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  1. "When will 'then' be 'now' ? "...;)
  2. Multiple threads, multiple complaints...clearly there's something wrong with your unit. Since it's new, investigate your return options with the retailer...if possible, ditch it and get a new one. If you're already outside the return window, then open a support ticket with Line 6 and let them deal with it....it's a new unit, and therefore still under warranty.
  3. If you're still not successful in "deflubbing" the Solano with any of the above suggestions, try the REVV models...I find them to be pretty versatile for a range of tones, crunchy to saturated, and relatively easy to dial in compared to some of the other options in there.
  4. Ci sono numerosi thread su questo argomento... l'aggiornamento neutralizza deliberatamente la durata della batteria perché da qualche parte, qualche genio ha deciso di lasciare che la batteria si caricasse per sempre, e ha dato fuoco al posto nel processo... quindi, naturalmente, gli avvocati di L6 hanno deciso che tutti noi dovremmo condividere la sofferenza. Tre applausi per una società comicamente litigiosa! Anca-anca, vomito!... Sono io e ho approvato questo messaggio... ;)
  5. There are numerous threads on this topic... the update deliberately neuters the battery life because somewhere, some genius decided to let their battery charge forever, and set the place on fire in the process...so naturally, L6's lawyers decided that we should all share in the suffering. Three cheers for a comically litigious society! Hip-hip, vomit!... I'm me, and I approved this message...;)
  6. Knock yourself out... but as you've already surmised, you can't actually do anything with it without a Helix connected. All it is, is an interface... there's nothing to play with in the software itself. All the functionality is in the hardware.
  7. Mine hasn't...4+ years old now, and not one hiccup that wasn't absent-minded user error. If there were any widespread failures, they'd have been whined about loudly and at length here at B!tch Central...;)
  8. Well I wasn't really talking about the physical footprint...Helix is one device... if it craps out on you, you're dead in the water and your fiddle shall remain silent until it's fixed or replaced. Whereas with a traditional pedalboard, the odds of each individual unit $hitting the bed simultaneously are basically zero. If one thing dies it can be "surgically" removed, and then it's on with the show... some guys don't like the "all your eggs in one basket" approach. Ymmv...
  9. Some things may be the same, but honestly I don't know... never been in the same room with a Shuriken. Like everything else in life, never assume... it's a later design, and a different aesthetic than the others. The bridges are obviously different, so there's no guarantee that the saddles/ piezos are interchangeable. They might be, but you'd have to confirm that with the powers that be.
  10. Since you're familiar with the Stomp, then you already know what you're getting into...there's really not much of a discussion to be had. It's big brother just has more footswitches, and more ins/outs... for all intents and purposes the brains are identical, and it's gonna sound exactly the same as your Stomp. It just boils down to how attached you are to the other stuff on your board, and whether or not you want everything in one box... beyond that, there's really nothing anybody here can tell you that you don't already know.
  11. Well you've already done a reset, which is really the only thing that's available to an end user as a (potential) cure for digital devices that have $hat the bed. You could open a service ticket and see what they tell you... but at this point it's long out of warranty and if it's a hardware issue, then in all likelihood isn't worth fixing. If you're really attached to this particular unit, you can probably pick up a used one on ebay for less than you'd end up spending to bring yours back from the dead. Or just use this as an excuse to buy a new toy... that's what I'd do. If the wife complains, just start taking inventory of her shoes... and do it out loud. ;) Honestly, there are better delays out there anyway. This thing has great delays and absolutely killer reverbs: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ColliderDlyRev--source-audio-collider-stereo-delayreverb-pedal
  12. The XT Live is a "legacy product", several generations of devices behind the curve at this point, and it hasn't been been made for quite some time... so don't hold your breath for an update. And honestly, as good as that was in it's time, it's obsolete now. The Helix family of devices is light years ahead in sound quality, functionality, versatility, etc... you're missing out.
  13. Can't say I do... Not a clue... though I'd assume that a return policy is spelled out somewhere. Can't say, as I've never purchased directly from L6 either, but given the propensity for folks to complain around here, I suspect that if the answer were "no", then we'd all have heard about it by now.... again, and again, and again. ;) Probably lengthy and perhaps expensive, as you'll likely be paying for freight charges to and from The Mothership...unless you manage to convince customer service that you shouldn't have to. If it's still under warranty perhaps they'd pick up the tab...I honestly don't know. But either way, you'll be without your fiddle for a while, whether they pay for the cab fare or not.
  14. cruisinon2

    US Princess

    A model of an electric guitar amp won't be of much help in creating a convincing acoustic tone... as indicated above, the tube pre and EQ is the way to go.
  15. Nothing under the hood of a Variax is standard as far as the electronics are concerned. Even if you've replaced a thousand "normal" volume pots, this won't be what you're used to...you've got the mag pickups, the piezos, and all of it is tied to the main board where the magic is stored. Tread cautiously...
  16. And neither can anybody else.. The "accommodation price" only exists in the screenshot he posted. As you've seen, when you actually go the page, it's clearly listed as a $99.99 item... don't ask me why, or how to become one of the magically "accommodated". It's also pretty obvious that the only answer you're likely to get here is "call support"...
  17. This is the most confusion I've seen in one place since I flunked out of differential equations as an undergrad...
  18. In other news, my foot hurts.
  19. This is a 2 1/2 year old thread with no responses, and the OP hasn't logged in since the day he posted it... don't hold your breath for a reply. I suggest opening a service ticket...
  20. This is arguably the most accurate statement ever made around here...;)
  21. What I think is meaningless. Your individual needs, where and how the device will be used (and the amount of abuse you expect it to be subjected to), and the size of your wallet are the determining factors... and you're the only one with those answers.
  22. There's nothing difficult about adjusting intonation... and doing it on a Variax is no different than any other guitar in the known universe. The recipe is always exactly the same... it's a mechanical issue involving bridge saddle position and the vibrating length of each string, and may or may not require adjusting the height of the mag pickups. If you own a decent tuner and are capable of turning a screw driver (or small hex wrench, as the case may be), then you are eminently qualified to adjust your own intonation. Detailed instructions on exactly how to determine what adjustments need to be made, and how to make them, are readily available on line from any number of sources... check youtube.
  23. 1) You don't really have many simple options beyond finding an OEM replacement somewhere. Graphtech makes piezo saddles, but whenever you start mucking around with third party replacements, you risk screwing things up, unless you really know what you're doing. 2) SPOILER ALERT: Everything breaks eventually, so you can stop worrying about the "if" part... and it's equally ridiculous to waste your life away worrying about when it's gonna happen. There's no reason to assume it won't last a good long time. My JTV is 8 years old, and works just fine. Don't swing it around your head on stage trying to imitate Yngwie, and don't store it on the front porch of your beach house, and it'll be fine for years on end.
  24. The problem with these features is that they're just an approximation...a "best guess" EQ curve that will mitigate the problem in some instances, but not others... the "Loudness" feature that lots of stereos used to have was designed for some theoretical "average" use, when listening to commercially released finished mixes on consumer level playback systems. The odds of having it work successfully when applied to a single guitar tone is slim to none. Bottom line is the quick fix that everybody wants ain't coming. There is simply to much variability in perception from one person/scenario to the next for there to be a "one size fits all" solution. What will work though, 100% of the time, is the same as it's always been: Dial in sounds specifically for their intended use, under the same (or as similar as humanly possible) conditions. The end. Is it inconvenient and time consuming? Yup. Will there ever be a day that any of us are 100% happy, and done tweaking sounds? Very doubtful. Would I avail myself of some universal push-button solution should there ever be one that proved reliable? You bet your a$$, I would. Am holding my breath for this bag of magic wonderfulness to appear? F*&% no...
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