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  1. i'm thinking it processes in the order of the pages, so the para eq section first then the lo/hi cuts .. i may be wrong but it's what i imagine the order is
  2. i prefer to use it as a pedal board when i'm using the kind of presets that contain a fuzz but thanks anyhow for the tip.. There is some weird behaviour when changing settings on other fx blocks when i'm making a preset that makes the input impedence re-set to default settings (in the controller menu) that is really annoying and i cant pin down yet.. has anyone had this happen.. ?
  3. oh this is the first i heard of this.. where did you hear about that?
  4. the whole fuzz/ impedence thing is not very well implemented i am thinking.. i was playing around with setting the fuzz button to switch between auto/1m when it is switched on/off which gave the desired results but sometimes when changing a few other settings the impedence setting would reverse so that it would be 1m/auto which sounded horrible, i'm not sure what was causing this .. this whole way of working is not very elegant at all - couldn't it just happen that the fuzz's when on (and first in the chain) switches the impedence automatically.. there must be a lot of users out there who hate the fuzzes when using them, and then if you haven't found out about this whole impedence tweaking hoop you have to jump thru the guitar sound is dull and muddy when your fuzz is off!!.. i mean, i dont think it is even stated in the manual how to set this all up for best results? It would would be great to have a sticky post even with the details about using fuzzes succesfully on the forum here, also listing which pedals need this work around ( eg the kwb in this category? )
  5. i'm happy enough with helix that i'm not even looking at other options or considering upgrading.. now if only i could find a gf that i feel that way about 😉
  6. i mostly go down to 55-70 mix even.. on most of them. i wish the 3 band had a mix control too
  7. shanecgriffo


    i dont know if there would be too many in that category, users of helix who only ever used fx's - pretty pricey luxury
  8. i mostly cut to around 6khz and sometimes lower, it's fairly common to do that i think
  9. hi, to me the helix versions all sound great and sound 'expensive' whereas the zoom, while nice, is a little less so pleasing to my ears. I get the feeling maybe you are just used to hearing the zoom tone and possibly you wont get to recreate it 100%.. maybe just spend time getting the best you can from helix and put that zoom tone behind you 😉 I found the bass a bit bottom heavy in the mix ..just a bit overpowering, but i'm using earbuds and maybe it's just me.. your playing is awesome, very tasty licks! I enjoyed listening to you 👠edit- the bass sat more nicely for me in the ambient track
  10. haha he didn't give the impression he was looking at that sort of budget .. no one suggested he just buy a Les Paul either :p
  11. i'll still maintain that the 3sigma impulses do a pretty good job.. no one else tried them?
  12. oh btw i put my trio+ after helix when i use it.. seems to work best.. i know some people put it in returns etc, but i just go for a quick set up if i practice with it.. wont it be going thru helix processing if in front?
  13. the sound tho seems to have a bit of the over trebley/slightly harsh tone that comes from running the fuzz not first in the chain. i'm a bit confused with fuzz's and helix, is it always best practice to make sure it is first in the chain? As seen/heard in the james santiago clip above with the real fuzz/amp, it made quite a difference to tone when he demonstrated putting a pedal in front
  14. so much info! but i still reckon just go try those 3sigma electric guitar IR's 😉 i bought the PRS custom model .. there is a les paul model too, which i dont have .
  15. i think no one could post recently.. i had troubles all yesterday here
  16. what is your recording chain ..? and recording rate (wav 24bit ?) yeah that recording doesn't sound great to me.. also it sounds like a pretty low rate mp3 .?
  17. tried to post this yesterday but no luck with the site problems- "3sigma guitar impulses 😉 buy one of the humbucker models, they work really nicely"
  18. using helix just to the front of the amp or into monitors works fine tho?
  19. i've read suggestions here to drop the hi cut on the reverbs to 1-2k and it seems to make them more pleasant
  20. it is definitely best to do lo hi cuts on a pe preset basis i think.. most people here do that, myself included.. you've really got to eq to suit the amp/cab used .. helix puts out a full range - more than a real cab i think, so you need to narrow the range a bit - dont be afraid to hi cut down below 5-6khz if needed on the cab , a little less cut is needed if you use the hi/lo eq block
  21. also dont use global eq to shape tone.. i am not sure but i think if you go out via usb it bypasses the global eq..
  22. the zoom sounds are pretty good and dont need much tweaking (i was using one before i got helix) but definitely not as detailed or versatile.. once you get your ears around the helix and learn to adjust what is needed you wont look back.. the zoom is a good back up tho.. try cabs with the 121 ribbon mic use an eq to cut the lows (around 100) and hi's (down to 7-6khz) maybe boost mids on the amp model too... and watch youtube vids and check the tips here..
  23. it only takes a minute or two to get the helix cabs sounding great.. give it a try
  24. is it $8 for just one IR there ? or there is a few in a pack.. the way it is worded sounds like just the one
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