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  1. When ever a new update comes out I update ASAP... Faster than a speeding bullet.. more powerful than a moving train and I leap over tall buildings in a single bound!! :)
  2. B) Thanks for the breakdown!
  3. So does sound traveling @ 767 miles per hour convert to 0.213056 miles per second?
  4. Great post @Digital_Igloo! Very informative and helpful.
  5. Love the new 2.20 update! Helix is so much tighter easier to play/responsive and the overall tone and acoustics are incredible! Just tried the new 3 band compressor and Auto swell both are sweet! :)
  6. Yessssssssss.........................2,20 has arrived can't wait to update!!!! Thanks Line 6..!!..
  7. Yes they were released by line 6 around Namm 2017 ...you can find them here http://line6.com/allure/
  8. I believe the noise gate comes right after the volume pedal in the chain. Then again i've seen presets with the volume pedal on path 2...
  9. Same here took my Helix back where I purchased it and got it back within a week and never had a problem since. Line 6 customer support is great never had an issue!
  10. I also have Redwirez, Ownhammer, 3 Sigma, Cellestion and a few others I got online..These four are great in their own way and some sound better with different amp models..Recently I have been using the Redwirez and really enjoying them and am quite surprised how good they sound! But again I have enjoyed all of these IR's.
  11. Welcome to the club Hundson! I'm sure you won't be disappointed with your Helix!! IMO it's the best guitar processor/modeler/ pedal on the market... ;)
  12. Thanks for the meticulous breakdown MusicLaw it diminishes the agony immensely!
  13. No Problem Keith glad to help! I do believe the 2204 is modeled after the JCM 800 and the 2204 mod has a lot more mids ( a line 6 version) I think either DI or Ben Adrian modded that amp model ! And I see your point about the high gain volumes at 3 or 4 on the 2204 amp model..
  14. Hey Keith not sure if this will help but here's a link to the Helix Amp models https://goo.gl/yTHgqN.. I currently am using the 1959 Plexi Brit which has less gain and sounds great to me!
  15. The Good News: 2.20 will now include three additional models we didn't announce at NAMM: Dynamics > 3-Band Comp (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original multiband compressor Modulation > PlastiChorus (Mono, Stereo), based on* the modded Arion SCH-Z chorus Pitch/Synth > 3 Note Generator (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original—similar to 2.20's 4 OSC Generator, except you can select pitches via note instead of Hz (and even glide between two notes over time) For those keeping score, 2.20 will now include 6 new amps, 7 new Hybrid cabs, and 9 new effects. Ben and Sam have already begun creating models for 2.30 Great news the multi band compressor should be a great addition and give us a lot more options and a much better overall tone!
  16. Thanks DI looking forward to it, you guys at line 6 are awesome and I"m sure 2.20 will be the best update yet! From what i"m reading future updates will be more efficient and stable which is awesome news!
  17. I disagree for sure WE NEED MORE AMPS!! :P
  18. Well we'll see in a few months when I'm sure there will be a few comparison video's between Helix and Headrush.. Imo Helix will come on top!
  19. I don't think the Helix verbs are that bad either I usually have to turn the mix down to about 18% because of to much reverb.,
  20. It looks kinda familiar!! Hmm maybe it"s a cheap imitation of the Helix ;)
  21. Man my helix sounds amazing just tried the Allure cabs they pair up pretty good with some of the Helix stock cabs...so far the 64 US Deluxe- P12N sounds the best to me don"t quote me on this but I think its a 50 watt Jensen Alnico.. They also sound great with Dual cabs and also split on 2 paths..
  22. Looks great thanks for the preview D I can;t wait for the 2,20 update, nice looking 1x12 cab:s as well.. about to check out the new Allure cabs :) I kinda figured that the preset we being tweaked B) great job Line 6
  23. Thanks for the tip Music Law just purchased the 212 Celestion Creamback 65 for $8 Canadian use code NAMM17 to get the 50 % off.. Amazing IR s the best I"ve heard to date you guys gotta try these!! :)
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