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  1. I feel like I might have pushed the native thing a little too hard... most looking for a tablet tonplace on top of a rack case during practice so I can change settings more easy without messing with the knob that I fear is starting to fail. That I can also download firmware updates to at home then install at the studio as my practice space doesn't have wifi. The native thing was an afterthought and would not be for professional recording at all. Just something I could mess with at home to get a general vide of a song written out on like audacity or reaper. But thanks everyone for the comments! I'll probably go with a surface pro 3 as those seem to be in the 300-400 range I was roughly looking for
  2. @DunedinDragon For the tablet I was mostly thinking of just using for parameter changes, updates, and for the occasional song writing session, or stereo jam session(1-2 tracks top) not a full production unit which I would have a desktop with a much faster processor/memory for. It would be nice to run native just so I can have my rack at my practice space and the tablet for home jam stuff but that's not a huge deal if it can't. But that's not as big of a deal as just getting updates and parameter controls more easily while connected to the helix
  3. It looks like the surface pro 4 has an i7 processor and up to 16GB... Granted it's as expensive as a nice laptop... But I'd be surprised if that's not enough to run a daw with a couple plug ins... Total overkill though for basically a controller for my helix and maybe a couple h9s. Thanks for letting me know though!!! Looks like I'll be looking for a cheaper used tablet soon
  4. Hey everyone, Currently have a helix rack and am loving it but my selecting knob has become a tad spotty at times to help alleviate this I was hoping to get a tablet(under 13") that could run the helix editor. And download updates so I can leave the helix rack at the practice space and download the update to the tablet and then just bring the tablet home and back to update firmware. Anyone know of a tablet(or touch screen computer Windows 10 type) that can do this without having to be connected through a server? If it could run native that would be even better! Thanks!
  5. BoneToner

    Helix questions

    Yes any expression controller can have any parameter(s) assigned to it. For the VP JR make sure to connect it to the OUT jack though.The Helix can pretty much do anything... I don't remember this being an issue with the VP but if for some reason the heel position is all on (instead of it being all off like it should) then you need to go into the global settings and change the polarity. Also check out the helix help wiki! I find it extremely useful for pretty much everything http://helixhelp.com/pmwiki.php
  6. I've definitely checked out the L3t and have looked into the alto ts115 as well, but I really would prefer something that looked a little more cab like... While anything FRFR would technically work for bass, many FRFR cabs and systems have speaker roll of at 50-60Hz, sometimes dramatically, I use some sub octave stuff and if I venture into 5-string basses I would like to be able to get those frequencies without worry. GaryT898 I looked into the matrix as well but could not figure out which cabs would work well for bass applications as I play in a loud prog rock power trio I would think that I would need something with at least 500watts probably more and most of their cabs don't handle that much power. Bass to FOH doesn't work in enough situations that I've been in the past couple years to make that a solid option... As some venues don't have PA's worth much or they want to turn up the stage volume(yes they actually asked for more stage volume). And unless I got in ear monitors too a lot of the monitors we have aren't loud enough or the sound person is incompetent enough for me to hear myself so having something moving air behind me is a good safety precaution. From researching today I have found that Accugroove makes some FRFR speakers, which come passive or powered, and also found a company that seems to be getting a lot of good reviews called barefaced that makes some nice looking cabs/FRFR as well. Both of these are pricey but if I go FRFR I might be selling some cabs and stuff anyways to help cover the costs. Has anyone had any experience with either of these companies?
  7. BoneToner

    Helix questions

    Yes I use 2 VP Jrs to just control volumes on a stereo rig. As for the computer I'm sure someone will chime in but have you tried downloading the helix app and installer from line 6 yet? I would assume the driver for the helix is part of theat download
  8. Hey anyone out there find a good FRFR solution that works for both bass and guitar? I've been looking at the accugrove venti but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with it or any other options out there.
  9. So stoked for this update! Thanks for the awesome work and the heads up for all the awesome stuff to look forward to!
  10. An option I have been drooling over for a bit is the fryette power station v2 it has a ton of routing options and can be used as an attenuators for large valve amps and a power amp for low watt bedroom amps
  11. FYI I am using this mostly for bass. I tried the PA/FRFR route live a couple times and did not like it. If I had IEM I would probably enjoy it more I think, but since I am currently just using earplugs, as I play in a loud high energy rock band and do not want to go deaf, I found I just couldn't get into the music as much and my tone seemed much more muffled than what I was used to. Although many of the sound guys and audience thought it sounded good. As a work around I simply split my signal and have one go to a cab then XLR/DI and the 1/4" out to go to a fryette 2902 power amp feeding a cab. This way the sound guy can easily control the floor volume and I have my cab as on stage volume it has worked very nicely. I have found I just like the amp behind me pushing air, for guitar and bass, feeling too much to go FRFR.
  12. I do use my ears. I guess Its hard for me to tell if what I'm doing because I don't know whether a high Q value is a narrow or wide peak which is why I want the visual just to know that yes Its a high peak or not. So I guess I could easily do that if I just knew if 10 was a narrow peak or a flat one If I have the Q peak really narrow maybe I am not hearing much a difference because Its on a frequency that's not being used at that moment
  13. Thanks! does this just send all audio from the phone? can you send audio to the phone as well?
  14. I will try the parametric one out more. I've just always sucked at using the freq/Q curves on the Helix. I mostly edit directly from the helix though due to POS computer in need of an upgrade that runs insanely slow. Does the computer's editor actually show the EQ Q curves?
  15. I've seen a lot of people mentioning to connect their ipad/iphone through the USB on their Helix to use Loopy, metronomes, etc. just curious how, and what you need, to actually set this up. Thanks in advanced!
  16. Just start meditating to let the wanting to sound good go away. BOOM! Nirvana
  17. Hey, yes I have tried the Cali EQ, but thank you for the suggestion :) It kind of works but seeing as how it starts at 80Hz the EQ only really effects everything above an E note on the D string so for most of the root notes It doesn't effect much except the overtones/Harmonics. The 10-band covers down to 38Hz which does cover the low E string but if you're playing a 5-string or using a synth/pitch down it can be hard to tame the low end frequencies a bit.
  18. I would like to see some new stuff for Bass. Like a Bass specific EQ, the 10-band can kind of work but it would be nice to see something with some lower frequencies. Also a Bass specific Distortion/Overdrive, OBD/Sansamp/Darkglass Some more filters and synths, maybe from the filter factory, and some more amps like Eden/Aguilar/Ashdown/SWR. I understand a lot, if not most, of people are just using it for guitar, but the Helix has been out for a year and there hasn't really been any bass specific additions. Would like to see some every now and again.
  19. I currently use a fryette 2902 it's a stereo 90 watt tube amp though. I've been using it for bass though and it's been plenty loud in a hardish rock setting live. It can be switched to a low power mode of 60 watts per side and can run at 4, 8, or 16 ohms through any guitar cab(s) you are using. Also noted as being one of if not the most uncolored tube amps there is out there and you can dial in depth and presence from the power amp to get the right amount of oomph you want. The Fryette 2502 or the new fryette power station(50 watts with a ton of extras like an attenuator and headphone out you can use with your tube amps at home) Also running a 400 watt power amp into a 280 watt guitar cab is danger zone for the speakers. You will most likely blow the speaker or fry the coils in them. If you want to go solid state power you need to get a cab that can handle them either from matrix or another frfr cab. Or an all in one solution from atomic or mission engineering. A lot of people are liking reference monitors as well that are just PA's such as the line 6 l2t or whatever they are called
  20. Oh no problem! :) just hoping someone might have run into the same thing I have and figured out a work around. If all else fails I can just run it in the loop
  21. the 2502 is stereo right? If so, and you might have already done this, but if your set up allows, you could just run stereo and dial in one chain with a low end grind and the other one sizzling lead. When I run stereo I find the two channels usually sound bad solo but compliment each other for a killer sound when ran together Also if you're using a rack you could get a RJM effects gizmo (used I got one for around 400) and you can add like 12 preamps/pedals you already love and be able to midi-switch everything from the helix
  22. Hey George, I am using it for guitar as well. But not in live situations yet because all the bands I currently play in, I play bass. I hope to change that soon as I'm working on a lot of solo stuff and getting some mates together. What do you mean by hi-gain? Metal or just hard rock? Personally I like the sound of a fairly mid gain amp with a couple stacked pedals, for a boost usually I go TEEMAH! or Minotaur with lowish gain 2-5 and high volume 7-9 into a fuzz or distortion(I personally like the valve driver quite a bit but the triangle, KWB and Wringer Fuzz work well too depending on the tone you are going for) with mid-high gain 6-8. You can add EQ/Compressor/Gate to tailor and focus it to your liking then I usually go into a mid gain amp with the gain between 4-8. This Way I get Cleanish: Amp Gritty: Amp+Boost Dirty: Amp+Fuzz Heavy: Amp+Boost+Fuzz I just use a really nice pair of headphones while practicing and then make sure to disable the cab/IR on the Helix when plugging into the Fryette and adjust the Depth/Presence to taste. When I am trying to nail a specific sound from an artist I already listen to I usually find the gear they use and just make a preset of that chain with what I have and just pick out piece by piece what I am liking about their tone/sound. For a hi-gain metal Tone I am hearing a lot of love for the new model of the PRS Archon with a drive pedal in front of it. If you have clips of what you're wanting, or more specific with what you are looking for I could probably help more though
  23. I'm not looking for a cranked amp sound. Just wanted the low end that I'm used to with my Big Muff. I play mostly bass guitar currently in band situations so having that low end is really needed. But I have been testing this exclusively on guitar so I can try to work out what is missing in it. The tone is there though, the distortion and break up characteristics are pretty much the same. It sounds like a Muff but it's just missing that low end and has about 15% less gain on tap compared to what I am used to
  24. I'm using it with a Fryette/VHT 2/90/2 which is nice because I get the option of running it in stereo. I used the Helix and the power amp exclusively on our tour in October. I was using it for bass though. Sounded killer and made it really easy to just have a 6u rack case and cab. Easiest load in/load out I've ever had!
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