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  1. looks like it snuck in while most are asleep.. 2 clean channel amps (as promised) boss distortion and dallas treble booster .. looking forward to installing and hope it goes smoothly here
  2. i recall reading that people considered that the last few amp additions were at a new level of improvement, i think maybe from the litigator onwards.. and i seem to recall line 6 saying that they had some new processes in place to get better modelling from around that time.. i cant remember any specifics tho .. take it with a grain of salt tho, in case it was misinformed
  3. that's great! might be a bit big for a band setting but for solo or sitting at home tone heaven it's spot on
  4. there is a half speed which doesn't alter tone too much (that i can hear) which doubles the length. The only setback with it is remembering to set to 1/2 speed before you start recording ;)
  5. i'm not so sure about that , unless you're trying to create patches as you go along in front of the audience ;)
  6. mine stopped and sadly out of warranty so i'm just having to live with it at the moment. Makes making new presets a bothersome experience tho :(
  7. sounds like you just need hi and lo cuts after the amp
  8. also move the mic further away can help
  9. shanecgriffo

    Double tracker

    i dont think it is modelled after the mimiq from what i'd read, just does a similar kind of thing
  10. omg yes.. get rid of it.. it's worse than an annoying ground hum
  11. i just bought some audio technica m50x cans for tracking duties and was pleasantly suprised at how well preset designing works with them on helix.. all the patches i made so far translated pretty well (with minimal tweaking needed) to my frfr system at performing volumes.
  12. sadly my helix has developed multiple problems.. for some reason i thought i had 2 years warranty (which would have been up this month) but realized only in the U.S it is available so i'm stuck with it as is for the time being which is a bummer, the local music shop, which has never had a helix instore asked me to bring it in to show them but not sure i'll be doing that.. a touch capacitor, the block selector button and mic input have all died 😢
  13. well i dont know.. it seems to be only us 2 it happened to so maybe a coincidence and the press function just died..
  14. oh i had the same thing.. installed 2.5 and now when i press cant select/choose any blocks.. can still turn and scroll, just the push down part wont work
  15. in saying that tho, it's worth learning to tweak the onboard cabs to suit your needs.
  16. anything goes really (within dsp limits ;) )
  17. are you maybe using the mono reverb?
  18. yes i noticed last night that the mono reverbs are quite subtle compared to the stereo versions.. funny that a bug that obvious got thru, especially after the extended bug squashing week ;)
  19. yes both sound beautiful here. 😊😊😊
  20. you'll never get 2.3 to sound like the real thing 😋
  21. i'm thinking it processes in the order of the pages, so the para eq section first then the lo/hi cuts .. i may be wrong but it's what i imagine the order is
  22. i prefer to use it as a pedal board when i'm using the kind of presets that contain a fuzz but thanks anyhow for the tip.. There is some weird behaviour when changing settings on other fx blocks when i'm making a preset that makes the input impedence re-set to default settings (in the controller menu) that is really annoying and i cant pin down yet.. has anyone had this happen.. ?
  23. oh this is the first i heard of this.. where did you hear about that?
  24. the whole fuzz/ impedence thing is not very well implemented i am thinking.. i was playing around with setting the fuzz button to switch between auto/1m when it is switched on/off which gave the desired results but sometimes when changing a few other settings the impedence setting would reverse so that it would be 1m/auto which sounded horrible, i'm not sure what was causing this .. this whole way of working is not very elegant at all - couldn't it just happen that the fuzz's when on (and first in the chain) switches the impedence automatically.. there must be a lot of users out there who hate the fuzzes when using them, and then if you haven't found out about this whole impedence tweaking hoop you have to jump thru the guitar sound is dull and muddy when your fuzz is off!!.. i mean, i dont think it is even stated in the manual how to set this all up for best results? It would would be great to have a sticky post even with the details about using fuzzes succesfully on the forum here, also listing which pedals need this work around ( eg ..is the kwb in this category? )
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