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  1. you have to choose where to place it in the chain tho i guess, so it's a preset by preset job
  2. i dont think so, tho i've wished you could too
  3. i haven't had a ts for many years so can't really compare but the one in helix is a nice sounding pedal regardless
  4. i bought a bogner harlow boost/sustain pedal with neve transformer and tilt eq. I'm keeping it .. it's nice in front of the helix to give a nice tonal input (from that neve transformer) plus the tilt eq is handy for quick eq tweaks. I wonder if it would be better in an fx loop tho? It sounds fine in front of helix but would i be raising any issues with the guitar input sensing on the helix do you think?
  5. i have a zoom ms50g pedal always as a spare in case of disaster, it is a multifx in a single stomp pedal with, in my opinion very good, usable amp modelling and fx and they're pretty inexpensive. also it runs for hours on 2 AA batteries so it's a really quick set up if you need it quickly. they're a handy emergency back up for any rig.
  6. just a 3 way switch sitting next to helix would do the job ;) .. you do know that a lot of functions for the 3 way switch you can just do with the actual trio unit, tho it is not quite so smooth
  7. it's quite a pain that the trio applies cab sim and it cant be turned off. (only if you come out both outputs is it bypassed) i hadn't thought of using 2 return slots to go into helix, that is a good idea as the 2 sides can be mixed internally then sent to a single monitor if need be.
  8. that big volume knob is not too hard to reach quickly 😉
  9. i found it sounded a bit like you described if i ran the output knob at about 10.00 o clock ot under. over that it sounds much better
  10. was just dragging a few patches across to helix in the helix app and was getting the dreaded -device not connected (yes, el capitan) i hadn't saved my own presets (about 25+ of them ) as i wasn't updating any firmware etc , just importing a few patches .. well anyway ended up with an unresponsive helix with totally blank screens somehow.. (it just froze) restarting was no help and had to do factory restore losing all my patches. This really is unacceptable when just plugging into the app can basically brick your helix.. this really needs to be fixed .. the problem with mac el capitan has persisted too long!
  11. string pitch changes for older variax models would be nice :)
  12. great stuff! :) .. can i ask.. were you using modelled strat or the actual real pickups? i have an older original 500 variax and looking to upgrade to the tyler version soon so interested to know
  13. i like the vocoder idea and maybe a talk box - like they have on the new tc voicelive .. apart from that maybe a fender blues junior amp and anything really.. just want more 😉
  14. a little tip i remember with mic'ing amps and seems to work nicely with the own hammer 'edge' ir's. So you get a pretty dark tone with the mic at the edge of the cone but if you compensate by boosting the hi's and some higher mids after it (say with simple eq ) then you get a lovely character of the amp- it's not brash and hard like if you are mic'ing in the centre.. i learned this from stav's book ' mixing with your mind' .. he worked under sir George martin for a few years, so should know a thing or two, he said it captures more of the 'air' ;)
  15. if i click the link for the preset file i just get a text page open up.. is that right.. i'm a pc guy and currently on a mac that i have no idea how to right click and save on this thing lol.. anyone help this mac newbie out?
  16. for me, there seems to be a threshold- on the volume output knob if it is on or under about 10.30 (as if it is a clock) it sounds a bit bad and unpleasant.. once you go up to 11.00 ish and over it sounds awesome.. this is something i noticed. maybe you just have to break the threshold ;)
  17. i find also the louder you play helix (within reason) the better it sounds.. at low volumes thru my mackie powered speakers the sound is not that great with a lot of presets.. once you crank up the volume on helix tho it starts to sound full, meaty and very amp like
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