I love being able to find the different ways Exp1 and Exp 2 are used by seeing visually to what they are assigned. I always had the edit software running while I was playing with the HD500X. So, I ended up putting the HD500X on a desk, and using my hand to physically make changes on the pedal or the software, depending on what was easier. And before that, I kept the pedal on the floor and would make a change with my foot as often as my mouse. So, I stayed confused on how a patch might react because I had never figured this illogical, unmentioned in the manual peculiarity out. Note a quote from edstar, "If you are using the unit connected to PC with HD500X active, then ensure you NEVER touch the physical controls or pedal on the unit ". Until I figured this out, I had little success even getting a patch saved correctly. So, best practices is when using the edit software, click with the mouse all you want but don't touch the HD500X, including the expression pedal(s). I also try to save a changed patch after each change.
  2. I have got most other issues under control so I wanted to come back to this excellent idea of not having to turn off the wah. I have wah ready to use on many of my patches by assigning an FS switch to turn it on and off. So, if I use your method, I sent mix 21-62. Does that setting only activate the wah when you are depressing the expression pedal past 21% toward the toe? So as long as the pedal is from heel to 21% of the travel distance, the wah will not be activated?
  3. edstar1960 and silverhead have found the answer to my dilemma. I have played with the HD500X plugged up to the computer (with HD Edit software engaged) much more than played live with it (with the edit software not engaged). In case anyone is confused as I was, here are the 3 ways your patch change acts: 1. So, with the edit software engaged, if you edit a patch by turning an FX off with your mouse in the software, then disconnect the computer, then change a patch, then come back to the patch you edited, it will revert to its original state, FX on. 2. With the edit software engaged, if you edit a patch by turning the FX off with your footswitch on the HD500X, then disconnect the edit software, change to another patch, then come back to the edited patch, the patch will have retained the changed state, FX off. 3. With the edit software not engaged, if you turn the FX off, go to another patch, and come back to the edited patch, it will revert to its original state, FX on. Hard to believe this wasn't self evident to me. Thanks so much for clearing this up.
  4. I like to have my HD500X set up with performance view assigning FS1-FX8 to toggle FXs on and off. I also use the HD500X edit software. It seems like when I change patches, either with the edit software engaged or not, the pedal does not respond consistently. Sometimes I think, when I go back to a patch, that it went back to its original saved state, and most times I think it stays the same way I left it. So, I have finally learned to edit a patch to my satisfaction. As I use a patch over and over, should it always go back to the way I originally saved it or should it return to the way I left it after I used it? I include in my patch a forced guitar model for my JTV-69. If I change it during performance, does it stay in its changed mode when I return to it? If you make changes in the edit software, you can return to the original by selecting the patch and clicking the receive button. Is there a way to manually bring back the original save of the patch or the original set on the HD500X?
  5. I used the factory settings live recently through a huge Martin line array system at a big event. I was totally blown away at the sounds of the presets that are in the HD500x. Bass players have not gravitated to the HD500x because they do not use as many effects so are not prone to spend this much for a DI. And bass players do not tweak their sounds near as compulsively as guitarists. So, if the support for the bass is weak, it is in quantity of patches only. The bass presets are awesome, though waiting for some of us to tweak and upload. Since I also play guitar, I have purchased one. I use my JTV with the ehtercon cable connected and have my bass connected through the guitar input. I think both sound awesome so I respectfully disagree. No need to look elsewhere. I believe the tools that are in the HD500x surpass anything else I have seen on the market or played through.
  6. I used the factory settings live recently through a huge Martin line array system at a big event. I was totally blown away at the sounds of the presets that are in the HD500x. I nave downloaded and am anxious to try the above presets. I "would" suggest getting one exclusively for bass usage. It is better than anything I have ever used, including Aguilar.
  7. I used the factory settings live recently through a huge Martin line array system at a big event. I was totally blown away at the sounds of the presets that are in the HD500x. I have downloaded and am anxious to try the above presets.
  8. I play a Gibson Mastertone with the 5th string removed and tuned like a guitar. Broadway plays like Hello Dolly, Chicago, and music in the Dixieland style required aggressive banging on the banjo, creating all kinds of obnoxious subtleties when closely scrutinized. I alternated between my real banjo and the model last weekend at Mardi Gras Mobile, AL. I fooled the band members. "How are you doing that?" I think your recording sounds very much like a banjo, and when added in with other appropriate instruments, is very acceptable. I say be aggressive, hit the strings hard, tremelo profusely, go on to the next song, and thank Line 6 that you didn't have to lug several instruments to the gig. (Unless you also had to forego extra pay for doubling)
  9. I would appreciate the attempt, no matter what the obstacles. Variety is what attracts Joe Blow's ears, not virtuosity. The nylon string attempt might not sound exact but might be usable anyway, either for its proximity to the classical sound or on its own.
  10. Are you referring to selecting model on the alternate tuning knob on the JTV guitar or choosing a model (rather than don't force) on the Edit software?
  11. XLR doesn't give a better sound quality. It is used to run longer distances, say over 30' or from the stage to the mixer (FOH position). 1/4" mono plugs on shielded cable at shorter distances should sound equal to XLR cables.
  12. Also, unplug your expression pedal after the save, then plug it back in, then save again. Adhere to all the above advice as well.
  13. That is a great idea, assigning the expression pedal to the channel volume of the amp. Looks like that will also free up one of the 8 DSP FX channels. So, if I can't think of anything else I want in a patch, I use the EXP 2 Mission pedal for wah. I don't suppose wah would be stereo. Wait, let me look back through the HD500X Advanced Guide. I quote, "It is important to note that some Models (all EQs, Wahs & Volume, and some Modulations, Filters, Pitches and Delays, as well as the FX Loop) preserve a stereo output within the signal chain, while others (all Dynamics, Distortions, all Amps & Preamps, and other various Models) are mono FX and do not." So I can put the wah on the end of the chain without worrying about loosing my stereo effect. Awesome. Where is the list that states if an effect has a mono or stereo output? Can you tell by looking someplace in the edit software? Maybe a block diagram of the HD500X would be helpful also. Thank you.
  14. I also have a Mission pedal fro EXP 2. So I am assigning EXP 1 for volume and EXP2 (Mission) for wah or expression. I have been moving the volume pedal in the HD500X edit program more to the end of the chain so as to have control over trails and feedback. Is the volume pedal stereo? I don't want to put it too far in the chain so as to change my stereo ping pong delay to mono, if it is not stereo. I don't want it at the beginning as it tends to change the tone. What is a good rule of thumb for the volume pedal placement?
  15. I have a JTV-69. I have my patches on my HD500X set to recall the Vairax model I want. It seems if I change the model say from Lester 1 to T-1, the patch now stays changed. Is there a way to protect a patch so it will recall the original way you set it up after you go through a song and make some manual changes?
  16. My Pod HD 500X edit program has Tyler Variax for the default for the VDI input of the mixer section and works great with my new JTV-59. Variax control is set to preset, so each factory preset calls up the proper JTV instrument, from acoustic guitar to different electrics. I find that is a worship service, this HD500X and JTV should be used simply at first. I had a great time changing from a few electric patches and then to acoustic. I am going to introduce the banjo patch soon as we are coming across several songs that have that sound.
  17. I wouldn't say the patches are saved wrong. The way I save a patch would seem logical. It might could be called a bug in the pedal but I could have excused Line 6 if the issue would have been addressed in the manual. But here is where the trouble starts. First off, I always have a expression pedal plugged into the pedal 2 jack on the HD500X. I always use the HD500X Edit software. Say you would like to take the wah off EXP 1 and put it on EXP 2 and disengage the EXP Toe Switch. So you go to the Controllers tab, choose the wah from the drop down model menu, change it to EXP2 in the controller drop down, and disengage the EXP Toe Switch in the FS assign drop down. I prefer a volume pedal on all patches, so I add one on the FX page, select it from the model drop down box on the Controllers tab, and select EXP1 from the controller drop down choices. Then I send this patch which I have selected. When I choose another patch and then come back to this one I have just edited, the chances are that the 2 pedals do not work as assigned. You can move EXP 1 and see on the software that it is moving EXP2 or vice versa. That is when I unplug the pedal 2 and reinsert it. I check to see if it is working properly. It usually is. Then I go to another patch. Then I come back to this edited patch and make sure it is working properly. Then I select the patch and send it. Then it starts working as programmed. The other caveat is when you make a change on the software, do not touch the HD 500X until you have selected and sent (saved) the patch.
  18. I am using the pedal 2 jack for an expression pedal that I mostly assign to wah. If I make any changes to a patch, I usually am using the HD500X software. Part of my ritual is to not touch the pedal or Variax guitar after the change is made, Send the patch immediately after I have made a change, go to another patch, come back to the newly saved patch, unplug the pedal 2 plug, reinsert the pedal 2 plug, and resend the patch. That is the only way I can get a patch to save properly. If you are suspecting your pedal 2, I would concur.
  19. I have also wondered the same thing. If I am using the on board pedal for wah and volume, when I depress the volume pedal (EXP1) to go to the wah (EXP2), will the volume go all the way up? If so, this would make a good case for always using a separate expression pedal.
  20. There are actually 12 possible key music can be played in. And to make matters worse, I haven't seen a preset for intelligent harmony that left room for an expression pedal.
  21. A plug is male and a jack is female? Even though jack is a male name?
  22. I have been trying for untold hours to get 2 pedals programmed properly. I am referring to the pedal on the HD500X, and the LIne6 EX-1 pedal plugged into the pedal 2 jack with a stereo TRS male 1/4" plug on each end. I wanted to have volume on exp1 and wah on exp2, with the wah turned on and off with a fs button. I use setup #1 FSmode: FS5-8. It is beneficial for me to NOT use exp toe switch because I like to have a lot of volume headroom under my foot to get that Terry Kath feedback. If I have exp toe switch programmed, when the pedal goes all the way down to activate the wah, my overall volume is too loud. I thank silverhead and ratatats for putting me on the right path. 1. I had issues because I was had my foot on a pedal while I was using the HD Editor on my computer while I was sending the selected patch. So don't touch anything on the HD500x while you are making pedal assignments on the computer editor. 2. After you finish programming, switch to another preset and then back to the one you just programmed. 3. If that darn pedal you are using on pedal 2 is not responding, unplug the pedal 2 cord, then plug it back. Check to see that it is now responding. Send the selected patch for saving again. Switch to another preset and then back to the one you just programmed. These 3 steps gave me success.
  23. An EX-1 is a Line 6 approved pedal. Mine had a lot of dead space as I moved the pedal form heel to toe before the wah started to activate. I cannot find anyway to calibrate it except manually. That means, take the bottom of the pedal off with 4 screws. Take off the cardboard separator, Keep the pedal connected. Assign the pedal to wah. Move the pedal with your hand from the heel position to where you can hear the wah starting to activate. Loosen the allen screw that is securing the pedal to the pot. Move the pedal back to heel. Tighten the allen screw back to the pot. Now your pedal will start the wah without all the dead space.
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