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  1. to answer your question simply put: YES I think the helix behaves and reacts just like a real tube amp. That was one of the very fist things I noticed about it. Oh and the Helix does "Clean" very very well with alot of harmonic content. I actually did a video on that aspect of the Helix concentrating on Clean sounds.
  2. It doesn't sound like you have the latest editor.
  3. Yes I'll be there Friday hanging at the Line 6 booth. Looking forward to it.
  4. Thanks Sonny, yes my Custom IR's make all the difference. You know you can use any of my IR's in any of your existing patches too. You might be surprised at the results. Just to be clear, my custom "Sound Imprint" IR's are NOT Cab Impulse responses but more of a "Tone Imprint" of an Artist tone or Amplifier Simulation I'm trying to capture. Just wanted to throw that out there for clarification. Thank you guys so much for your continued support and kind words of encouragement. Most of all, Thank you LINE 6 for creating such incredible products!! See you at NAMM!!!! ;-)
  5. You can use the Pitch effect for this. Just set it it for -12 and use the level control to dial in the amount you want to hear. It should sound great with the stick. Or you could do an octave above if you prefer. You could even set the octave to be controlled by the expression pedal and sweep between octave below and above for some very interesting effects. Very Cool stuff!!
  6. Oh, sorry Sonny, yes the IR's are in a separate folder. Thank you again Sir.
  7. Hi Jordan, Thank you very much Sir. Yes those ones you purchased do use my Custom IR's. I have a graphic file in the download folder that shows what locations they need to be inserted. If you haven't loaded the IR's yet you're really not getting the full sound. Some of the volumes are tied to those IR's so you have to load them in order for the patches to sound as they were designed to sound.
  8. Merry Christmas my Line 6 Family!!
  9. Thank you so much for the kind words guys. Here is a sample of my Mesa Lonestar simulation patch. Feel free to download this if you like. https://www.glenndelaune.com/Audio/GlennDeLaune-SilentNight.mp3
  10. Yes this is possible. Will it make a les paul sound like a strat?? That's debatable but I could come damn close!! I did something similar to this where I made a Les Paul simulate the sound of an acoustic and a classical guitar.
  11. Hi roscoe, my IR's are not Cab IR's so you still need a cab block. I make IR's from scratch from start to finish. I don't reprocess other people IR's and make them nine. That just wouldn't be right.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all here at Line 6 and all you guys here on the the forums.
  13. Helix Firmware 2.10 Release Notes Helix v2.10.0 is a firmware update that includes new models, features, fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations. It is highly recommended that all Helix users perform this update! IMPORTANT! YOU *MUST* FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS TO INSTALL 2.10! 1. Shut down all Line 6 software as well as any software that streams audio, including, but not limited to: iTunes, Spotify, DAWs, browsers, etc. 2. Use your CURRENT EXISTING Helix application to back up all of your presets and IRs (if you want to keep them). For example, if you’re running Helix FW 1.12, your current Helix application version should be 1.12. NOTE: You may want to back up individual Setlists so you can restore them to empty setlists without affecting the new 2.10 factory presets. 3. Quit the CURRENT EXISTING Helix editor application and download and install the NEW Helix editor application (2.10), available here: http://line6.com/software/ This also installs the newest version of Line 6 Updater (1.10). 4. If you’re using Helix Rack with Helix Control, turn off Helix Control. 5. Using the latest Line 6 Updater (1.10), update Helix/Helix Rack to the newest firmware (2.10). At the end of the update process, Helix/Helix Rack will reboot automatically and begin rebuilding presets. Wait for this process to complete. 6. If you’re using Helix Control with Helix Rack, connect and power on Helix Control. The inspector will ask if you want to update its firmware. Press Knob 6 (OK). Wait for the update to finish.​ YOU MUST RESET GLOBALS AND RESTORE PRESETS, OTHERWISE HELIX 2.10 WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY. DO IT. DO IT NOW: 7. To reset globals and restore presets, turn off Helix/Helix Rack. HELIX FLOOR ONLY: While holding footswitches 9 and 10 (middle two switches on the bottom row), turn on Helix. Wait for the message “Will reset Globals and restore stock Presets, Setlists and IRs…†to appear and let go. HELIX RACK ONLY: While holding knobs 5 and 6 below the screen, turn on Helix Rack. Wait for the message “Will reset Globals and restore stock Presets, Setlists and IRs…†to appear and let go.​ 8. Using the NEW Helix editor application (2.10), restore the user presets you backed up in step 2.​ New Amp Models Archetype Clean, based on* the clean channel of the Paul Reed Smith® Archon® Archetype Lead, based on* the lead channel of the Paul Reed Smith® Archon® Line 6 Litigator, new Line 6 Original inspired by boutique mid-gain amps New Effects Models Distortion > Stupor OD (Mono, Stereo), based on* the BOSS® SD-1 Overdrive Delay > Pitch Echo (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original New Features Auto Enable/Bypass blocks from EXP 1/2/3 and Variax Volume/Tone Knobs—Processing blocks (such as Wah, Pitch Wham, etc.) can now be enabled/bypassed by simply moving EXP 1, EXP 2, EXP 3, or Variax’s Volume or Tone knob. Press MENU and then Knob 1 (Bypass Assign). Turn Knob 1 (Switch) to select the desired switch. When selecting a continuous controller as a switch, Knob 2 (Position) and Knob 3 (Wait) appear. Bypass Assign > Position—Position determines the location in the Exp Pedal or Variax knob’s travel where the block is engaged. For example, if set to 1%, the block will turn off as soon as the pedal is moved to the heel position. If set to 99%, the block will only turn on when the pedal is moved to the toe position. To swap the on/off state regardless of position, press the BYPASS button. Bypass Assign > Wait—Wait determines how long it takes after the Exp Pedal or Variax Knob is moved below the Position location before the block turns off. For example, you may not want the Wah to turn off instantly every time you hit the heel position during your big funk solo. Also, does your song really need a big funk solo? Block Bypass via MIDI—Individual processing blocks can now be enabled/bypassed via incoming MIDI CC messages. Press MENU and then Knob 1 (Bypass Assign). Turn Knob 4 (MIDI In) to choose the desired MIDI CC. Incoming CC values 0-63 will turn the block off; values 64-127 will turn the block on. Note that some MIDI CCs are reserved for global functions and cannot be selected. Learn Bypass Assign—As with Controller Assign, you can also now quickly learn a source for bypassing the selected block instead of assigning it manually. On the Bypass Assign screen, press Knob 6 (Learn) and then engage the desired footswitch, expression pedal, Variax knob, or MIDI CC. Helix will show the switch above Knob 1 (Switch) or if it’s a MIDI CC message, above Knob 4 (MIDI In). Clear All Bypass Assignments—You can now clear all bypass assignments at once. From the Bypass Assign screen, press ACTION and then Knob 1 (Clear All Assignments). Press Knob 6 (OK) to confirm. Snapshot footswitch LED color—You can now choose a color for each snapshot footswitch. Press the PRESETS knob and then Knob 6 (Rename Snapshot). Turn knob 5 (LED Color) to select the desired color. “Auto Color†is the default red. NOTE: There is currently no way to set snapshot footswitch color from the Helix application. Split > Y Balance parameters—The old Split > Y block sends both left and right signals to Paths A and B equally. 2.10 adds individual balance (pan) control of the signals sent to Path A and B. By default, they’re set to “Centerâ€, which behaves exactly like the old Split > Y block. Support for MIDIpants
  14. You probably should try running the Helix volume at least 12 or even 1 o'clock. Also, try using the Lo Cut and Hi Cut in the cab block instead of using global EQ.
  15. Not too long ago, somebody asked about a Mick Jones Foreigner tone here on the boards. Here was my post. Not sure how many people snatched it but it's still live on my server. So, since this thread has gotten so much attention I thought I'd share it here too. Here was my post a couple months ago: "Just for fun!! Here is my Mick Jones Foreigner patch. It uses a Custom IR I created from Mick's isolated guitar track for this song. https://soundcloud.c...er-guitar-sound If you want to try it out be my guest. Here is the download link. https://www.glenndel...HELIX-PATCH.zip Thank you guys so much for your continued support. Enjoy . . . :-) Oh, you'll need a Les Paul or even an Epi LP will get you there too. You know you can use that IR on any of your other patches. You'll be surprised what it does.
  16. Wow that does sound like a great day!! Play your heart out man!! Oh . . . Thank you guys so much for all the kind words and continued support. I really appreciate all of you!!
  17. I was too. Remember me????? "Gangsterusa" I've contributed my free patches there and here on the old Line 6 forums. I've shared my patches starting from the POD XT-Live, the POD X3-Live, the POD-HD, POD HD500, POD HD500X. I've even uploaded free tracks to my upcoming albums on the old Line 6 forums. You new guys probably weren't around then. I'm talking about 7 and even up to 5 years ago. That's how long I've been using Line 6 products and contributing to the community!! How about you guys??
  18. Wow K8's?? I've tried them with K-12's and I thought sounded good. Have any of you guys tried the Firehawk 1500 as an FRFR??
  19. nor sure but you might be able to do this using MIDI
  20. Hey guys, used my Trainwreck simulation patch through my Firehawk 1500 last Saturday night and . . . . . OMG. I thought it sounded good when I made the video but using it live?? Very nice. My point is, the Firehawk 1500 is a really nice FRFR rig for your Helix. I'm not using any of the modeling in the Firehawk 1500 (but it's there as a back-up if the Helix should fail). I'm going XLR stereo out to FOH and 1/4in. L&R out of the Helix into the rear of the Firehawk using it as an FRFR. Cool thing is, the Firehawk has a few options as far as global EQ curve settings that are pretty cool. Depending on the room and the way you use the Firehawk 1500 you can shape the sound coming out of that thing. Then you ALSO have a global EQ hat can be set with the app on iOS or Android. Pretty cool stuff.
  21. Hi guys, Thank you so so much for all the kind words and your continued support. You guys are THE BEST!!! For all of you wanting less gain tones, the majority of these patches clean up to almost crystal clean just by rolling back the volume on your guitar. Just like the way real amplifiers behave.
  22. I think in Global settings under preferences, you can set snapshot edit behavior: • Recall—Any snapshot edits are recalled when jumping from snapshot to snapshot, and appear as you last left them (the default) • Discard—Any snapshot edits are discarded when jumping from snapshot to snapshot, and appear as the preset was last saved. If you want to save changes made to a snapshot while Snapshot Edits is set to “Discard,†press SAVE twice before selecting another snapshot
  23. Yes I updated them the day they came out on October 10th 6 hours after they were released.
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