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  1. Yes her delivery was intended!! She's trying to be like Marilyn Monroe. You can clearly hear her transition from real voice to falsetto several times. She did not do a proper warm up and she looked liked she was buzzed also. Sorry Fergie . . It was NOT GOOD.
  2. OTHend.mp3Done with the Variax: https://www.glenndelaune.com/OTHend.mp3
  3. OTHend.mp3 https://www.glenndelaune.com/OTHend.mp3
  4. Yes, Guitar>DROP>Helix input!!
  5. Make sure you are using the HX edit. There seems to be alot, and I mean alot of confusion out there from people who think they are using HX edit but are actually using the old editor. The problem is that HX Edit is a new program, not an update to the old editor, therefore it does not remove the old desktop shortcut so lots of people are still clicking on the old shortcut thinking it's HX Edit. Best thing you can do is remove the old editor shortcut from your desktop and locate the HX edit one.
  6. apparently the OP cannot post anymore, that's what he told me. I offered to help him through PM and he responded so I sent him a couple of my patches from the 2.30 Essential Amps Collection and asked him to load them and send me some audio clips which he did. He told me that he thought they "sounded really good". Out of respect for him I won't post his actual reply but as far as I know and what he told me he was happy with what I had sent him. I think people that come from other platforms or other modelers think they can just get one of these, plug in and BOOM!!!! they've got great sound!! NO!!!! I Say NO!!! Did you sound good when you got your first real Marshall Amp when you were a teenager?? Did you sound good 2 years after that when you joined a band and started figuring out how to play live?? The Helix is just like any guitar device. You have to learn how it works, you have to learn how to use it, you have to "Read The Manual", Yes i said it!!! Once you can wrap your brain around this device it can be a great tool for Live gigs, Studio Recording or just pure enjoyment while listening with a descent set of headphones.
  7. For this particular patch I'm using a snapshot to turn on the Variax Force Tuning function in the Helix and using the expression pedal I am forcing the B string to bend up a full step when I Heel Position the pedal so it's not place-able in the FX chain. If it was a pitch block or something like that then Yes definitely it should go at the beginning but this is not the case. Thank you Sir.
  8. Never mind I got it figured out.
  9. Hey guys I know you have discussed this before but I've created this B-Bender patch for use with Variax guitars using the Expression pedal to bend the B string up +2 but the transition between the Toe (0) and Heel (+2) is terribly warbled. Changing the Expression pedal taper from Linear to Logarithmic has no effect. It sounds very warbley between the 2 notes. Any ides??
  10. Just curious, how many ties did it rebuild presets?? mine did it at least twice. After it rebuild presets and the unit comes on, the USB will be activated and if the Helix is plugged into your computer USB you will then hear your computer make a sound recognizing the Helix. Could that be what you're hearing maybe??
  11. You would probably want to run the XLR outs at Line level and the master Volume knob of the Helix somewhere between 12 noon and full on. That should be plenty loud. It does depend on the patch though. There are several gain stages so if what I just suggested isn't loud enough (I suspect it will be) you can start using the level controls in the paths.
  12. GlennDeLaune

    Can't update

    nothing you need to do. It may do that once or twice but once they rebuild fully it won't do that anymore.
  13. I agree. Like the new editor alot. Looks just like Native!! ;-)
  14. Yes, sounds like a grounding issue.
  15. Agreed, I use it for that Trower type of U-vibe. I just find the transition of the "swoosh" part isn't smooth enough though. I'm still working with it, I could post a clip if you like.
  16. Hey guys what do you think about the Univibe in the helix?? Love to hear your comments. Personally I think it's pretty good but not sure about some of the settings.
  17. I was saving this but . . . oh well. Does this sound a little more like the original?? https://www.glenndelaune.com/synch-sample.mp3
  18. I believe that's an issue with the Output tubes in that amp. Similar thing happened to a friend of mine with that same amp and that was the problem. It probably just needs to be re-tubed and Biased.
  19. Hi Andrew, you are basically using the Helix as a cab simulator. That's why it works.
  20. GlennDeLaune

    Helix LT case

    Here's one I have used. It fits the LT perfectly http://www.rondomusic.com/product7518.html If you need more room this one is great too. I've used this one for a long time. Still very affordable I think. http://www.rondomusic.com/product7517.html
  21. Yes I totally understand. The thing is, what you might hear as what you describe as "Fizz" is not a bad thing. I could go on and on and sight several actual audio clips of isolated guitar stems of some famous guitarists that you would think sound totally terrible unless you knew who the clips were from. My point here is this, and I've posted this on several forums, Real amps have Fizz. I call it "Tube Sizzle". That's the sound you get with a tube amp when it's pushed to the point where the tubes engage and they start to get hot. That's where the good sound comes from. So modelers have tried to emulate that. Line 6 has gotten very close to the real deal. Don't try to dial that out. On many of my commercial presets I have dialed that down a bit because for most people that are not used to how a real amp sounds and they hear the Helix they might say, "Damn that's so fizzy", but in the real world that's how tube amps actually sound folks. This whole "Digital" world has enabled to change what reality actually is. If that's good or bad I don't know but I think a modern guitarist getting into digital modeling needs to do some research on the good old days and how tubes amps that are overdrive sound. You'll be surprised at some of the most iconic guitar recordings of all time sound when isolated. That's what I strive for when crafting my presets. Thank you guys again for all of your support and kind words throughout these past years.
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