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  1. A great way to figure out what the bad frequencies are is to use the Global EQ. Leave the low cut & high cut alone for now. Use the high EQ setting to find the offensive frequencies by turning up the High Gain level and using the High Freq to sweep the upper range. When you find the offensive frequency then use the High Q setting to see how wide you want to cut that freq and then turn the High Gain down until the offending freq disappears. You can do the same for the low end but I think just using the Low Cut will get rid of any boominess.
  2. CNB PDC-4100G http://www.rondomusic.com/pdc4100g.html
  3. Thank you so much for the support and kind words guys. Yeah I think the entire face of the rack unit is the screen. Not like the floor unit where the screen is actually an indentation. Not 100% sure about the rack but pictures I've seen look like it's entire face is glass.
  4. I think it's just a matter of setting the Marshall channel you want, pressing MIDI Learn switch on the JVM till it's blinking and then on the Helix, press the button you want to correspond with that JVM channel. The JVM MIDI light should blink fast and that's it. Just make sure on the Helix you are on another button from the one you want to program when you are ready to press the one you want to change the JVM.
  5. Thank you guys so much for your support. If you're playing this just by itself it probably has too much Reverb. That's probably what's throwing you off. When you play along with backing tracks you'll find that it is set right. As you see in the video I didn't use my Variax for this tone (I have three of them) but Stevie didn't have a Variax so there's that!! If you want to use a Variax for this one of my Custom Artists Patches, don't use the modeling for this patch. The JTV 69's regular pick-ups are Very Very nice. Actually I think they sound just as good (a little darker) than the Line 6 Modeled versions for a Strat sound. I find the Modeled strat versions to be a bit to "shrill" on the top end that's why I've had to adjust my own custom ones. Anyway . . . Thank you guys so so much for all of your continued support.
  6. Only thing I can think of is check your input settings. Use the joystick and scroll over all the way to the left on the very top path to the little circle and make sure it's set to "MULTI".
  7. Here's my A rig for most shows. Line 6 Helix, Stereo XLR to FOH, Left Mono out to a Bogner Alchemist & 2x12 cab, Variax JTV69HSS, Les Paul, PRS Custom 24, Relay G50, 3 transmitter pack's. Loving this sound. My B rig, Line 6 Helix, Stereo XLR to FOH, Left Mono out to the Alesis 1000 watt FRFR pictured here just to the left of the Helix. I run IEM's but right ear in, left ear out so I can hear the room. I know I know, "I'm going to ruin my hearing" What I've been through and the sound levels I've endured in the last 30 years of live touring my hearing is still excellent. So there ya go. I think that's all BS. That's my experience YMMV.
  8. That Momentary Whammy switch is Super Cool!!! Great Idea!!
  9. GlennDeLaune

    Helix Eb tuning

    It's got to be First in the Chain. I use the Pitch/Wham. Both Intervals set to Minus 1 and Mix at 100%
  10. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Kalthallen Cabs. http://cabs.kalthallen.de/kalthallen_free.html There are a Ton of them . I also bought some OH's. I've tried them all but in the end I've gone back to the Line 6 cabs in the Helix. Honestly, With a Line 6 Cab and the Parametric EQ you can match any IR you want if you have a good enough ear. For those who don't have the ear for that or maybe you haven't developed that yet you can use the Voxengo Curve EQ http://www.voxengo.c...roduct/curveeq/) to "sample" the sound you want and then use the Parametric EQ in the Helix to Mimic that sound. My Go-To cab in the Helix is the Rhino 4x10. It's very Beefy like a 4x12 cab but it might be a little dark for some so you can use the Low Cut in the Cab settings and also if needed you can throw a Simple EQ right before or after the cab to brighten it up a bit to your taste. Give it a try. It's so so different from Any of the other cabs in the Helix!!
  11. I think it sounds really good. Rotary effect starts at 3:52 if you just want to jump right to that. ;-)
  12. Don't get rid of too much of that. You can use a parametric EQ and use the highest band and back it down a bit. That should take that sound out if you don't like it.
  13. Love your video Peter. Awesome!!
  14. I didn't personally check the levels on the side monitor input board so I may have been clipping the input of that console. Thanks guys.
  15. Anybody experiencing audio clipping when running Stereo XLR out of Helix direct to FOH Snake?
  16. Yup there working on it. You know what I think would be useful? Some sort of "Auto Ramp Up or Down" of any given parameter. Mostly a Volume auto ramp that could do swells but it could be applied to many more different parameters. Boss have had this since the GT-10 (maybe earlier) They call it "Internal Pedal". It can be used for all sorts of things. For example: assigning on each patch that uses the "input level" to trigger Stomp mode, so when not playing, you have your regular mode 5 up 5 down switches but when the Helix receives an input signal the Stomp mode engages, Showing your full patch in Manual Mode utilizing all 10 switches. I could really make use of that.
  17. It can do Octaver very well and whammy very well but not Detune because it doesn't have Micro increments or "Cents". it only goes by half steps. The M series and all the PODS could do the Micro tuning to get that 80's pitchshifted/chorusy tone but not Helix. They'll probably add that functionality later. You can use a Chorus at the very end of the chain with the depth all the way up and the rate just around 1 or 2% to create a sort of detuned effect.
  18. Thanks Darrell. You know while I was putting this together I was really skeptical about the whole patch creating process. Then after the video rendered and I watched it I actually said to myself . . . Self . . Who in there right mind would want to go through all this LOL. I guess I'm not alone. I just love to tweak and tweak. I also like to practice so what I do is this! I take 1 day out of the week to tweak patches. Usually about 2 hrs. Then I spend the rest of the week (5 days) practicing. At least 1 1/2 hours a day. I always take off on Sundays though to give my brain a rest. Now when I have gigs during the week or on weekends I still get my practicing in. Then the gig is another 3 hrs. of actual Real World application of the patches I have created. My point is I'm Always Learning. Helix has really opened up a new door for me musically. Thanks again Line6 for an incredible product line and all of you guys here for your continued support.
  19. Is it really required to reset your Global settings??? Updating the firmware should be sufficient right?? Why would we be required to reset Global settings?? Just so we can get the latest (Factory) patches??
  20. Awesome man. Thank you so much for your continued support and Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you get this resolved. But like I say, dont worry. Sweetaeter/Line6 will make it right for sure!!
  21. Man I'm sorry to see that, I've never seen anyone with that problem yet. Pretty major. Sweetwater is ligit though. I got mine from them. Pre-ordered in August. Either they fix or replace it your covered. Not to worry.
  22. Guys yes there is a lag when switching patches but in the last 2 weeks I have palyed with 3 different bands. That's about 120 different songs. I can do all of those gigs with a total of 6 patches. With the DSP power you have in the Helix you can go into manual mode and in one patch you can have a clean amp, a gainier amp, two dirt stomps, compressor, noise gate, reverb, several delays, Lead Boost, univibe, tremolo, Octaver, Phaser, Fuzz stomp. On top of that all of the switches can be programed to control several things at once so it makes having to switch between presets a thing of the past. This is the kind of control Line6 has been missing but now we have it. You are only limited by your imagination.
  23. Thank you so much guys.
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