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  1. Like the title says I spent the last two years stuck in my little studio apartment with tight noise regulations. So I built, tweaked and tuned all of my sets and snaps to what I could hear in my DT770'S (250 ohm) Now I with weekend bookings starting to return I am needing to find some good frfr monitors that pretty much match what the 770's put out. I don't have time to go back and redo all of the work I did with the day job making me go back to the physical office 10 hours a day. I doubt a real "perfect" match exists but I really need to get as close as possible. Any ideas?
  2. That sounds pretty sweet, but I don't think it would help in my case. I live in a studio apt with only two outlets in the living room. So my guitar, helix ,amps are setup on one side and my computer desk and chair etc. on the other. As cool as it sounds to do what you described I think what I need is the opposite. Rather than using Helix to control looping software on the computer, I need to use the computer to control the looper in Helix. I don't own a external looper and I don't record anything through an interface. I just come home from work, sit in my chair, make loops and play over them to feel good. But as it stands now, I will put down a short loop, get comfy in my chair so I can adjust things in hxedit. And it's great...until the phone rings or I want to try a different sound or there is a knock at the door etc. Then it's a game of how fast can I leap from the chair, trip over the coffee table, pause the loop, run back to the other side and get the door without killing myself. It quickly becomes no fun lol. If I could just hit spacebar on the laptop or something to pause the loop and then answer the phone, it would be much more fun for me haha. Maybe in a future update something like this will be possible. I still love the Helix and wouldn't know how to live my life without at this point.
  3. Ah, ok thanks. I was hopeful. Looks like I will just have to keep on keeping on then.
  4. Does this mean I can control the looper functions from HXedit? because I am one of those guys who has his Helix on one side of the room and his laptop on the other and when I am sitting at my desk building sets it's a pita to have to unhook everything on me and go over and push a button to pause the loop or erase it etc. Can I now just setup some kind of keyboard control?
  5. So far (and it's early on) the standout for me has to be the Zendrive. There is just something about the tone that gets me.
  6. This may be a silly question but how do I make changes to the actual signal chain(not parameters) between snapshots. For example in snapshot 1 the amp is third in the chain, for snapshot 2 Amp is 4th in the chain.Or even snapshot one has one path but snap two has 1 and 2A etc. Whenever I try to do this and even add something between the two and switch back they are in snap1 like it's applied to all snapshots. Am I going about this wrong? I got the parameter thing down, I can change those per snapshot easy by right clicking and setting snapshot so it turns white. But how do I go about moving whole blocks around so they only move in one snapshot?
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to daisy-chain two or even three helix together in order to increase DSP? Or will they just act like three separate units? I recently got a second helix gifted to me and my neighbor has one as well. I have some ideas I want to try but it sounds like a lot of setup and foolery to go through if it's not even possible. I think it would be really cool to toy with though :)
  8. Much wow. very meme. many hype. Does it shred like Slice? Can it emulate flaccid croissant? or smashing celery? very a-ok number one!
  9. Glad you posted this, I was WAY off lol. When I was trying to picture sound on sound well...it wasn't that 8) Maybe I'm too old.
  10. RD2RK nailed this one. It's just too subjective in it's current state. The question what is the best FRFR speaker is akin to what is the best FRFR speaker your wallet will allow. There are good FRFR's and really good FRFR'S and then like the $18,000 audiophile FRFR deals that they sell over in Japan. The question in itself should be rewritten to what is the best FRFR I can get for X amount of dollars., then we might be able to be helpful.
  11. homegrownbuddy

    Mike City

    We just got a new version a few months ago. What needs to be changed?
  12. I also missed the original statement they made about this. I would love to know what it was.
  13. I'm actually still shocked that it wasn't in any of the 2.5x updates. It HAS to be coming....right?
  14. I don't really have any specific ideas that should be implemented, just an idea of how to increase marketability. With the pace of updates already reaching 2.5x it's probably not out of the question to start speculating on what Helix 3.0 will look like. If used correctly this could be used as a platform for a second launch if you will. A new marketing campaign hyping the next evolution in modeling, Helix 3.0. If enough new features and layout changes were made it could be marketed online and to brick and mortars as a re-launch of the helix. It could bring in a spike in sales and new end users. It would basically be win/win for both company and consumer. Just thinking out loud. As far as raw feature additions go I think three key areas would get the most mileage for end users. 1. and true pitch shift (I often use both standard tuning and drop tuning and convincingly changing between these with a footswitch would be heaven). 2. some kind of output level meter for clipping purposes (this should have been included from the birth of the device) and 3. and as long as we are wishing for the moon, an ACTUAL Dumble steelstring singer (plzzzzzzzzzz lol )
  15. ^This. Any time I creep past 10 o'clock I tend to get clipping. Besides volume can be controlled in so many different ways with the Helix there is no "Wrong" way to go about it. Just get the thing to a workable level for your ears and play with the eq and outputs within that spectrum. If you hear clipping, back down the master and fiddle with the output or build a boost as a parameter setting. If all sounds well then crank the master knob until you hit the sweet spot for your cans. Also impedance is important. Make sure you are using cans with a high enough resistance. I personally don't get good volume out of any cans under 200 ohms. Any less and the helix drives them way overboard to the point of sounding dull and quiet. So that's a factor. The point is, there are many right ways to find volume, not really any wrong ones. Just watch for clipping, check your ohms, and use you ears.
  16. Thanks for all of the input guys. Anyone care to talk about how long it took to receive these cases? I know they are coming from Germany but what kind of time frame were you guys looking at?
  17. Has anyone tried one of those Thon Effect flight cases for the helix? I am really on the fence about spending that kind of scratch on a road case when I don't know anything about the company or product. There isn't a lot of info about them. Before I pull the trigger and spend bread does anyone have any horror stories or warnings to throw out? https://www.thomannmusic.com/thon_effect_case_for_line_6_helix.htm
  18. I just heard about it yesterday by reading through the forum. I don't tend to run the updater very often so I was pretty shocked by .54 as well. Without the forum I probably wouldn't have known for weeks. These forums are the best tool out there for helix users.
  19. :p Yeah my beats headphones sound super poopy straight from the helix jack....
  20. Wow, you got me. I didn't spot this at all. Finished updating and the world is right again :)
  21. I'm not sure how you would load custom tones onto the LT with no editor of any kind installed (unless I am misunderstanding you here, perhaps you meant have instead of had?) but you should still be able to update without downloading the editor. By downloading the helix updater tool. However be aware that only by using the latest helix editor can you backup any patches and ir's you have made without going through the old route of making a list and setting it up just so...The new editor takes all of that out and lets you back up everything in one click. Anyway from what I understand the updater tool should still work without the new editor being installed if you really want that. But I was always under the impression that the editor runs with any firmware version, it's only the editor that changes.
  22. This^ I call it the Tony Hawk learning curve. At first glace it feels like a lot to understand but as if someone hits a light switch it all sort of becomes simple and reproducible. I made the mistake in the beginning of trying to watch other people do things instead of actually doing things and it got me nowhere. Also be aware that taking extended breaks from the unit itself can cause this overwhelming feeling to return. I felt pretty comfortable with it and then had to leave for a year. When I got back it was like looking at a foreign language all over again. Just sit down and push buttons until you figure out what they do. It's really the best way.
  23. Anything wireless is going to be a crap shoot. So many things can factor into wireless, latency, interference, rf signals that can jam or block the path, heck even fluorescent light bulbs can cause static on a wireless setup. If you want to monitor yourself clean, clear, and on time then some high impedance cans would be the best way to go. A good 250 ohm set of beyerdynamics would really sound good. If you absolutely must go wireless try to take some time and prepare the area that you practice in for a wireless signal. shield whatever you can, hide your cell phone and turn off other electronics in the room. It may help SLIGHTLY with rf interference. But I doubt it will be perfect. There is a cost/benefit to everything man. Wireless is convenient and comfortable. It's also susceptible to latency and rf noise. It's worth it in some spots, not in others. I recall once about a year and a half ago, I was rehearsing with the guys and suddenly everyone stops and goes "wtf is THAT??" I stopped and played it back and heard ..pop pop pop pop buzzzzzzzzz. My phone was receiving text messages and the signal was being picked up on the wireless channel. The point is, depending on your situation wireless may be a god-send. Then again high impedance cans with a really long extension cable might be cleaner. If you were just alone in a room Bluetooth probably wouldn't be that awful. It's when other people are in the room that you might have a problem. Not to mention the wiring in your building could play a role, how close you are to other appliances, even other equipment in your station. Wireless just puts so many variables in the mix. Like so many.
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