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  1. no need for anything besides helix here.. maybe you are just accustomed to the sound of your preamps? is it possible? anyway so far for me, after having helix almost 18 months i like it more and more and after trying different setups - pedals, preamps etc- in the fx loops i just use it pretty much standalone now and pretty much every day :)
  2. some commercial presets include a unique IR file but otherwise yes, there is nothing that isn't in helix, just a lot of experience, and tweaking oh and good ears hopefully! -well that doesn't all come in helix i guess 😉
  3. you can put them wherever you like.. use a separate amp and cab block and put a delay between them!
  4. plug the drum track into another speaker /channel on the mixer or delete something there on a path or use another preset.
  5. defeats the purpose tho doesn't it?? 😂
  6. i bought the 3sigma ones and it took me a little while to be liking them but i do now .. i run a piezo (from the onboard preamp) and magnetic soundhole in to helix and use an IR on each as well as compression eq and whatever , on separate paths. It took a while but i got a nice natural acoustic sound now i think
  7. i played around with it a bit more tonight and am finding that the default setting but with ratio set at 2:1 gives a nice balancing response across the strings -so that the bass strings are a little more focused and the treble strings not so thin.. very nice 👠warning- it doesn't sound great in every situation tho
  8. I had rehearsal today, in a fairly new band and had been struggling a little just sitting well in the mix. There's keyboards in the band so the guitar doesn't want to be too thick, plus we do music of a more polished poppy/light rock/country flavour- not my natural choice but it is still fun.. anyway suddenly today i just thought i'll try the 3 band compressor to see if it helps and Whammo! instantly a more polished tighter sound that sat the guitar in the band mix much better with the other instruments. I placed it at the almost,end of the chain (but before reverb) and just had the default settings, the only thing i changed was the ratio- using 4:1 for i tighter produced sound or 2:1 to just tame the bottoms a bit.. It worked really well, give it a go if you're struggling sitting the guitar in the mix.. has anyone else used it much? and are there any tips for adjusting those other settings?
  9. yes a cooy all blocks on a path would be very handy
  10. check your mobile phone isn't sitting close to your guitar or helix.. i've had mine make some funny noises thru my guitar
  11. i very much doubt it.. there was a discussion about open source stuff a while ago but the thread didn't last long, i just can't imagine it would be something that would happen.. imagine if a piece of 3rd party software bricked everyones helix..
  12. to the opening poster, if you aren't already, try hi cuts to the cabs. you can get fairly drastic and a lot of people cut to 5-6 khz or lower.. it might help
  13. i may be wrong but in my experience when i turned the bias up (higher numbers) it seemed to clean up the amp a little more .. but that is the opposite to what was mentioned a post or two ago.. now i'm confused and as i've just moved house today i cant race to my helix to check
  14. yes it seems like a headroom type control
  15. shanecgriffo

    looper issue

    what do you mean dropouts.? the volume randomly drops on your live guitar? drops just a little or drops right out? do you have a compressor after the looper? it may be messing with the signal if 2 guitars are going into it..
  16. haha try the ingrid trainwreck one second then if you follow that advice, you may need go no further for a while
  17. so in saying all this.. if you have helix and your set-up you'll have use of the fx and amps in helix, with your physical cab/ speakers.. if you want to make use of the cabs in helix or use IR's,and all the different colours and options of tone that brings , then you are best to go for fr/fr powered speakers
  18. no, it actually just creates the sound of the mic'd cab .. so if you're going direct to recording or to a p.a load a cab or IR .. in your case leave it out as you are using a real speaker.. it isn't functioning as a load box
  19. yeah i'd had a zoom multi fx quite a while ago in the past and it was pretty ordinary.. the latest generation of zoom pedals tho are pretty impressive for their price
  20. if i didn't misread it, sounds like some HX reverbs are on the way next , from a post over on another forum 😉
  21. i've heard a good overdrive pedal in front of it sounds good, as it has a poweramp stage included.. i guess the od pedal will function as a pre-amp
  22. the more recent small zoom pedals (i have ms-50g) would do the job if you are just using an amp sound with not many fx (switching multiple fx on and off is problematic) ..i've used it as a back up (before i got helix) and a couple of the amp models were good enough to get thru the gig.. the beauty is it is a single stomp pedal and can run all night on 2aa batteries! ..also putting a real overdrive pedal in front of it doesn't sound bad.
  23. tried this with a dual cab set up- loading a marshal ir in parallel with the para eq. very nice and up front and punchy with the trainwreck amp head ðŸ‘
  24. any chance you didn't reload any IR's you were using when you updated
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