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  1. You can also map the H9s to call up presets that aren't the same preset number that the Helix transmits (such as triggering PC 2 in Helix calls up preset 4 in the H9).
  2. frodebro

    Happy Helix

    I can't get no satisfaction.
  3. Something's messed up somewhere, I'm running OS X 10.12.1 and have no problems at all connecting to my Helix. However, I have noticed that mine is a bit sensitive to the USB cable used. The short factory cable works pretty much all the time, but a couple of longer ones I have (around 10') cause periodic dropouts.
  4. Headphones and monitors/speakers are going to sound different no matter how you slice & dice it.
  5. I use mine with K10s most of the time, but every once in a while I'll plug it into my Marshall 9100 and a pair of V30 loaded Boogie cabs. Two different flavors of good times. I quit gigging many years ago, but if I were still doing it today I'd definitely go with the QSCs over the power amp/guitar cabs every time. The 9100 weighs 65lbs by itself.
  6. I had been using a pair of K10s with my Kemper for over a year and was really happy with the combination, but when I bought the Helix it didn't sound nearly as good through them at first. Once I started building presets from scratch while monitoring through the QSCs everything came together.
  7. frodebro

    QSC K10?

    I've got a pair of K10s. I would start with the gain on them at about 9:00 and raise it from there if necessary. They're small, but they are LOUD. Also, you may want to make about a 3-5dB cut at around 250Hz (in the Helix) as they tend to be a tad boomy in that region.
  8. Make sure whichever output you're using from the Helix (send or 1/4" main) is set to line level-if it's set to instrument level it won't feed the power amp a hot enough signal.
  9. The acquisition occurred almost three years ago.
  10. Yes, it does have a slight lubricating quality to it, but the viscosity is so light that it's not going to last nearly as long as an actual lubricant. Plus, it's petroleum based, so it can have a damaging effect on plastic. Basically, it's not the most ideal thing to use for this application.
  11. WD-40 is NOT a lubricant in any way, shape, or form. The name stands for Water Displacement formula 40. It's basically more solvent than anything else.
  12. Sweetwater was updating the units themselves before they shipped them out a while back, don't know if they still are.
  13. Yes, check your buffer setting. It's a balance between latency (higher buffer settings) and system bottlenecks (popping with lower buffer settings).
  14. It's all about gain staging. My Boogies all run a much hotter signal that the Helix amps when I run them 4CM, so I tame them down with the loop level. You might want to try a gain block to goose the Blackstar signal a bit and balance it out, or turn up the master volume on the Blackstar.
  15. As mentioned above, the outputs are what is throwing you off. For your situation you'll want every track set to Stereo Output (there are exceptions, but it's not important right now to get you up and running).
  16. I have the same headphones and can also get things to sound really good through them, but those presets don't translate well at all through my QSC K10s. So I have separate banks of presets for headphones and monitors.
  17. I still have the GSP 21 Legend I bought new over twenty years ago, and it's still fully functional-and that's after about four years of a very busy gigging schedule (over 150 gigs a year) back in the day. I don't really worry about what will happen down the road with Helix.
  18. Two entirely different products, at different price points, aimed at completely different markets. Kinda like comparing a pair of sweats to a tuxedo, and complaining because the tuxedo doesn't have an elastic waistband with a drawstring...
  19. Yes, the tweed Deluxe is night and day different from the blackface Deluxe. Tweed Fenders had a much more prominent midrange and broke up earlier and in a very different manner.
  20. Maybe the Kemper would scratch that itch, then. There are literally thousands of profiles available.
  21. Do keep in mind that many of the amps in the Fractal units are boutique amps that are largely based on a small core of the most popular amps (JTM45, JCM800, AC-30, Tweed Deluxe, etc.), most of which are already represented in the Helix.
  22. FWIW, Brown Sugar was recorded with a Gibson (pickup selector in the middle position) into a dimed Fender Twin (pre blackface). The gear Keith has used live through the years has often been radically different than what was used to produce the iconic sounds from the recordings that so many people are chasing.
  23. The G-System is outstanding when paired with a traditional amp, but its MIDI functionality is pretty limiting as far as using it as a controller is concerned.
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